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This week, we have more news and spoilers about sci-fi series and Supernatural. You can access previous spoilers columns here.

Last Week in Innsmouth

You can still catch the last week of the year’s Whispers, Spoilers and Speculation Corner here. Also, The Vault of Secrets reviewed The Mephisto Waltz and Cthulhu Eats the World collected the ten best horror films of 2015.

Sci-fi Spoilerpalooza
By Heather S. Vina

For fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Caroline Dries teased a little about the upcoming crossover.

The new spinoff show from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel’s Most Wanted, has cast Delroy Lindo as comic-book character Dominic Fortune.

12 Monkeys: There’s a new promo out for the show.

The 100: TV Line has an interview up with executive producer Jason Rothenberg on last week’s episode.

Agent Carter: Hayley Atwell has an interview up with TV Line. She also has an interview up with EW.

American Gods: The show has cast its Shadow Moon: Ricky Whittle (The 100).

Arrow: TV Line has up the promotional photos for episode three, with the return of Roy Harper. IGN has up an interview with David Ramsey. Diggle will be getting a new helmet.

Fear the Walking Dead: Actor Arturo Del Puerto has been cast in a recurring role as a character named Carlos.

The Flash: The show has cast actress Allison Paige (Days of Our Lives) as character Eliza Harmon, AKA Trajectory, “Central City’s first female speedster.” Variety has up an interview with Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg. The Hollywood Reporter has an interview up and Variety has one with Kreisberg, as well. EW also has up an interview with Kreisberg.

Iron Fist: According to actor Mike Colter (Luke Cage), they have cast the actor playing the Iron Fist and are just waiting to announce it.

Jessica Jones: Actress Krysten Ritter has up an interview with Blastr on season two.

Legends of Tomorrow: There are several postmortems out after this week’s episode and its events. Variety has up an interview with executive producer Marc Guggenheim. TV Line has up an interview with Marc Guggenheim, as well. EW spoiled that the show will have an appearance of a “future” Oliver Queen, along with his comic book son, Connor Queen. Caity Lotz has an interview up with TV Line.

Lucifer: Spoiler TV has up the press release for episode four. Tom Ellis did a round of interviews: The Hollywood Reporter, The TV Addict, and EW.

Gotham: Actress Jada Pinkett Smith is returning as Fish Mooney, though no idea how or for how long.

Grimm: TV Goodness has up an interview with Bitsie Tulloch. Blastr also has an interview up with her and TV Line, as well.

The Magicians: Actor Hale Appleman has an interview up with New Now Next site.

The Originals: Several post-episode articles have come out for the show this week. TV Line has up an interview with Executive producer Michael Narducci on the events of this week. EW has one up, as well. Actress Taylor Cole has been cast as a vampire named Sofya.

Outlander: The show has cast actress Sophie Skelton as its Brianna.

Shadowhunters: Actor Alberto Rosende has an interview up with TV Line.

Sleepy Hollow: TV Line has up “12 teasers” before the show’s return on February 5.

Stitchers: The show has a return date: Tuesday, March 22.

The Strain: Actress America Olivo has been cast in a regular role as character Kate Rogers.

Supergirl: TV Line has up the promotional photos for the episode, “For The Girl Who Has Everything.”

Teen Wolf: Executive Producer Jeff Davis spoke with TV Line about what’s coming up for the characters.

The Vampire Diaries: E!Online has up an interview and preview with showrunner Caroline Dries. Julie Plec’s blog over at EW deals with this week’s episode, as well. There’s also a postmortem over at EW and one at TV Line.

The Walking Dead: Spoiler TV has up the promotional photos for episode nine. Empire magazine has up an interview with Norman Reedus.

The X-Files: Spoiler TV has up the promotional photos for episode five. TV Insider has up an interview with Chris Carter and an article up about the first two episodes. Blastr has up an interview with Chris Carter. The Hollywood Reporter has up an article on the first two episodes.

EW’s latest Spoiler Room has spoilers on shows Sleepy Hollow, The Vampire Diaries, Agent Carter, The Originals, and Arrow.

