Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 08/14/13

This week, we have more news and spoilers about upcoming books, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, sci-fi series, and Supernatural. You can access previous spoilers columns here.

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Horrific Reads, Bloody Off the Press
By Nathaniel Katz

Kenneth W. Faig is likely a name familiar to fans of Lovecraft. Faig has written numerous scholarly works on Lovecraft, the most recent being The Unknown Lovecraft. Now Faig has returned to fiction with Lovecraft’s Pillow and Other Strange Stories, a collection that toys with, and expands, the works and legacies of its inspiration, but also succeeds as worthwhile art in its own right.

That’s not the only new collection that the week brings. Worse Things Than Spiders and Other Stories by Samantha Lee is a slim volume but one with tremendous breadth and variety. Lee’s stories range from charming to terrifying and back again. Then there is the newest release from Tartarus Press, Darkscape, written by Anne-Sylvie and translated from the French by William Charlton.

In terms of novels, the week’s biggest news is Tor’s publication of a new Dark Shadows novel by Lara Parker, entitled Wolf Moon Rising. In it, the loss of a portrait robs Quentin of not only his perennial youth but also his tenuous hold on his werewolf curse.

Finally, two classic works of horror – albeit from nearly a century apart – are now available as ebooks, namely, modern master of Graham Masterton’s Fortnight of Fear and genre forefather Bram Stoker’s The Lady in the Shroud.

Once Upon a Time (Sunday nights, 8pm, ABC)
By Heather S. Vina

E! Online has an article and video of producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis at Comic-Con, discussing how scary Peter Pan will be.

TV Guide has a small bit on Regina’s potential new love interest.

Question: Do you have more details on Regina’s love interest on Once Upon a Time? – Micah

Answer: We’ll meet her love interest very early on in the season, which presumably means that he or she hails from Neverland. “It’s a side of the character of Regina we’ve only touched upon in the first two seasons,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. “We’re excited to see more of that and more importantly to explore her capacity for love.” Does anyone else think she could be paired with him?

TV Line has up a few tidbits about Regina’s love interest and Rump’s relationship with Peter Pan.

Question: I’d like some Once Upon a Time scoop – especially about the “Boy Who Never Grew Up.” – Mason

Answer: You may be wondering, as I was, why Once‘s Peter Pan is a force “we all should fear”? (Or was Rumple overselling it?) “There’s a history between those two,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz affirms. “There is a big reason why he said if you’re going to be scared of someone, this is the guy to be scared of.” But there is also a degree of professional respect. “When you meet Pan, you’re going to see a very, very, very clever person,” says Eddy Kitsis. “And if there’s one thing Rumple admires, it’s somebody who has game.”

Please help us, we are all dying here! What else can you say about Regina’s new love interest/”special someone” on Once Upon a Time? – Ana

Fine, fine. I doubled back with the boys and Horowitz said that this “someone” “becomes a part of the show very quickly” – within the first five episodes – “but in a way that you don’t expect.”

Adam Horowitz announced on Twitter that the title for episode 3.03 will be “Quite A Common Fairy” and will be written by Jane Espenson.

TV Line has up an interesting season two deleted scene with Neal and Henry. Neal is warning his son that Neverland isn’t the great place it has been portrayed as in the books ….

Doctor Who (Saturday nights, 9pm, BBC America)
By Heather S. Vina

BBC America announced that the Sunday special revealing new Doctor Peter Capaldi, was the #1 Ranked show in social media for Sunday.

There are still rumors of lost Doctor Who episodes being found and the Bleeding Cool site thinks it has found the reason why.

Finally, BBC America has announced that they will be airing the Torchwood: Miracle Day miniseries on September 14. Part of the reason is that new Doctor Peter Capaldi guest-starred in this series.

Sci-fi Spoilerpalooza
By Heather S. Vina

Haven fans, there are a few things this week for you!

EW‘s interview with the cast at Comic-Con is up on YouTube.

Two new cast members have joined the show: Christian Camargo (Dexter), who will be playing Duke’s estranged half-sibling Wade and Emma Lahana (Hellcats), who will be playing Jennifer Mason, a young woman who hears voices and could provide a clue on Audrey’s whereabouts.

