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This week, we have spoilers for Supernatural:

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

Things are swinging into action as we move toward Comic-Con next week. There was a Creation Con in New Jersey and cast spoilers (not all of them confirmed). But first, the big news: season seven will get 23 episodes not 22, reportedly so that we will get a true two-hour season finale without sticking two episodes together or having a week hiatus beforehand. It’s times like this I really wish our site had dancing fruit gifs, ’cause I could use a few happy bananas to throw around right about now. Incidentally, that is probably about as close to a 22-episode order as a CW show is likely to get this season and evidence that the rumours the new CW head is a saltgunner may be true.

In the same spoiler link, we learn that Ben Edlund is writing Guy Bee’s first directed episode (the one from late July). Officially, that’s listed as 7.03, but Guy Bee confirmed that it would air as 7.02. Kim Rhodes also said at the New Jersey con that she would be in it as Sheriff Mills and Bee confirmed this. He tweeted the first page of the script for 7.03, with the title marked out (though it appears to be long enough to be a phrase…or a prodigiously long single word). Listed as Executive Producers are: Robert Singer, Sera Gamble, Phil Sgriccia, and McG. Listed as Producers are: Eric Kripke, Ben Edlund, Peter Johnson, Jim Michaels, Adam Glass, Todd Aronauer, Andrew Dabb, and Daniel Loflin.

Bee also tweeted that 7.01 (which is the season premiere, but will film second, starting next week) would be directed by Phil Sgriccia.

So, the current lineup for the episodes is:

7.01 (filmed second): Title (Unknown), Writer (Unknown), Director (Phil Sgriccia), Cast (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver(?))
7.02 (filmed third): Title (Unknown) Writer (Ben Edlund), Director (Guy Norman Bee), Cast (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Kim Rhodes, Jim Beaver(?), Alona Tal (?))
7.03 (filmed first): Title (“The Girl Next Door”), Writers (Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin), Director (Jensen Ackles), Cast (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Colin Ford, Jewel Staite, Michael Nyuis)

There is no information yet on scripts after 7.03.

According to an article in Variety, Eric Kripke may be a much-reduced presence this season (even more than last year). He’s sold a script to Warner Bros. for a horror flick, Haunted, and will also be directing it. This is bound to produce some kerfuffles in the Supernatural fandom, especially among those who hoped he might take back the reins from Sera Gamble after a less-than-stellar season six. Myself, while I wasn’t thrilled with season six as a whole, nor am I currently thrilled with how Gamble’s done so far, I think the less-than-stellarness began under Kripke, so you can’t entirely blame Gamble for it, or hope Kripke returning would have changed it for the better. We’ll see how this changes things in season seven, if it does.

The CW is releasing a new app for the iPhone, so you can watch recent CW shows on your phone. Basically, it looks like what you would find on the CW site, anyway.

Guests at the NJ con included: Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins (The two of them did a joint panel), Gabriel Tigerman, Corin Nemec, Kim Rhodes, Steven Williams, Rick Worthy, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr., and Brock Kelly. You can find info about it at congoer Teh Jessica’s blog (She’ll also do a con report for us on Friday), donnagaff’s blog and ONTD. Spoilers were relatively few, but some were more intriguing than others. In addition to Rhodes’ revelation, Worthy teased he might come back this coming season as the Alpha Vampire. Padalecki said we would see some of Sam’s Hell and supposedly what he did/participated in there. He also said the Impala would surely be back, that Dean would restore it.

Set photos of 7.01 (i.e. 7.03) showed a well-rested-looking-and-shaved Director Ackles and a big old casting spoiler – Jewel Staite will appear in the episode as the adult version of Amy. The fact that Ackles is shaved indicates that Dean should be in the episode (In fact, I’d very surprised if he weren’t). That Padalecki was available to attend a con over the weekend indicates that there will be a fair number of flashbacks (i.e. Colin Ford playing Sam in them), as this episode still looks Samcentric.