Supernatural (Tuesday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

This week is “Don’t You Forget About Me” (11.12). So far, we have a promo, official photos, and an official synopsis.

Titles so far are “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire” (11.01), “Form and Void” (11.02), “The Bad Seed” (11.03), “Baby” (11.04), “Thin Lizzie” (11.05), “Our Little World” (11.06), “Plush” (11.07), “Just My Imagination” (11.08), “O Brother Where Art Thou?” (11.09), “The Devil in the Details” (11.10), “The Sound of Silence” (now “Into the Mystic” 11.11), “Don’t You Forget About Me” (11.12), “Love Hurts” (11.13), and “The Vessel” (11.14).

There’s a new promo out that isn’t official, but does have new footage for upcoming episodes.

The synopsis for 11.14 is up:

LUCIFER (AS CASTIEL) SENDS DEAN BACK IN TIME – Hoping to find a weapon powerful enough to defeat Amara (guest star Emily Swallow), Dean (Jensen Ackles) convinces “Castiel,” (Misha Collins) who is still Lucifer, to send him back in time to the last reported sighting of the Hand of God. Lucifer sees the potential in getting his hands on this weapon so goes along as Castiel and sends Dean to 1944 to the fated submarine mission that sunk the Hand of God. Meanwhile, continuing his charade with Sam (Jared Padalecki) while they wait for Dean’s return, Lucifer plans his next move. John Badham directed the episode written by Robert Berens (#1114). Original airdate 2/17/16.

So, let me get this straight. This episode is named “The Vessel” and involves Michael’s vessel being sent back in time to an underwater vessel (submarine) to search out a Grail object (vessel?), while an evil archangel using his best friend as a vessel stays in the present and stalks his brother, who is said archangel’s chosen vessel.

Okay, I’ll stop now. Though I will snort like my dog if the Hand of God turns out to be Dean’s old amulet.

Jim Beaver was tweeting last week about filming the Bobby-and-Rufus flashback episode.

Episode 11.18 will be directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado. I like this influx of new directors. The industry needs more women and PoCs in the director’s chair.

More con news when our full report comes out later this week.

The show held up with another solid 0.7/2 and rose slightly to 1.88 million for “Into the Mystic.” With Legends of Tomorrow‘s solid start, the show was pushed down to fourth place in the week, but it’s doubtful that will hurt Supernatural‘s chances for renewal.

We’ll be back next week with more news, spoilers and blatantly unabashed self-promotion. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and Supernatural.

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9 Comments on “Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 02/01/16”

  1. evave2

    I was all set to ask you when/if TNT had purchased/would show Season 10 and last night I went a week out and see they are showing 12 episodes from Season 10 next Sunday. I was confused why they are in order; it appears they cut out some of my unfavorite ones. Looking forward to Reichenbach just for the Dean/Cole fisticuffs. But they are showing the actual demon-healing episode (#3) and go on to Fan Fiction. Anyway, I look forward to Season 10 being in the regular schedule but they are finishing 9 this week, I wonder why they just didn’t go into 10, but they are going back to 1.

    It is ‘so’ jarring to see the beaten-to-death Dean and then go right into Easy, Tiger tomorrow. The change in the guys and their lives is SO jarring.

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      While I agree it’s a bit of a shock, Dean is a pretty dark character even in the Pilot. He breaks into Sam and Jessica’s house in the middle of the night and later, we see him shove Sam against a bridge pylon for speaking disrespectfully about their mother.

      Admittedly, there is far less playful humor in the latter part of season nine than in the Pilot, but that darkness that leads Dean to take the Mark is there from the beginning.

  2. evave2

    Anybody else notice that when Mulder went to the graveyard this week on X-Files he was standing by Kim Manners’ grave? That was a nice in-show mention. (That is if you are watching X-Files? I liked this week better than the first two episodes.)

  3. evave2

    I watched Legends of Tomorrow last night (Paula, you mentioned you like it) and I really get what you like about Caity Lodtz (?): she did her fight scenes SO WELL.

    I don’t think anything about either Hawkman or Hawkgirl. Just don’t care.

