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This week, we have more news and spoilers about sci-fi series and Supernatural. You can access previous spoilers columns here.

Last Week in Innsmouth

You can still catch last week’s Whispers, Spoilers and Speculation Corner here, as well as the latest Vault of Secrets, which reviewed a Godzilla rip-off, Yongary.

Sci-fi Spoilerpalooza
By Heather S. Vina

12 Monkeys: EW has up the first two minutes of the season two premiere.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Spoiler TV has up the promotional photos for episode 3.16 and the ones for episode 3.15. TV Line asks “who will feel guilty” for unleashing Hive. Spoiler TV has up a collection of interviews and photos from last week’s Wondercon.

Arrow: TV Line has up the promotional photos for episode 4.18.

Dirk Gently: Actor Samuel Barnett (Jupiter Ascending) has been cast in the title role.

The Flash: TV Line has up the promotional photos for the return of Zoom.

Game of Thrones: Actress Lena Headley spoke with EW about Cersei’s relationship with her brother/lover Jamie this season. Spoiler TV has up part of an interview that actor Kit Harrington did with ITV. Sophie Turner is “excited” for Sansa’s storyline in season six.

Hunters: i09 has up an interview with Gale Ann Hurd about the new Syfy show that she is producing.

Iron Fist: The show has found its female lead in actress Jessica Henwick. The Game of Thrones actress will play Colleen Wing.

Jessica Jones: Great news for fans of the show: Former Supernatural and True Blood writer Raelle Tucker is joining season two as an executive producer.

Legends of Tomorrow: Marc Guggenheim is reporting that the show will have a “few empty chairs on the bridge” when season two returns. Speaking of new characters, actor Patrick J. Adams has been cast as “a fun character” that “the fans will love.” He will be in the season ender as well as the season two opener, with the possibility of more episodes.

The Magicians: Spoiler TV has up the promotional photos for episode 1.12.

Once Upon A Time: TV Line is reporting that the Charmings leaving their baby behind might cause them problems down the road. TV Line also has up the promotional photos for the return of Zelena and Dorothy.

The Originals: Spoiler TV has up the promotional photos for episode 3.17. Julie Plec spoke about last week’s episode in her blog with EW.

Outlander: The actors spoke with TV Line about pregnant Claire and Jamie’s love life.

Supergirl: EW has up some teasers from the executive producers on what their Project Cadmus is. Or will be. TV Line has up a few details on the SuperFlash crossover from last week. The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and EW do, as well.

Sleepy Hollow: Both TV Line and EW have up interviews with departing cast member Zach Appleman (Joe Corbin).

The Vampire Diaries: Ian Somerholder answered some questions in a blog with EW.

The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus told EW that he “couldn’t speak” after this season’s finale. Andrew Lincoln is reporting that Negan makes the “greatest entrance ever written.” Variety has up the first look at Negan. There are several post-episode interviews with Norman Reedus after last week’s Daryl cliffhanger. There’s one at TV Line, EW and The Hollywood Reporter.

Wayward Pines: You can catch a first look at the new cast of season two over at TV Line.

Wynonna Earp: Spoiler TV has up some promotional material for the new Syfy show.

Over at EW, the latest Spoiler Room has spoilers on shows Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Fear the Walking Dead.

Supernatural (Wednesday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

This week’s episode is “Hell’s Angel.” So far, we have a CW promo, official photos and an official synopsis for it.

Titles so far for the season are “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire” (11.01), “Form and Void” (11.02), “The Bad Seed” (11.03), “Baby” (11.04), “Thin Lizzie” (11.05), “Our Little World” (11.06), “Plush” (11.07), “Just My Imagination” (11.08), “O Brother Where Art Thou?” (11.09), “The Devil in the Details” (11.10), “The Sound of Silence” (now “Into the Mystic” 11.11), “Don’t You Forget About Me” (11.12), “Love Hurts” (11.13), “The Vessel” (11.14), “Beyond the Mat” (11.15), “Safe House” (11.16), “Red Meat” (11.17), “Hell’s Angel” (11.18), and “The Chitters” (11.19).

