TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 8/2/10

This week, we continue with spoilers from V and Supernatural:

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

First things first: we spoke to Jane Badler, the original queen of lizard evil, and we’ll be posting that interview soon.

Back in the realm of the new V: Tyler is a wanker because of politics. At least, that’s Logan Huffman’s explanation. He asks for patience and tolerance for his character, saying he’s a teenager and “his mother votes one way, and he wants to vote another way.” Oh, okay. That doesn’t really explain it. It’s not like being a Republican or a Liberal immediately gives you carte blanche to be mean to your family; plus, we haven’t seen much of Tyler’s politics. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Tyler got more Hitler Youth, ending up with Lisa and him switching moms: Lisa goes to Erica’s camp, while Tyler ends up as Anna’s putative son. Hints dropped by the producers here and there indicate this might be a real possibility.

TV Guide has an interview with V‘s Executive Producer Scott Rosenbaum. He talked about human emotions and said the aliens “are bred not to have human emotions.” He also said that “as for breeding capabilities, only the queen can give birth.” Um…does that mean the ship is one whole incestous nest? Because if you remember, at the beginning of the first season, an alien and his lover committed suicide, and if everyone is related…eww.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with the cast of V recently. Rosenbaum promised the Resistance would (finally!) start kicking Anna’s butt. There will be lots of shifting loyalties. Oh, and more bang bang.

The release of the DVD of the first season of V has been pushed to November 2. List price is $39.98 for the 3-disc set DVD or $49.99 for the 2-disc set Blue-ray.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

No The Vampire Diaries spoilers column this week.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

This was a week of clean-up from Comic-Con, though the spoilers this past week were more positive than from the con itself.

First thing, today, I got a note from, a site that sells a lot of genre show merchandise, some of which you have a hard time getting elsewhere (or at least at a reasonable price – like the Supernatural calendars). The note said that they were making their one and only order for their 2011 Supernatural calendars tomorrow (8/3/10) and that they couldn’t guarantee customers a calendar for any orders made after that. Supernatural calendars have had variable availability in the past, so if you really want one and don’t have another source, consider ordering it tonight or tomorrow. You can order them here (We don’t have any connection to I just happen to be on their mailing list for having bought some of their stuff and didn’t see this info anywhere else).

Second, the CW finally put out an official promo. No new footage or classic rock, which has caused some to refer to it as a recap. However, it seems to be geared much more toward introducing the themes for season six than for recapping the events of season five. It is also much more heavily weighted toward showcasing Dean and various Dean storylines than Sam, which is…odd.

CW top executive Dawn Ostroff shocked Supernatural fans by reiterating her desire of this past spring to see Supernatural run for several more seasons.

Bobby’s deal with Crowley will be dealt with “early on in the season”, according to Clarissa’s con report, which also includes video interviews with cast and writers. Clarissa is also writing a series on her Comic-Con stint for IFP, which we will be running through August. How long Sam was in Hell will also come up early on.

Jensen Ackles gave some more interviews, mostly from Comic-Con but released over the following week, that addressed some of the concerns raised by the spoilers put out at the convention. You can find an audio one here in which he discusses Sam’s “wanting to let Dean live a normal life” in a kinder light. Ackles also talked about how Dean will be conflicted because he feels that with his new family, “They’re in trouble now because of me and I’ve done nothing…I didn’t get out. All I’ve done is drag them into it.” Ackles stressed that Dean would be trying to keep Lisa and Ben out of the hunting life and safe, though this being Supernatural, such a hope will doubtless be vain. This interview he gave at the con also comes with some nice screencaps.

Jim Beaver and Misha Collins gave a hilariously incoherent Comic-Con interview that went viral last weekend, largely because of a drive-by double-smooching from Ackles and their reactions.

Collins also gave an interview with Michael Ausiello in which he made it clear he already knew a lot about what would happen to Castiel (which implies Castiel will have a big storyline), but couldn’t say what it was (which also implies that whatever Castiel will do is very important to the main storyline).

Sera Gamble gave an interview that seemed to waffle a bit on the original Comic-Con spoilers, but also let out that the new female Campbell character has been cast. She’ll be played by Jessica Heafey and will appear in 6.01. Gamble’s other spoilers included a reiteration that the show would have “shades of gray” and be more “noir”. As some fans have already noted, the show’s been trading in shades of gray (maybe too much) for quite some time and I, personally, will buy the show going noir when it actually happens. Noir’s cool when done right, but the potential for self-parody is very high. Nor am I at all thrilled at the “promise” of ongoing conflict between Sam and Dean. It was interesting, however, when Gamble talked about how Collins’ comparison of Heaven and Hell to being like post-Soviet Union is really “more like [the] early days Obama, trying to rally people toward a new way of thinking, which is the Sam and Dean way of thinking.” Hmmm.

Gamble also gave an interview where she talked about how Dean was now an “adult” with responsibilities and in a new place. She complimented Ackles on his directorial debut and commented on his “strong point of view” regarding the show. In yet another interview, she discussed at some length how the upcoming episode about vampires (the tentatively-titled, “Live Free or Twi Hard”) would spoof Twilight and the general romantic vampire craze.

This audio interview of Mark Sheppard from the Toronto SF Con isn’t new and doesn’t seem to have anything brand new, but I haven’t heard it before, so…. He does talk about why it’s fun to go to cons and be a Battlestar Galactica fan, as well as filming Chuck and Warehouse 13 and directing a film in Baton Rouge in August. And he fields a question about Crowley’s sexual ambiguity…ambiguously before moving on to talk about the more complex landscape of British television and Doctor Who. He returns to Supernatural for a bit to talk about Ben Edlund.

Jim Beaver has a new job (relax, he’s still doing Supernatural). He’s got a guest stint on the pilot for Law and Order: Los Angeles, playing the father of a victim.

Finally, the list of writing staff for season six has been released. Jeremy Carver and Julie Siege have both left (Carver to go run the American remake of British hit show, Being Human). (New?) story editors are Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder.

So, speculation. It was interesting to see Sera Gamble and Jensen Ackles continuing to give interviews, even after Comic-Con. Ackles has an intriguing, dark take on Dean in season six that I’m really looking forward to seeing. For Ackles, Dean is not comfortable or settled in his new life, yet he is also not exactly gagging to get back to hunting. It’s a part of his old life that draws him back in spite of himself. I kept thinking of Bill Munny from Unforgiven, a man whose “domesticated” and “civilized” nature in his new life at the beginning of the film is but a thin skin on top of his basic savagery.

Less heartening was Gamble’s reiteration about the introduction of new Campbell family members (not helped by Dawn Ostroff’s enthusiasm for that storyline. She liked Bela and Ruby, too) and the idea of the show going “noir” like LA Confidential (which is more neo noir than classic noir and the film is pretty different from the book). The idea of shades of gray is also kind of “meh”. I mean, just how black-and-white has this show been the past few years? Nor does the idea of the role reversal do much for me as it doesn’t sound much like a role reversal and while I can see Dean as Bud White, I can’t see Sam pulling it off. Still, it’s nice to see the new casting spoilers and such. I also liked the new CW promo well enough, even if it was unclear at first whether it was “official” and there wasn’t any original footage. We’ll see if they can pull it off.

Stay tuned next week for more exciting spoilers to tide you over in the hot summer months (assuming Burn Notice isn’t doing the trick). We’re also still looking for reviews, interviews and articles about The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural for September.

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