Monster Byte: Video Witness Deepens Mystery Surrounding Gang Death

by Paula R. Stiles

Innsmouth, MA: The mystery surrounding the attack last month on actor Peter McCallister, star of local production Tentacles from the Sea 3D, and the strange deaths of his alleged assailants, Hermann Krahen, Friedrich Krahen and Greg Hasler, deepened with the recovery of a video camera previously gone missing from the set.

“We found the camera half-buried in the sand not far from the site of Mr. McCallister’s attack,” said Officer Sandra Lewiston, who has been handling the investigation for the Innsmouth Police Department. “It appears to be the camera reported stolen from the film set in July.”

Lewiston said that the video camera was in remarkably good condition, considering that it appears to have been buried in the sand since the attack. “We combed that beach afterward. I don’t know how the camera was missed in the initial search, but it was.” Lewiston refused to comment on the contents of the camera’s memory card, saying only, “Forensics will need to go over that to determine if we can get anything useful off it.”

However, a source inside the Department, who preferred to remain anonymous, claimed that enough of the video had already been recovered to show that it had recorded the attack on McCallister and, possibly, the subsequent deaths of his alleged assailants. “You could clearly hear the three boys [the Krahen brothers and Hasler] laughing and even see them step in front of the camera from time to time. There’s no doubt the suspects were involved in the attack on McCallister.

“From the looks of things, they used the camera to record the ambush they made on McCallister while he was out running on the beach. Once they beat him to the sand, they started chanting something. It sounded like, ‘Dagon, Dagon.’ But then, in the middle of the attack, something happened offscreen and they started screaming and whoever was holding the camera dropped it. It cuts off after that.”

When asked if the video showed that McCallister had anything to do with the deaths, the source replied, “Emphatically not. McCallister was down and not moving at that time. Whatever happened to the Krahen boys and Hasler, McCallister couldn’t have been involved in it.”

McCallister, who has recovered and returned to the set of Tentacles of the Sea 3D to wrap up filming, said, “I’m glad the camera was found and I hope that will close the case for good. I don’t know what happened to those boys. I don’t even know what happened to me. I still don’t remember a thing; it’s like something cut a hole out of my memory a day and a half long. I wouldn’t wish what happened to them on anybody, but I’m having a hard time feeling bad about it, too. Sorry if that’s harsh.”

Deputy Adam Sargent, who had previously accused McCallister of being involved in the disappearance and deaths of the three young men, could not be reached for comment. However, Miss Marberly Phillipson of the Innsmouth Public Library, and a longrunning fixture of the community, sent a strange commentary of her own to the newspaper as soon as the news broke on the local radio. “I’m quite glad that Mr. McCallister has been cleared by this new evidence,” she wrote. “That young man was a lost sheep well worth gathering back into the fold. It is a shame what happened to him, but I hope that he will not hold the actions of a misguided few against the town proper.”

When contacted by phone and asked why she chose to comment on this particular story, she added cryptically, “Our children are the future of Innsmouth, truly. But sadly, in every generation, there are weeds and creepers that must be pruned out for the general safety of the garden.” She would not elaborate further.

Lewiston said that the case of McCallister’s assault was likely to be closed in the next few weeks, “once the available evidence has been examined thoroughly.” The investigation into the deaths of the Krahen brothers and Hasler, however, will remain open.

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