More set photos show that the Impala is all fixed up, that at least part of the episode is set in Montana (“Whitefish Mt Gas & Sip”), and show Ackles directing an actor named “Michael Nyuis“. We also see Ackles dressed as Dean and directing himself. So, this appears to be a scene with Dean.

Jim Beaver confirmed to a fan on Twitter that he would be at Comic-Con and said he thought Misha Collins would probably be there, too. Beaver also responded to a rumour that season seven was the last, saying that was not true and: “No one knows when the last season will be, including me. But 8 or 9 wouldn’t surprise me at all.”

Warner Bros. is issuing special bags for ten different shows (including Supernatural) at Comic-Con and there will also be four TV Guide covers (not including Supernatural) to celebrate the con, though the show will be featured inside. Speaking of Comic-Con, the panel will be on Sunday in Hall H, 11:15am-12:15pm. The Sunday schedule vaguely promises us: “Series stars Jared Padalecki (Friday the 13th [2009]) and Jensen Ackles (My Bloody Valentine 3D) and additional cast members and executive producers present an exclusive sneak peek at footage from the highly anticipated seventh season of this thrill-ride series.” Probable translation: We know Jim Beaver is coming and that Misha Collins is probably coming, of the “additional cast members”. In terms of “executive producers”, Sera Gamble will almost certainly come and probably Ben Edlund. It should be interesting to see if Eric Kripke shows up. McG and Robert Singer don’t usually come to Comic-Con and Phil Sgriccia will be busy directing the season premiere. As for the “sneak peek”, it will probably be too early for any footage from the season premiere, so it’s likely to be like last year, where we got a clip from Jensen Ackles’ directed episode. And we all know the “portion of the special features” from the DVD will be the blooper reel, or a shortened version of it.

Alona Tal teased that she might be back as Jo in season seven. Maybe. Nobody, including Tal, would confirm it one way or the other.

Finally, ratings for the repeat of “All Dogs Go to Heaven” were uncharacteristically bad, with audience numbers of 704,000 and a 0.3/1 demo. As I recall, this episode didn’t do well on its first run, either, and I guess it was a dog the second time round, too.

So, speculation: It looks so far as though Sera Gamble will remain the showrunner, with Eric Kripke bowing out even more than in the past. What that means is unclear. One hopes she learned something from season six because that season is generally regarded as not so great. While it seems that new CW head Mark Pedowitz is much fonder of the show than previous CW head Dawn Ostroff (not that hard, considering her lack of love for Supernatural), what that will mean for what we get in season seven is unknown. But an extra episode sounds nice. I hope it means the show gets a little bit more budget, though, or that shrinking money will have to be stretched that much more.

Ben Edlund writing 7.02 is very interesting. In the past, the second episode seems to have fallen to whoever was the showrunner’s second-in-command. Eric Kripke wrote the first two episodes of season one and every first episode thereafter except for season six, John Shiban wrote the second episode of season two, and Sera Gamble wrote the second episode of seasons three-through-five, and the first episode of season six (Adam Glass wrote 6.02 and Edlund didn’t get one until 6.03). Who writes the first two and last two episodes of a season says a lot about who is really in charge and what the current hierarchy is.

The casting spoilers sound nice, especially for Jewel Staite (Shiny!). The Alona Tal rumour may or may not indicate there’s more truth to the Great Tumblr Hoax than we previously thought – if it were more than a rumour. I was a little nonplussed by Padalecki’s response about the Impala, mainly because it never occurred to me that the Impala was going anywhere. I mean, come on – it’s the Impala.

As for the “spoilers” about Sam remembering Hell and something he did there…oh, Lord. I so don’t care about any more of Sam’s manpain or Sam Done Come Back Wrong. Let’s please hope that this is just a case of none of the cast really knowing what’s going on, yet. Yeesh, writers, give Sam something else to do.

