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This week, we have more news and spoilers about upcoming books, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, sci-fi series, and Supernatural. You can access previous spoilers columns here.

Our publisher Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s novel IndieGoGo for Young Blood is in its last week but still short of its goal. Go here to find out more and get a sneak peek. You can check out a trailer for the book here.

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Don’t forget that Zero Hour returns for the rest of its first and only season on Saturday nights at 8pm, starting with a two-hour premiere this week. Which means that Paula’s occult-y reviews of the show will also make their comeback.

Horrific Reads, Bloody Off the Press
By Nathaniel Katz

In a week so filled with psychics, it took all of the strength I have to not make an awful pun about us peering into the future to see all these new releases. In order to (somewhat) avoid that pun, I should probably go to the first of the psychics without delay. James Swain introduced Peter Warlock in Dark Magic and now the magician is back in Shadow People, in which a séance gone awry brings him back into contact with the evil psychics that, so many years ago, killed his family. The psychics that we meet in This Freshest Hell by Natasha Ewendt are rather newer at the trade. They are teenaged misfits experimenting with dark powers and the costs might destroy them.

Continuing on from the psychics to other unorthodox detective tactics, we come to Seth Patrick’s Reviver. Jonah Miller has the ability to briefly revive corpses, an ability that helps him bring their killers to justice. But life and death do not prove easy things to play with. Jack, the protagonist of Jeffrey Wilson’s Fade to Black, is not a detective, but he does have some rather metaphysical problems to work out: He is living two lives, one that of a marine in Iraq and the other of a husband and teacher. He doesn’t know which is real or how to reconcile them.

Country living proves little safer this week. Ania Ahlborn’s The Shuddering sees a family reuniting one last time in a mountain cabin. Unfortunately for them, a beast waits in the nearby woods. In Stephen Gregory’s The Cormorant, a young couple moves into a deceased relative’s cottage. The only stipulation is that they must care for his cormorant. Alas, the bird is rather more malevolent than they expected. That might be a familiar title to some readers, as the book initially came out in 1986. But Valancourt Books is now rereleasing it with a new introduction by the author, allowing new readers to latch onto this horror gem.

Finally, Royce Prouty’s debut, Stoker’s Manuscript, is a tribute to one of horror’s finest and earliest works, a toying with that great myth, and the first work of a new talent. Its protagonist is called in to authenticate what might be the first draft of Stoker’s masterpiece. The purchaser, however, turns out to be the descendant of none other than Stoker’s immortal villain.

Once Upon a Time (Sunday nights, 8pm, ABC)
By Heather S. Vina

Okay, so, apparently, the “Michael Raymond-James has been promoted to a regular next season” thing is official! I had no idea it wasn’t, already, but there it is!

Doctor Who (Saturday nights, 9pm, BBC America)
By Heather S. Vina

Well, despite the many rumors that are coming out about this person or that person being cast, according to the BBC and Steven Moffat, they are still in the early stages of casting the new Doctor. Makes sense. I really can’t see them doing a rush job on this. And who knows if they will be lucky enough to find the next Doctor in the first day, as they were with Matt?

BBC America has up a video interview with Arthur Darvill on his latest role and Matt leaving the Doctor.

Sci-fi Spoilerpalooza
By Heather S. Vina

Spoiler TV has up a pilot screener review for the new CW show, Star-Crossed.

For those Falling Skies fans, there’s a bit of a preview for the new season up over at TV Line.

Continuum racked up the Leo Awards this weekend. They took home seven awards: “Best Dramatic Series, Best Supporting Performance for Richard Harmon’s ‘Liber8’ apprentice, Best Guest Performance for Ian Tracey’s wacky time traveller, Best Direction for William Waring, Best Screenwriting for Simon Barry’s season one finale script ‘End Times;’ Best Picture Editing for Alison Grace and Best Costume Design for Maya Mani for the suit and other Vancouver 2077 designs.”

It was also announced that Continuum was renewed for season three (in Canada – no word if Syfy will pick up the third season, though they have renewed it for the second season).

Lost Girl has begun production on its fourth season, which will be 13 episodes again.

Supernatural (Wednesday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

As most of you probably know, already, the Ackles’ baby girl Justice Jay Ackles was born on May 30. Momma readily admitted that she chose the name because it made her little girl sound like a superhero from the get-go. I heartily approve of this. I’m sure there are boys out there named after superheroes. Why not girls, too? That’s a good start in life.

Daddy Ackles’ schedule probably won’t be much affected, though we may all end up having a drinking game about how wiped Dean looks in the early part of the season. Newborns are hard work for both parents and sleep is in short supply the first few months.

I’ve been asked to give another shoutout to the Ackles’ fundraiser for ‘JJ’, on behalf of the children’s charity, “Hats Off for Cancer.” My family was recently smacked upside the head by cancer, so I said sure.

Here are donation links to Fundly and auction sites to support the fundraiser and charity. There are three weeks left on this, but they’re still almost five thousand dollars short of their goal, so please donate or spread the word.

Rather appropriately, the show repeats tonight with Ackles’ season eight directorial stint “Heartache” and (for our sins, which must truly be many) with “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits,” by the same writing duo, on Friday.

Though it was a no-brainer, anyway, Jim Michaels has already confirmed that season nine will have 23 episodes. My, that was early. Michaels also hinted that the storyline for the first eight episodes has already been mapped out.

Details of the season eight DVD (which will be out September 10) are out, including extra features.

Some interviews are out for Jim Beaver, Eric Kripke, and Gil McKinney (Grandpa Winchester). Beaver said he’d like to come back, while McKinney made the intriguing comment that the door may have been left open for Henry’s return – and he’d be happy to come back, too. Warning: There are some major spoilers for Beaver’s roles in Breaking Bad and especially Justified in his interview.

On the other promo front, the Android app for the show has been updated with this photo.

Since it’s Hellatus, fans and even some recurring regulars are already beating dead discussion horses, and getting creative with Photoshop and such. Which is resulting in stuff like this. And this. And this, which is really quite a nice bit of art, albeit unsettling. And this, which is rather good. And the Mytharc for Dean campaign continues. Still waiting for that perfect “Skyfall” vid, though.

Finally, the ratings for the repeat of “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?” were 0.3/1 in demo and 980 thousand in audience. The repeat on Friday of “Trial and Error” got a 0.3/1 and 720 thousand in audience, down a bit from the previous week’s “Everybody Hates Hitler.”

In other ratings news, Supernatural did very well in its Live+7 ratings this season, gaining 0.5 from 0.9 to 1.4 on average, as well as increasing from an average of 2.148 million in live audience to 2.974 million.

Now, as I’ve said before, Live+7 ratings won’t save a show that is on the brink. But for a show like Supernatural that is already doing well in live viewing (or, as it was last season, even overperforming in the worst slot of the network’s week), it doesn’t hurt and may get the network heads thinking about how they can convert some of those “missing” viewers back to live viewing. And that could mean network love in the form of more promotion – like, say, repeating the show twice a week for over a month or putting it after its hottest new show.

Let’s just hope Supernatural‘s pairing with The Originals turns out to be as beneficial as the pairing with Arrow did, or as the CW made it look at their upfronts this year.

We’ll be back next week with more news, spoilers and blatantly unabashed self-promotion. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and Supernatural.

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