Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 11/14/16: The Veterans Day Edition

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This week, we have more news and spoilers about sci-fi series and Supernatural. You can access previous spoilers columns here.

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Sci-fi Spoilerpalooza
By Heather S. Vina

Syfy has announced the returns of their shows The Expanse and The Magicians: The Magicians will return January 25th, 2017 and February 8, 2017 for The Expanse.

There’s a new promo for the Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow crossover.

Arrow: EW has up an interview with Marc Guggenheim on Oliver’s ambiguous morality and how it will effect this season.

Beyond: The first couple of synopses for Freeform’s new show has been released.

Class: The synopsis for episode seven, “The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did,” has been released.

Doctor Who: To the joy of many (including me), Matt Smith has expressed a willingness to return to the show if he is asked.

Frequency: TV Line spoke to Peyton List about the timeline changes to her character’s romantic life.

iZombie: The show is bringing back Greg Finley as Drake, Liv’s dead zombie boyfriend.

Legends of Tomorrow: Great news: The CW has ordered four additional episodes of the show, to bring season two to a total of 17 episodes.

The Librarians: There are three new promos out for the show. Adventure, Ace, and Dream.

Lucifer: The TV Addict has up an interview with the cast on the results of last week’s episode.

Once Upon A Time: TV Line has up the promotional photos for episode six.

Outlander: The show has found their Dunsany sisters, with Hannah James cast as Geneva Dunsany and Tanya Reynolds as Isobel Dunsany.

Shadowhunters: Spoiler TV has up the synopsis and promo for episode one.

Stranger Things: The show has added three new cast members for season two: Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen, Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings trilogy), and Paul Reiser (Mad About You).

Supergirl: EW has an interview with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg on Alex’s recent sexual realization storyline. The Hollywood Reporter and TV Line have ones as well. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told TV Line that Cyborg Superman will not be played by Tyler Hoechlin.

Teen Wolf: Spoiler TV has up the promotional photos of the cast for the new and final season.

The Walking Dead: The show has cast two key female characters: Laura (actress Lindsley Register) and Arat (actress Elizabeth Ludlow).

Over at E!Online, the latest Spoiler Room has spoilers on shows The Flash, Arrow, Teen Wolf, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Supergirl.

Supernatural (Wednesday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

The Season 12 line-up (23 episodes) so far: “Keep Calm and Carry On” (12.01) official photos and press release; “Mamma Mia” (12.02) synopsis and photos; “The Foundry” (12.03) synopsis, official photos, sneak peek, and promo; “American Nightmare” (12.04) synopsis, official photos and promo; “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” (12.05) synopsis, promo and set photos; “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” (12.06) synopsis, photos and promo, and “Rock Never Dies” (12.07) synopsis.

The show was filming episode 252 as of last week.

There was a new con in Burbank this past weekend. Jensen Ackles talked about really enjoying an upcoming script (probably 12.11) in which Dean experiences a significant change.

At last week’s con, Bob Singer talked about how the show always likes to leave off on a cliffhanger.

Ratings for “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” (12.05) dropped a bit in demo to 0.7/2 and 1.70 million. This tied it for third place in demo and fourth in audience for the week on the network.

In the Live+7 ratings, the third episode of the season, “The Foundry,” rose from 0.6 to 1.0 in demo and from 1.683 million to 2.640 million in audience.

We’ll be back next week with more news, spoilers and blatantly unabashed self-promotion. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and Supernatural.


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20 Comments on “Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 11/14/16: The Veterans Day Edition”

  1. evave2

    I just began watching a NatGeo series on MARS and Tom Cotton (who played Pride in The Magnificent Seven and Mr Wheeler (the vampire janitor) in Don’t You Forget About Me) is the lead astronaut.

    This morning there was a commercial for Pepsi and the girl who played the ‘mercurial’ witch who sold out Kevin and Mrs Tran in Season 8 drank a can of Pepsi perfectly.

  2. evave2

    You know what I loved about last night’s episode? The second Dean got in thru the front door he just took charge.

    NOT saying Christo to reveal the demon surprised me. Why wasn’t anybody carrying a demon-repelling talisman or having tattoos?

    The way I understood it, John was unwilling to subject his sons to other hunters because he feared somebody figuring out that Sam was ‘marked’ by The Demon in some way (even if John did not ‘know’ in the beginning he said he had begun to figure it out).

    Golly, I like Jody.

  3. evave2

    I don’t blame Bucky for Asa’s death; Bucky loved Asa. It was an accident. And in a way, because Asa was there to kill Jael Bucky was right, Jael ‘was’ responsible. Asa was so intent on taking Jael down he left his angel blade and was leading them both to their death.

    I think Asa was rich, it seemed he never had a job, other than THE job.

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      Maybe it was Asa’s parents who were rich.

      It was a tough call for them with Bucky, since he had killed Asa (however accidentally) and unintentionally contributed to the death of another Hunter (Randy) by lying about it. But Jael, of course, was ultimately responsible and it’s not as though they were going to take him to the police.

      I thought it was interesting that Dean basically pronounced judgement on him, while the twins passed sentence.

  4. evave2

    I don’t know if the whole site is shut down now (I can’t remember if it was 11/30/16 or not); I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed getting your in-depth feelings here re Supernatural.

    Take care, Paula; I do check out snowleopard.net and (if you are around) are you shooting for once a week or is it just when something strikes your fancy?

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      Hi Evave. Thanks! Spoilers columns are still going on here until the end of this month. I just have been super-busy over Thanksgiving.

