TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 8/9/10

This week, we continue with spoilers from V and Supernatural:

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Probably the biggest spoiler is that Jane Badler (whom we interviewed last week) is joining the cast of the new V. TV Guide broke the news, explaining that Anna “is keeping her mother prisoner on the mother ship in a never-before-seen section that has been designed to look like the Visitors’ home planet.” Jane Badler played the evil Diana in the original series and fans had been campaigning to get her on the new show.

The official press release said, “Season 2 will feature more character and lizard reveals, more details about the Vs’ mythology – in which Badler will play an important role – and more action and more plot twists. Viewers can expect a roller coaster ride week to week.”

A little birdie told me Jane Badler is not the only original cast member that might be wooed into the new series. And no, I’m not revealing the source, but keep in mind that both Marc Singer and Michael Ironside used to star in the original.

Basically, this means that season two just got a whole lot more exciting.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

No The Vampire Diaries column this week.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

Clarissa of TV Overmind wrote part one of a three-part Comic-Con report for us, which was all about the Supernatural panel and a good round-up of spoilers from it, with some new small details. You can find it here.

Some new stuff this week, especially about angels. First, Sebastian Roché was tweeting about going up to Vancouver to do the show. He subsequently deleted the tweet, but word had already spread. A Fancast article confirmed his appearance and gave some more details about his character, namely, that he’s taken the role of the angel, Balthazar, from the casting spoiler a couple of weeks ago. Balthazar is an old comrade of Castiel’s who was the only one who stayed faithful to him when Castiel was in lock-up in Heaven (late season four, specifically, during “The Rapture”) and went into hiding on Earth, where he’s done some “shady” things. Demore Barnes (Raphael) has also tweeted about doing stunts with Roché in the episode. So, that explains the title, “The Third Man”, then.

A very new spoiler (out today) is from a blog that has a couple of very-nice set photos of a stunt involving Castiel going out a high window with one of those MIB angel (or could be a demon) types. The blogger also had some new photos of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Looks like Dean is no longer tucking in those shirts.

SpoilerTV is reporting that the title of 6.05 is “You Can’t Handle the Truth”. This is yet another pun on a project Jared Padalecki and/or Jensen Ackles have done, as it’s a famous line from A Few Good Men (Ackles did a theatrical version of this a few years back).

Also on SpoilerTV is the DVD cover for the Japanese animation project for Supernatural and you can find an animated trailer here.

Again on SpoilerTV, you can find the CW schedule through October 1. No title spoilers for season six of Supernatural. It looks as though they’re skipping 5.19 and 5.20, but then have a two-week blank on what episodes they’re putting up in mid-September for the show.

There’s a fan set report (from July, but this stuff is a new coda) showing up on ONTD with pictures of Sam’s new car, a late model black Charger (these photos include Sam walking up to a depressed-looking Dean sitting on the porch with his head hanging down). Much disparaging fanwank has already occurred over this car not being as cool as the Metallicar, but come on, people. The Metallicar is up there with the Bluesmobile and the General Lee in terms of “classic” and the show would be silly to try to compete with a vehicle that’s unlikely to be in more than one or two episodes.

Still, I gotta admit, that does look like a bit of a Mommymobile.

There’s a new five-season DVD boxset coming out. Not sure about the quality (considering the low price), but this is a nice review of it that has some positive things to say about the show and the leads.

Singer/Songwriter Jason Manns has a new interview out in which he talks about getting Ackles to sing with him at a convention.

Mark Sheppard was tweeting about directing Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island, in Baton Rouge, and then filming a “Man VS Wild” promotion. And his next Warehouse 13 episode is tomorrow night.

In other Twitter news, Misha Collins has discovered he can reverse-stalk his minions on Facebook. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

And finally, Stupid Colt over at TwoP has more ratings up for Supernatural and Smallville. Here’s a surprise – they’ve actually gone up in the past couple of weeks and compare favorably to The Vampire Diaries and Moonlight on Thursdays.

So, speculation. Not a huge number of spoilers this week, but they were of the kind that I like better than big plot bombs: actual photos and footage and casting spoilers. These tend to be more open to interpretation and less so to spin (and nicer to look at, too). I’m trying to keep my expectations low for the 6.03 spoilers, because I could easily see all these angels shoving the brothers right out of the picture and Castiel’s relationship with Dean going under. But I have to admit to being ridiculously excited at the prospect of seeing Castiel, Raphael and this new angel go head to head (especially after seeing Roché in Touching Evil). So, I’m still looking forward to it.

Not really feeling the anime series. There are some nice monsters in that trailer, but the boys look like teenagers. Not sure it’s being aimed anywhere near my age group. Still, I’ll see what I can grab when it comes out. Speaking of what one can grab, there’s a certain gag reel out if you can find it (how the hell did Misha Collins pull off that Innsmouth fishface?).

In September, expect some exciting interviews and articles coming up (she teased).

Stay tuned next week for more exciting spoilers to tide you over in the hot summer months (assuming Burn Notice isn’t doing the trick). We’re also still looking for reviews, interviews and articles about The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural for September.

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