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This week, we have more news and spoilers about Doctor Who, sci-fi series and Supernatural. You can access previous spoilers columns here.

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A new podcast review of She Walks in Shadows is out.

You can still catch last week’s Whispers, Spoilers and Speculation Corner here. Also, our latest On the Marches of Dreamland column informs us that Cthulhu Lives!.

Doctor Who (Saturday nights, 9pm, BBC America)
By Heather S. Vina

The show is putting out a collection of short stories to fill in the blanks on Ashildr’s life between encounters with the Doctor.

The BBC site has up some video interviews with Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, and Maisie Williams on Ashildr.

The official ratings have come out for “Heaven Sent.” The episode had an official rating of 6.19 million viewers. It was the seventh-most-watched program on BBC Television, and the fourth overall on Saturday.

The sequel, “Hell Bent,” had an overnight rating of 4.8 million viewers and an audience appreciation of 82.

Sci-fi Spoilerpalooza
By Heather S. Vina

Good news for fans of The Leftovers: The show has been renewed for a third and final season.

Also good news for the fans of Wayward Pines: The show has been renewed for a second season by Fox.

For those wondering when their favorite show will return in the new year, TV Line has up a list of return dates.

Agent Carter: The mash-up promo for both Agents shows is up on YouTube.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Quite a few post-episode interviews and articles came out after last week’s winter finale. TV Line spoke with actor Clark Gregg about the events. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with executive producer Jeff Bell. Variety spoke with actor Brett Dalton. The mash-up promo for both Agents shows is up on YouTube.

The 100: TV Line has up the season three promo for the show.

Childhood’s End: There’s a sneak peek of episode one up on YouTube.

The Flash: Actor Tone Bell (Truth Be Told) has been cast as Iris’ new boss and potential love interest, Scott Evans. Actor Keiynan Lonsdale has an interview up with Variety post his debut on the show. Blastr also has up an interview with Keiynan.

Grimm: TV Line has up an article post this week’s episode and surprising return.

Gotham: Actress Melinda Clarke (The OC) is joining the show in a recurring role as the “attractive and cultured Grace Van Dahl.”

The Leftovers: Post the season two finale, executive producer Damon Lindeloff has interviews up with The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and TV Line.

Once Upon A Time: The Hollywood Reporter has a preview of what to expect in the Underworld. The show announced their plans to bring back character Dorothy Gale. No word yet on who will play her, but she will be aged from a teenager to a 20-30-year-old. EW spoke to the actors about the winter finale.

The Originals: Executive producer Michael Narducci blogged on EW about what the events in last week’s episode would mean for the characters. From last week, Leah Pipes spoke with TV Line about the Christmas episode that aired. Charles Michael Davis explained to EW the rules of Marcel’s fight club.

Outlander: Executive producer Ronald D. Moore spoke with TV Line on the show’s Golden Globe nominations and what to expect in season two.

Supergirl: The show finally revealed Hank Henshaw’s secret, and it’s a doozie! TV Goodness has up an interview with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and actor David Harewood. EW interview David Harewood. TV Line spoke with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.

The Vampire Diaries: TV Line has up a preview of what to expect in 2016. Julie Plec spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about what is coming up for the show in the new year. She also spoke about it in her online diary with EW.

The Walking Dead: Jeffery Dean Morgan spoke with EW about playing Negan.

TV Line’s latest Ask Ausiello has spoilers on shows Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sleepy Hollow, The Walking Dead, The Flash, and Supernatural.

Supernatural (Tuesday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

The show is on Christmas hiatus until January 20. There’s a very strange promo for 11.10 (“The Devil in the Details”) and much fan spec about whether the Christmas aspect to it will be in the episode. No official synopsis or photos, yet.

The repeat this week is of the season premiere.

Titles so far are “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire” (11.01), “Form and Void” (11.02), “The Bad Seed” (11.03), “Baby” (11.04), “Thin Lizzie” (11.05), “Our Little World” (11.06), “Plush” (11.07), “Just My Imagination” (11.08), “O Brother Where Art Thou?” (11.09), “The Devil in the Details” (11.10), “The Sound of Silence” (11.11), and “Don’t You Forget About Me” (11.12).

There was a belated producer’s preview for the Christmas midseason finale last week.

A brief interview with Ruth Connell teased that we’ll find out why Rowena can’t kill the Winchesters.

The show dropped a bit again to a 0.7/2 in the A18-49 demo and 1.90 million this week. Still third on the network for the week, as the others shows dropped, too.

We’ll be back next week with more news, spoilers and blatantly unabashed self-promotion. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and Supernatural.

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