So far, there has been absolutely nothing about Dean. There’s actually been more about Castiel (and the producers and writers have been almost dead silent about his fate), at least in that we know Collins will be in the first two episodes. It’s not exactly a spoiler to say that Ackles will be a regular in season seven. It’s difficult to tell what this lack of info means, of course, with no evidence. However, keep in mind, folks, that it meaning Dean won’t have much to do is only one theory. It’s just as likely that the reason is the same as for Castiel – that something major will happen with Dean in the first episode or so that would affect even what we see of him in 7.03. So, anything leaked about Dean at this point would be a huge spoiler. I guess we’ll see.

We’ll be back next week with more spoilers. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, The Event and Supernatural.

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15 Comments on “TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 7/13/11”

  1. Manto

    Thank you for the round up Paula.

    I really admire your optimism in the last paragraph of the article. I try to be as optimistic as you, but sometimes it’s hard considering past experience and I sincerely hope you are right that any Dean-centric spoilers are too huge to leak. I won’t be holding my breath though. I’ll just see what the first three episodes of the season have to offer and then I’ll set my expectation’s bar to an appropriate hight.

    I agree that it was a bit odd that JP would comment on Dean fixing the Impala -I thought that was a given- and didn’t share any other information (however small) about his fictional brother. Surely their fate in the first two episodes are closely interlaced…

    I’m a little confused about the spoilers for Sam’s time in the Cage. First, I would like it if they stopped using the word “Hell” -they made a clear distinction between Hell and Lucifer’s Cage, no matter its location. Second, I don’t understand the bit about Sam *doing* something in the Cage. The spent the whole season 6 beating us over the head that Sam had suffered the worst by far from anyone ever in the whole wide world because he was being “hate-banged” (if I remember the phrase exactly) by two arch-angels -and I still find that particular idea ludicrous, but whatever-, in other words he was the biggest victim of something being *done to him*. The only thing I can think of is if it’s something concerning Adam but I don’t trust the writers with this character. There’s no way, in my opinion, they would tarnish Sam’s *shiny and beautiful* soul by making him act maliciously towards Adam. And I can’t help but worry that they’ll somehow manage to turn it around to blame Dean for that too (i.e. Dean is to blame for Adam’s suffering because he was supposed to be Michael’s vessel and since he refused this tragic fate befell on his poor, innocent and unsuspecting half-brother /sarcasm). I won’t put it past the writers to imply that in order to prop Sam up; they’ve implied something similar many times in the past. But I agree with you that I couldn’t care less about Sam’s PTSD from the Cage. I want it resolved with a “boo-hoo” and a “suck it up, princess” in honour of the Hammurabic code. /pettiness

  2. lluvia

    I will seriously laugh if I hear about Jensen and Jared resigning for another season. They’re obviously getting paid a pretty penny to stick around, and I guess I couldn’t blame them. But this show going on for another year or two? I can’t believe it’s even being considered.

  3. shamangrrl

    Based on last year, I’m taking the spoilers with a grain of salt. I honestly don’t think they’ve planned out much of the season, based on the whole lack of a plan/midseason switch from last year. Although I do find it weird that Metallicar gets a mention before Dean.

    I like Jewel Staite very much, and I hope that her presence will generate enough interest for me to watch the episode. But like you, Paula, I have no interest in Sam’s epic manpain, and I have less interest in what he did while in the cage.

  4. Ginger

    Thanks, Paula. So far none of the S7 news has elevated my hopes that S7 might be better than S6. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but I won’t wait a whole season again like I did last year. I still think Eric checked out early in S5 and Sera has been doing the showrunning job since then, so him taking on another project doesn’t bother me one way or the other. I was hoping that Sera would be replaced by almost anyone, but I knew that wasn’t to be. I was hoping that she had learned something, but Sam’s Hell memories and what he did in Hell…Oh, Lord, indeed! It looks like the single character infatuation and the hubris will remain firmly intact throughout S7.

    I hold onto a slim hope that S7 will regain some of it’s former brilliance. There is much that is still good about the show and WB is making good money off of syndication and merchandizing. I’m not expecting much news from the SDCC. Last year ended up being just a lot of blown smoke, anyway. I’ll continue to monitor your site for concrete spoilers that may renew my enthusiasm for the show and information that Jensen Ackles is still considered a cast member.