Last week’s sneak peek came out late again.

Some con reports indicate that Rob Benedict, who returns in 11.20, will still be around in 11.22.

At the latest con this past weekend, it was rumored Jared Padalecki said the Mark of Cain would be making a reappearance.

It’s not really a spoiler, but Padalecki and Jensen Ackles gave their thoughts on how they wanted the series to end.

The season finale, already reported to be written by Andrew Dabb, will be directed by Phil Sgriccia.

Last week’s episode, “Red Meat,” got another 0.6/2 and dropped to 1.45 million in audience. This tied with the series low last year for Charlie Bradbury’s exit in “Dark Dynasty.”

We’ll be back next week with more news, spoilers and blatantly unabashed self-promotion. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and Supernatural.

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37 Comments on “Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 04/04/16”

  1. evave2

    Paula, are you on Quora.com? I just got an upvote by a Paula R Stiles and I said, WHOA NELLIE is that ‘my’ Paula?

    I did not watch The Walking Dead last night (I never watch live now because I have been possessed by a fear they will kill Baby Judith just for ‘buzz’) because I went online and read hundreds of comments complaining about what the showrunners did.

    It reminded me of HOW Angry I got at Lost and Twin Peaks. The show runners thought of themselves seemingly as geniuses when they had a good idea that they beat into the ground and disrespected their audiences in the end.

    AND to bring this back to our beloved Supernatural, they make mistakes, they screw up, they drop plots, they change canon…but I have never felt disrespected by them (for example I was discussing last week how ‘Samelia’ just did not work; they were ‘wrong’ but I did not feel disrespected).

    Anyway, good evening.

  2. evave2

    Watched Wynonna Earp on Syfy (still am not used to that spelling) and set Hunters to tape. I forget new series unless I am bombarded by commercials so set Wynonna to tape on Friday and Hunters next Monday.

    BTW Wynonna is ‘supposed’ to be about Wyatt Earp’s great-granddaughter and it is SO off-the-wall historically but I did enjoy the show. Last week, Paula, you were ticked off about medical bullpuckey, I get ticked off about historical bullpuckey. BUT the Doc Holliday character is hot so I’ll give it a chance (I ‘think’ he is a demon too but he wants to help his old buddy’s kin, but I know nothing).

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      It’s…not very good. The sister and pretty much every guy on the show (including the obligatory cocky African American fed) are particularly irritating. And that’s not even getting into the silly history. Or how the vampire–sorry, demons–are lame.

      Also, the aunt or whoever she is–what a bitch. This is millennial in a bad way.

      1. evave2

        I am getting fairly pissed at millennials because they seem aggressively unhappy with everybody else. There was a quora.com question about how ‘awful’ boomers are and how ‘we’ destroyed everything.

        Oh to be young and so sure of everything.

        Aunt Gus was a bitch. I wonder ‘why’ they had Wynonna in Greece. The lead is about the emo-est emo-er that I ever done seed, and I laughed when she began wearing the ‘super secret’ gun in her boot. Oh, yeah. OR on the bar in the saloon. I blame the comic for being so off-the-wall historically but like i said, HOT Doc Holliday goes a long way with me.

        You hear anything about Hunters?

  3. evave2

    When Dean said he wanted a girl dress in a Zorro mask to slap him during sex I laughed until I had to take my cough syrup. THAT is the best line in forever.

    MAYBE Amara will separate Castiel from Lucifer because she could see that Dean wanted Castiel?

    I also went WHA when Amara said Lucifer was first-born. But I hope with the power of 1000 suns that somehow we get Michael/Dean and then Michael goes back to Heaven and brings them back to some equilibrium.

    Oh when Jophiel (?) was checking the doors where the souls were Husband and I got into What Is Heaven? again. I said behind each door is a whole universe. Imagine the universe that Einstein or Newton or Galileo could create? YOWZA!

    1. Castiel’s Cat

      That angel was collecting soul juice.
      Amazing that for once the Nepotism Duo’s salacious bent worked. I too love that zorro line.

      1. evave2

        I could not reply to you above re quora.com; it is sort of a wikipedia for current questions.