Supernatural (Wednesday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

Supernatural repeats with “Southern Comfort.”

The first of those much-promised new promotional photos went up yesterday. It portrays Dean, Sam and Castiel in a somewhat different way than they have previous appeared. We’ll see if that’s in-show, or just whatever the CW decided to dress the actors in for the shoot.

Still, it looks as though Castiel really will lose the raincoat, at least for a while. Awww.

I heard a rumor that the red leather jacket Dean had in Purgatory last season was ditched because someone on the show decided its color didn’t sync well with the rest of the show’s color scheme (yeah, like those ridiculously bright colors in the Samelia scenes were so wonderful). That person deserves a good, hard cyberslap. And that jacket needs to come back.

There are some new photos and some new spoilers in this set report for 9.02.

You can also find set photos gathered from Twitter here for 9.03.

Robbie Thompson has tweeted that the show has a new writer on board, Robert Berens. He has written three episodes for previous CW dark fantasy show, Reaper. No word on whom he might be replacing (probably Ben Edlund; maybe Dabb after he goes to the new show, should it get picked up), though I suppose it’s too much to hope it will be Ross-Leming and Buckner. Also, I have mixed feelings about his resume, since Reaper was both a sausage fest and very jokey in tone rather than horrific. I really wish they’d get some new blood that was in a happy medium between comic book guys and paranormal fantasy gals. We’ll just have to see. New blood at least has the possibility of something good in the future. Lord knows they need some. [Correction, as Pam pointed out in the comments below, Berens actually wrote for Ringer, which is obviously a whole other ballgame than Reaper.]

It’s being reported by EW in an interview with Jeremy Carver that neither Amelia nor Meg is likely to come back. Well, considering Samelia was a crashing failure with the fandom and Meg is kinda dead these days, I’m not surprised. They did hold the door open a little bit for a Meg return down the road, though.

Gildart Jackson, previously of Charmed and most recently of Whodunnit, will be guest-starring in 9.04 as a Man of Letters. Producer Jim Michaels confirmed this episode will be written by Robbie Thompson (not that anybody else has been writing Charlie episodes).

Eonline reports that Dorothy in 9.04 is a Hunter from a land very far away that is supposed not to exist. Let’s see – could it be Fairie?

Titles for the first six episodes are now up. Except that 9.06 (which was formerly called “Doggie Style”) has been changed, according to producer Jim Michaels. Of course, this was only the first half of a tweet that made a really tasteless joke about Canadian women’s hockey. Staying classy, there, show.

Anyhoo, the spec out there is that it’s the Dean Doolittle episode. Funnily enough, that tweet appears to have been deleted now.

Michaels also claimed that the person in front of Samelia’s groovy pad in 8.01 was Don. Which is great and all, but, with this show’s track record, it’s not canon until we see it onscreen. And even then.

I’m kind of surprised the show’s never used “Bad Boys” (9.05) before, since it’s such an obvious title. But I guess “My Heart Will Go On” was just a-beggin’ to be used, instead.

Titles so far are: “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” (9.01, 10/8/13), “Devil May Care” (9.02, 10/15/13), “I’m No Angel” (9.03), “Slumber Party” (9.04), “Bad Boys” (9.05), “Untitled” (was “Doggie Style,” 9.06). Some of these are pretty evocative, but they don’t really say much, yet, without names and faces and plots attached.

The Dynamic Duo did a PSA advising people not to text and drive (If you do, you’ll lose the love of your life and you’ll never forgive your brother for porn-texting you pretending to be her!). I can get behind that. Lord knows the roads around here would be a lot safer if people would just put the phones down. Well, and if they could drive in the first place.

Finally, ratings for the repeat of “Blood Brother” were a fairly decent 0.3/1 and 0.83 million. It’s sad, but there are CW shows that can’t get that even on first run during the fall and spring.

We’ll be back next week with more news, spoilers and blatantly unabashed self-promotion. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and Supernatural.

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