      They will switch over (Heather and me, both) to thesnowleopard.net in January. The plan is still to go for once a week.

  5. evave2

    I was thinking about all the commentary on ‘whiny Lucifer’ on IMDB and I think I have a solution which satisfies me:

    Lucifer thought ‘making up’ with God would make him feel better; it may have for a while. He moved to ‘stop’ Amara from killing Chuck, but FAILED. Amara pulled him out of Castiel and then GOD did not look for him. I think he feels that God’s apology was as meaningless as Dean said some of his apologies were to Sam.

    I think there is something about God that makes all the angels CRAVE his presence (I remember how Metatron changed his tune once he saw God/Chuck). This is a hunger that does not go away, and as God’s favorite Lucifer may have had ‘more’ of God than anybody else.

    The ‘whining’ is an unresolved problem because Lucifer did not really ‘feel’ any different when he teamed up with God. And all this vessel switching just shows that he himself was ‘also’ weakened by the Cage (for all I know, Michael may be ‘sitting in a corner’ because he chose to withdraw from the constant dealing with Lucifer. I mean, Lucifer IS exhausting.

    Thanks for the update re snowleopard.net.

  6. evave2

    Oh and it does not help that DEAN was the one to save Dad AND the world.

    He must be jealous of God’s ‘new favorite’ now.

  7. evave2

    I rewatched the episode and my husband first time watched: Lucifer ‘is’ mad that God ditched him; and that even after they got together again God left him again. I get that people are pissed because it’s ‘the same thing’ with him but I think the fact is he realizes that he’ll never feel better, nothing will ever make him happy, so now he, like Amara before him, will ‘burn it all down’ in order to get God’s attention.

    Now Amara had real grounds to be pissed; Lucifer not so much. I think in the end Lucifer would want to exist in a world which was just him and God and God would spend his time adoring Lucifer. Lucifer is an unfillable sink of suck.

  8. evave2

    The story about the SPN/Smallville crossover was on io9.gizmodo.com yesterday; the crossover was supposed to be a curse of the ‘actors’ that played Superman. Tom Welling, Brandon Routh (now on LoT), and whoever the guy is playing Superman on Supergirl, could be involved (don’t think they could get Henry Cavill).

    So it would be a crossover between Supernatural and various WB/CW ‘actors’ who played Superman. Maybe they would find it was the ghost of George Reeves?

    I don’t know if Tom Welling still acts though. But it would be in the penumbra of The French Mistake.

  9. evave2

    That’s what I mean: it’s not a true crossover at all.

    It’s the first time ion.com had a true SPN story in forever (they were following each part of the DC xover verse in great detail.

    Would the ONE minute that LoT went over really detract from SPN’s ratings? I remember that would happen with LOST all the time, they would go 5min over and whatever show they had next would get a pump-up and then the ratings people began to deduct that 5min.

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      You’d be surprised how much it does. It’s like a sports preemption for that one minute. It’s probably because so many important and expensive commercials are broadcast on the hour that it’s given extra weight. It’s not as severe as, say, Elementary getting preempted for half an hour on Sundays by sports runovers, but it can make things up go up and down in demo.

  10. evave2

    OK I read how much you disliked the episode; I didn’t but I ‘get’ the point that it was too much Lucifer, not enough Sam and Dean.

    I wonder if they wrote this to get around Jensen taking time off to be with Daneel? And they have to write in a 6wk paternity leave?

    Maybe Dean’ll be in solitary and we’ll have Sam worrying and doing stuff to get him out. I don’t get why they stayed around to get arrested, they all could’ve left at once (or was Crowley supposed to be their ‘ride’ out?) so I don’t get it, but I liked it up to the last few minutes

    As to the fight scene with the Secret Service guys: they did not want to kill them, they were good people. They expected Castiel to come out and do his thing and NOBODY to get hurt.

    Mr Ketch seemed a lot more reasonable than I expected him to be. Hey, maybe we’ve seen the last of Lady Toni? I would rather deal with HIM than HER (she was so superior acting I could not stand her…I mean, I wanted her dead from the get-go).

  11. evave2

    Back to maybe writing Jensen out due to family leave: I used to watch Santa Barbara ‘religiously’ and every year they had to write the Mason character out for about 3mos to accommodate his summer vacation (he ran a summer theater in Georgia) and he got kidnapped, he went on a bender, he had amnesia, he got kidnapped, he developed a split personality and went to Vegas….it got tedious, the first year or two it was interesting but it ‘did’ begin to wear on the show.

    I don’t ‘blame’ Jensen for needing time off, I blame the writers for the last 10min of the show.

    The way Sam and Dean were acting I was expecting the van to drive them straight to the LOL as per Castiel’s last minute ‘angelic’ instructions. I gather they will be gone for 6wks (show time which equals 6wk winter hiatus) but I think just dropping them off in Lebanon KS and having Castiel say 6wks and just 6wks in the preview might have been a misdirection.

    (I would ‘like’ if it was a misdirection. I won’t like if Sam and Dean are in a high-security pokey.)

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      Well, according to Collins, Ackles was back at work the following week. And they both (along with the crew) get time off for Christmas. So, I don’t think Ackles will be taking much paternity leave. But he may not be doing as many cons at the beginning of the summer Hellatus next year, either.

  12. evave2

    Oh, did Rowena send Lucifer back to Hell? I am ‘sure’ he got out of the President but was she able to get him into the Cage or don’t we know?

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      There’s a lot of debate whether she was successful. I think we can safely say, though, that she was giving it her all this time round. It’s in her best interests for Lucifer to go back to the Cage permanently.

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