Vampire Thursdays


It’s September and the Vampire Diaries is back on the air. This being one of the shows we regularly review, we’ve decided to welcome it back by talking about all things vampire during the month of September. There will be interviews with experts in vampire fiction, articles on vampires and other fun-filled stuff.

Now, if you’re one of those who happen to be on vampire overload, you might be wondering why these suckers are so bloody popular right now. The answer: they’ve always been popular! While the interest in werewolves and mummies may wax and grow, vampires are the perennial monsters. They are classics. We’ve been pulling them from out of their graves far before Dracula ever donned a cape, either through literature or folklore. And there are so many kinds of vampires! Sure, we are used to the faux-nobleman bit, complete with a widow’s peak, but around the world, people have told chilling stories of vampires that shed their limbs to find their prey, wiggle out of their skins, or have an obsession for counting mustard seeds.

In short, welcome to Vampire Thursdays. Please join us in our interesting journey through Vampireland:


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