TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 8/16/10

This week, we continue with spoilers from V, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural:

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)
By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

At some point during the last season, I complained about a lack of a Julie-like character. I wasn’t particularly fond of Julie in the original show, but she did serve a specific function. Well, the new version of V is getting its new Julie in the shape of Dr. Sidney Miller, a scientist played by Bret Harrison.

There’s also a host of spoilers from Spoiler TV. I have no idea if they are legit, but you might want to check the long list yourself. The highlights: Joshua will be back but missing a chunk of memories. Anna uses Ryan’s daughter to manipulate him and he goes to spy on the Fifth Column. Tyler is special.

I’m a bit bummed that Joshua is not going to be joining the human forces and that he’s been mind-frakked, but on the other hand, this gives him time to bond with Lisa. Wouldn’t it be cool if she awakens feelings in him? Stop it for those who say this character is gay. There was nothing on screen that indicated his sexual orientation. Of course, there might be a little wee incest problem if Diana is the biological mother of all the aliens, but I seriously dislike that idea, so I’m hoping this is not the case.

Ryan’s daughter. Well, I don’t like Ryan, so I was hoping he would just go bad. Maybe he will; maybe he won’t. Right now it sounds like he is being forced to cooperate as opposed to becoming a voluntary Judas.

Tyler…oh, God, not with the John Connor, “he’s so special” bit. My hope is Tyler is simply an example of animal husbandry. You know, an experiment in developing tastier and more idiotic humans. I sure hope he’s not the Starchild. I cannot stand this character. He ought to join the dark side and start being evil. Who’s with me?

Scott Rosenbaum said the first season of the show was far from flawless. “I think the reason the show had some problems in the beginning was because there weren’t answers to the questions being posed,” he said in a recent interview. He promised this will be solved in the second season and said the aliens “are not necessarily just lizards.” Hmm…maybe dinos didn’t go extinct.

I do agree that the first season had many issues. It was blah until the final episode, when it suddenly picked up steam.

Jane Badler has been Tweeting about her trip from Australia to Vancouver. She has been doing makeup tests and wardrobe fittings.

Scott Rosenbaum also Tweeted, saying he’d signed off on Badler’s wardrobe.

Shooting for the second season has now begun, so now, all we can do is wait and spy at the crews as they shoot around Vancouver.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

Clarissa’s report on The Vampire Diaries has several spoilers, notably, that Katherine has returned for Stefan (who wants nothing to do with her) rather than Damon. Damon is suitably upset about this. You can find more here.

The CW has released two new network previews that show clips from all of its shows. The second and longer one also includes a promo with season two footage for The Vampire Diaries.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

This week, we had a really cool stunt from 6.03 (which I reported the beginning of at the end of last week’s column) and some pretty spoilery interviews of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Sera Gamble, and Fred Lehne. I just did a couple of interviews, myself, so I’ll have to be careful to avoid any bleed-through. Ours are for September.

First, the stunt and the set were covered particularly by Christine Fitzpatrick, SalsaBabe, JKing, and PUNKD Images. The stunt itself involved Castiel and another angel (possibly Balthazar) defenestrating out of a high window and landing on Sam’s car below. Sam and Dean then come to the window and stare down at Castiel.

Second, Buzzine had interviews with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, which were vaguish, but had new spoilers. These date from about a week and a half ago (Padalecki mentions filming 6.03, currently, during his interview). Padalecki talks at length about how Sam has finally given up his dream of a “normal” life and wants to let Dean live one, if possible. This is somewhat overshadowed by Ackles’ reveal that Bobby and pretty much everyone else already knows Sam’s out of Hell and Dean is the last to know, which leaves Dean angry with Sam. My favourite line of the two interviews is Ackles’ comment: “We just had a meeting for what we can and cannot talk about, and I don’t remember any of it.”

Sera Gamble gave a new interview to TV that talks about Dean and Lisa and Ben and a wrap up of the spoilers from Comic-Con. It also includes a cute candid photo of Gamble and Ackles posing together at the Con. Gamble insists that Lisa and Ben are not going anywhere, storywise. The title of another interview with Digital Spy – the quote: “Supernatural will focus on Dean” – startled everyone, even though the first line of the article downgraded that revelation to, “Supernatural producer Sera Gamble has revealed that the opening episodes of the show’s sixth season will focus on Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles).” Hmmm, so the title is apparently a direct quote of Gamble and the first line is the article author’s recap. Which one is more accurate? And what do they mean?

Fred Lehne was alternately jovial, sinister and a little spoilery about his upcoming appearance in the season premiere in this interview from Fangasm, in which the writers referred to his storyline (discussed at length by him in the interview, but part of it was excised as too spoilery) as a “Hurt!Dean…plot device”. Oh, dear. There are so many of those, aren’t there? Makes one wonder which one it is. It appears that YED’s appearance will be only with Dean, which has the fanbase betting pool leaning toward a Dean hallucination or dream, seeing as how Dean’s flexible sense of reality is well-established in show canon.

Ausiello came out with a new “answer” about the show that puzzled fans:

Question: I’m still not clear on how exactly Castiel fits into Supernatural’s new monster-heavy theme this season. – Kim

Ausiello: I’ll let EP Sera Gamble take this one. “Castiel is a full-powered angel,” she explains. “He was restored at the end of last season. He went back up to Heaven, and Heaven is kind of a mess. Dark angels are locked in the basement. It’s kind of chaotic. He has what he feels is a mission to clean things up. That’s where we start him off. He also has a very personal relationship with the boys. That also continues. That’s where we start him this season. He’s in a very interesting position. He’s sort of caught between the problems of Heaven and the problems of Sam and Dean on Earth.””

“Dark angels in the basement”? Golly, at this rate, we may see more angels in season six than we did in the previous two seasons. See what kind of story you can tell once you clear the dead wood of a Big Bad out of the way? I’m really hoping they’re not just messing with us when it comes to Castiel and Dean still being BFFs, though.

Finally, a Supernatural soundtrack is finally being released. Don’t get too excited – it’s “only” the show’s incidental music and not the classic rock entries. Then again, I happen to like at least some of the incidental music and naturally, I’ll be reviewing it when it comes out.

So, speculation: what is the new storyline for season six, really, and on which brother does it center (since the writers don’t seem able or willing to center an uberplot around both at once)? As I’ve said in the past, there seem to be many spoilers about Dean’s storyline, not so many about Sam’s (though Ackles said straight out there was a “secret” behind Sam’s reappearance and then appeared to contradict what Padalecki and the writers had said about Sam definitely being All Sam). It’s hard to miss that the theme of the MOTWs for season six seems to be origins and family, and the brothers haven’t been left out of that equation. Not only are we getting a whole branch of the family the brothers never knew about, but Dean has made a family of his own that doesn’t include Sam and that he seems determined to hold onto, even when that will likely become impossible.

It also looks as though Sam will keep Dean out of the loop about his escape from Hell for quite a while, yet letting others in on the secret (who in turn don’t tell Dean). This has the potential for creating a huge rift between Dean and his few direct connections left in the hunting life, even as he’s dragged back into it. Boy, I wonder how resentful Dean’s going to be about all of this? Could be fun.

Stay tuned next week for more exciting spoilers to tide you over in the hot summer months (assuming Burn Notice isn’t doing the trick). We’re also still looking for reviews, interviews and articles about The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural for September.

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