    I suddenly felt that Arthur Darville’s acting choices very much remind me of Peter Wingfield. Even the super-long duster was ‘very’ Methos.

    I just don’t care about the Atom’s issues. (I don’t watch Flash/Arrow, they may have gone into them there but I have seen Brandon Routh before but here he is just flat).

    The fire-guys — I like the Professor but not so much the mechanic.

    Mr Freeze and the Torch (?) guys are good for jokes but I just didn’t care about Mr Freeze’s daddy issues.
    But it was intellectually consistent the way the emerald theft turned out. It made SENSE that his dad would’ve tried to fence the damn thing and been caught that way. No change in the timeline. What did Mr Freeze think his dad was going to do with that emerald? REALLY not thinking it thru. Did he think his dad just wanted to have it and ADMIRE it in his basement?

    I think Supernatural is at it’s ‘real’ level (a .7/1.8 or so) I wonder if Legends of Tomorrow will keep it’s pretty good ratings when ABC’s “Shonda-land” returns next week.

    Anyway, I like the show, but I don’t particularly like some of the characters or their threads. I ‘really’ don’t think much of Hawkman or Hawkgirl and the show seems to put them in the first-tier plotting (if only because they were intimately involved with Vandal Savage — and I thought his name was RANDALL Savage until I IMDB’d the actor).

    I can’t figure out why Rip Hunter (what an AWFUL name) needed all these people to help him. He seems to be quite the superhero himself already.

    Do we know where the Time Guardians are from? They all appeared to be human, at least the one’s I saw at Rip’s meeting with them.

    1. Castiel’s Cat

      Yeah. Lot is okay. Godspell scientist, Superman scientist, Sara, Cold snd, Freeze are awesome. The rest have trouble acting out of a paper bag. And I’m a world with Tom Mison, Cumberbuns, and Hiddlescheek… why didn’t they do a better job of casting the time lord.

      I have given the 100 a second try and oh me or my has it gotten very interesting, really good and extremely feminist.

      1. Paula R. Stiles

        I like Sara and Kendra’s budding homicidal relationship and Wentworth Miller amuses me with his Jayne-like sarcasm. I also think Arthur Darvill is cute as a button and am quite glad that I have another role to watch him in regularly besides Mr. Amy Pond. The scientists don’t do much for me (though I feel sorry for the kid in the Firestorm pairing), but I enjoy the team overall. In fact, I think the big weak link for that show right now is their villain, who is about as interesting to watch as paint dry (and I think a layer of paint might have more dimension). I’m hoping they’ll lose him and move on to other adventures by season’s end.

        I’ve tried to get into The 100 twice and found it boring both times (despite Ian Tracey being a guest star the second time round). I may try again, but I’ve got a huge backlog of TV right now that I’d love to watch, but haven’t, so I doubt it will be soon.

        I do like Supergirl, though. And Agent Carter.

  4. evave2

    I liked this week’s show, if only for the dinner scene. People on IMDB were saying “Dean cooks” but in the case of cooking a chicken or a roast those can take hours to cook and I would bet that Dean only cooks quick meals.
    From the looks of it, Jodie makes REAL mashed potatoes. I don’t (instant) and really appreciate it when we have some.

    I recognized the janitor as being the same dude who played Pride in Season 3, Episode 1 (but a LOT more hairy).

    It is odd, but Henry’s ‘plan’ to ‘make’ Alex popular probably DID make her popular on her own. There is nothing like the confidence of having people treat you well. Henry did not seem ‘that’ nice, so his popularity probably stemmed from his athletic prowess not from his personality.

    It was an interesting backstory for the janitor, and I really can understand his need for revenge. Alex ‘could’ have warned him off before she got him vamp-attacked. An ugly thing to be responsible for.

    I liked that for once Dean did not rush to ‘defend’ Sam, knew Sam could handle ‘that’ little turd. I liked that Sam ‘could’ but I think Sam should’ve had some busted ribs from getting hit with that board.

    This was Claire’s second kill of a supernatural being. I think she has that in common with Dean, she found her calling.

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