        LOTS of Game of Thrones stuff for instance. LOTS of stuff on American politics. LOTS of stuff on history (I think these are the three things I signed up for).

        If you think ‘we’ get in the weeks re Supernatural here, you have not lived until you read people writing actual Biblical-type exegesis on Game of Thrones (books AND TV show). Lots of arguments.

      2. Paula R. Stiles

        I wondered if that was what he was doing, but the story didn’t make it clear.

        It wasn’t a bad episode for them. The Zorro line was a hoot. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Dean was channeling Dr. Helm in Queen of Swords.

        1. evave2

          I think the angel was taking readings on the level of ‘paradise’ in each room. The ‘heavens’ are run by the souls, right? And Heaven is supposed to be your happy place, right?

          But extracting soul juice works for me too.

  4. evave2

    Oh I would not call Crowley a coward here: he jumped into Casifer because he saw it was the only move. THAT was not planned out.

    Castiel seemed really apathetic. I wonder if he is on Zoloft or something.

    Looking forward to The Chitters. New ugly monster. And I ask myself, when is decapitation not my thing?

    1. Castiel’s Cat

      Agree on Crowley.
      My absolute favorite Deanism.
      I ask myself when is, decapitation not my thing…

      1. evave2

        It’s like even if it is a generally crappy episode there is always something. I remember Southern Comfort had the decapitation line and the wonderful song Fell on Black Days (which I love, but thought went over a little better at the end of Simon Says).

        Like they used Can’t Find My Way Back Home at the end of Route 666 but it didn’t feel at all as elegiac to me as at the end of Do You Believe in Miracles which brought me to absolute sobbing.

        1. Paula R. Stiles

          The show does often attempt the trope of Rescue a Bad Episode with a Cool Rock Song. Look at AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock” at the end of “Slumber Party.” Great song. Didn’t make the episode any better.

      2. Paula R. Stiles

        Something interesting about Crowley’s “possession” of Castiel (a stupid retcon this duo previously introduced of which I shall never be fond, but it is what it is now) that nobody appears to have noticed is that Crowley was finally vindicated in his choice of Dean over Lucifer. When Lucifer was beating on Crowley and Crowley sent out his distress call, he then “heard” the Brothers exorcising him. They saved his smoky ass and he knows it. Even Sam, who hates Crowley and tried to kill him, was in on that. And his mother was there, too.

        I think that Crowley follows Dean like a lost puppy because Dean is the only person who would ever do that for him. Not to get all Robert Frost, but it’s quite literally a case of “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” Dean is home to Crowley. He’s family.

  5. evave2

    CC: are you still watching Sleepy Hollow? They killed Abbie, those bastards!! What are they going to do now?

    I am watching the second episode of Wynonna Earp. Yikes. Now we got Killer Jim Miller as a revenant. I’m not sorry to watch (Dc Holliday IS hot) but I am fairly bored. I wonder when we are going to have Billy the Kid show up because I do ‘not’ have any historical stuff from this stuff.

    I watched the last 2min of Arrow before SPN on Wednesday: did they kill off White Canary (or Black Canary — I like Caity Lodz on Legends of Tomorrow so is it Katie Cassidy who got killed?) and is she dead dead?

    Wynonna is just getting to the end. Only the sister is OK as an actress.

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      I gave up on Wynonna Earp after the pilot. Stupid premise, stupid characters (hate the sister; she’s trying too hard to be Kenzie on Lost Girl), and I’m as not-fond of the Irrational Female Hero trope as I am not-fond of Rape As Character Development. The whole reason “crazy” works as part of Dean Winchester’s background is because having a genuinely mentally ill male action hero, who is actually treated as such most of the time in a realistic way, on TV is rare. Such characters, if they’re guys, usually turn evil and/or are killed off.

      I’m pretty over Sleepy Hollow at this point. Until last night’s episode, I was hoping it would somehow pull a renewal (Lucifer got renewed, btw, yaaaay), but after what they did with Abbie, I’m done. The showrunners they got in after season one just ruined that show.

