Williams ran off with mystery lover

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Innsmouth, MA – Mary Williams’ boyfriend now believes his girlfriend ran off with another man.

Paul Meyer recently discovered Williams’ diary and says she might have been seeing someone before her disappearance, contradicting his previous assertions that she would not have left Innsmouth voluntarily.

“I discovered several pieces of gold jewelery hidden inside our apartment along with her diary. I had never seen the gold pieces before and I doubt they came from her job,” he said. “Her diary entries mentioned a stranger she met near the lighthouse and several meetings that took place between them.”

Some of the diary pages, which Meyer provided to Innsmouth Free Press, do mention a strange man living near the lighthouse. However, Williams’ writing is often confusing. Her references to an “overwhelming desire to escape” are ambiguous at best, and could refer to an escape from her relationship with Meyer, the new man in her life, or the town itself.

Her relationship to the stranger also remains murky. In her diary, Williams calls the man “he” and indicates that he is not from Innsmouth. But Williams provides no name or physical description of the man.

“It seems she would see him over at the lighthouse, but they did not get together in other places,” Meyer concluded. “Perhaps he is married and has a family. I’m not sure.”

Teresa Hayden, Williams’ former roommate, now speculates that the stranger in question might have been local gang member Friedrich “Crow” Krahen.

“I never thought about it before, but after I read in the papers that the Lichens might be involved, I got to thinking about him and there was this one time when we were at the bookstore. Mary was looking at some books and in walked Friedrich. Well, as soon as he saw Mary he walked right out. It was very awkward. Mary said he was upset because she had been taking pictures of the graffiti on the lighthouse, but she downplayed it. I’m thinking maybe it was more important than she made it out to be.”

Innsmouth police would not comment on the diary, but in an interesting twist it has been confirmed that Mary Williams’ grandmother, Mary MacGowan, also disappeared from the area in 1949.

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