      Yep, they killed off Black Canary (Caity Lotz as White Canary is still alive and well, thank God, and facing some uncomfortable decisions regarding her budding friendship with Snart on LoT). Katie Cassidy’s character Laurel is pretty dead. And since she is apparently the character in the grave they’ve been teasing all season, it’s going to stick, at least for a while. Though I guess we have to put up with a guest appearance from her on LoT. Ugh.

      I broke out the champagne when that happened, since she was the one I was hoping would get axed. As far as I’m concerned, the only problem with it is that it was four seasons late.

      1. Castiel’s Cat

        Maybe they can kill Laurie German’s character and hire Nicole as Lucifer’s human interest. She’s a dud again Tom Ellis.

          1. Castiel’s Cat

            Agreed. They are all great. And the big angel that Hatest dainty Lil Lucifer.

          2. Paula R. Stiles

            Yeah, they don’t give Amenadiel enough to do besides glower, but I love his pants-wetting fear that he’s going to get stuck running Hell permanently. The actor is fun.

          3. Castiel’s Cat

            Well he resurrected the bad cop to kill Lucifer.

            So everyone thinks Dean is dying
            This season. I guess because they think Amara has to be killed and Righteous Man plus Hand of God is the ticket.

            Did no one else here Lucifer say let’s do what we did before and lock her up.

            I thought it was pretty obvious the hands of god were not going to work.

          4. Paula R. Stiles

            Yeah, but to that point, he was pretty boring. The show is more interesting when they go the dark fantasy route and explore the angelic and demonic stuff than when they have Lucifer become more “human.”

    2. Castiel’s Cat

      The Sleepy Hollow Finale was the worst thing I have ever seen. Season 1 was magical. I hate them for ruining my show.

      1. Paula R. Stiles

        They’re doing the same thing to Grimm and *that* got renewed.

        I honestly do not understand why it is so hard to write likeable female characters and then not ruin them or treat the actresses playing them poorly.

        1. Castiel’s Cat

          I think I would rather have a show called WESEN starring Rosalie, Monroe, Bud and shirtless Renard.

          1. evave2

            Shirtless Renard. Oh yes please. More Bud, love Bud. And Rosalie to mix all the potions.
            What did they do to Grimm?

            I know they killed of Juliet (or is it Juliette?); I liked the hexenbiest mama. WHY these female characters that like to sleep around to get what they want don’t have a workable form of birth control always bugs me.

            I used to watch Criminal Minds so I went to previously.tv to find out how they wrote him out and all the commenters HATED the 4-episode bloc that sent him on his way. Not a positive comment.

            Same thing with NCIS. Used to watch, checked on line but they ‘still’ haven’t written DiNozzo out and people know it is coming and they are starting to get bugged.

            ONE thing I could say Sleepy Hollow had going for it was that nobody knew so it ‘was’ a shock. BUT don’t bring back Bustier Witch.

      2. evave2

        I know I fanwank; I know after watching a show for while I think I ‘know’ the characters and I really don’t.

        BUT sometimes I know, really know what people would and would not do. Like Sam not looking for Dean between seasons 7 and 8. Or Sam’s “Purge” speech. When people say Sam is the writers’ favorite, I don’t ‘buy’ it. They would not do that to the character. I read the spoiler that a major character was going to ‘really’ die and like lots of people I thought it was somebody I would care about (Dean, I thought it was DEAN).

        You all spoke so wonderfully about Sleepy Hollow but when I tried to watch I just did not like it. I am sorry. I trust your opinions and was so disappointed.

        Paula, I watched Lemora A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural and it was a weird type of movie. Very strange. Kind of trippy. Cabinet of Dr Caligari and Nosferatu are on Turner Classic Movies this week and I like that kind of strange horror.

        1. Castiel’s Cat

          Try season 1. You started in season 2.
          It was a glory first season. Ichabbie was the show.

        2. Castiel’s Cat

          Evavie. Nicole was marginalized in season 2 and not invited to do dvd commentary despite being the star.
          Season 3 marginalized her and gave us the Joe/Jenny romance instead of Ichabod/Abbie.

          Some of us suspected.

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