    The news about Jewel Staite is nice. Could care less about Alona Tal. Let’s hope it’s not a hook-up scenario with Dean if it comes about. That storyline was a fail from the beginning.

  5. Rosalill

    Thank you for yet another interesting article.Sadly there are none spoilers that give me hope that seaon 7 will be better than season 6. So far nothing important has been said about Castiel nor Dean. That means I wil continue to read comments and reviews, but no way will I watch another episode, unless something happens that gives focus on Dean or Castiel. I am sick and tired of Sam always being focused on.

  6. hermit

    Thanks for the updates Paula. While I can only hope that Dean has something to do in season 7, besides hold Sam’s hand while Sam gives us a minute by minute account of his manpain in hell, I don’t hold much hope, simply because as far as I’ve seen, Becky Gamble is still in charge and JP’s spoilers, as well as the spoiler for the 3rd episode just make me feel that season 7 will be another Samcentric season and Dean and Cas who?

    It’s good that Edlund is writing 7.2, and choosing the lessor of the two evils, I guess I hope Kripke will write 7.1. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if Gamble is writing the premiere and am already thinking of skipping it in favor of Grimm, which right now sounds much better than SPN.

    It’s nice to have Jewel Staite, but I wish she wasn’t wasted on another Samcentric sob story.

  7. Kay

    “It looks so far as though Sera Gamble will remain the showrunner, with Eric Kripke bowing out even more than in the past. What that means is unclear.”
    What that means to me is that if Season 7 sucks just as bad as 6 did or worse, folks will not go on about how Kripke controls “everything” and poor Sera is still “learning” and is set up as the fall guy for Bad Kripke.

    The spoilers so far are only about Sam. I don’t consider Misha Collins being in the first two episodes as real “spoilers” in the same way I don’t consider Jim Beaver being in an episode to be a “spoiler”. If Season 6 has taught me anything, it’s to take what Jared and Gamble are saying to represent what the showrunners are setting up the story to be about. So far it seems to me that the Season 1-5 arc was about Sam’s epic journey to heroically sacrifice himself for the mistake he did in breaking the final seal as a result of his dark fate, and the subsequent seasons are about the consequences to Sam that came from that heroic sacrifice – his Hell experience. Dean is his big brother, whose job is to look after him, so there is nothing new or exciting to talk about as far as Dean is concerned. If this turns out to be not true by the first third of the season, I’ll check out all the episodes and make SPN priority viewing. Until then, I will not put on rose-colored glasses as far as this show is concerned.

    Jared not mentioning anything about Dean except to point out that Dean will fix the Impala, left a rather sour note for me. Why mention that AT ALL?

  8. Manto

    I just read Teh Jessica’s blog entry about the NJ convention and I still don’t get it. What could they possibly say or show us about the Cage that is scary? Did Lucifer give Sam a tour of Hell while down there? What could he have seen besides four walls, so to speak? <-That was me thinking out loud.

    I don't want to sound or be mean, but I wish JP would stop talking about this particular plot-line. When he says that he hasn't be scared by the show since season 1 and now it will be scary again because of his Cage experience, for me, he completely ignores or he has forgotten that Dean was in *actual Hell*; you know, the place with all the demons -some of which he sent back there and must have wanted revenge- and where the Head Torturer of Hell was intent on breaking him for 30 years by unimaginable torture? Guh! Again, that's just my interpretation and it may be way off.

    I guess since a fan asked about the Impala he had to give some answer, but it was rather a weird question to ask JP. I thought Ackles/Dean was the car expert of the two.

  9. Arafel

    “Jared not mentioning anything about Dean except to point out that Dean will fix the Impala, left a rather sour note for me. Why mention that AT ALL?”
    Because the chauffeur(Ben Edlund’s description of pre-S4 Dean) of The Chosen One needs SOMETHING to drive him around in. I hear, feel, and share so clearly, completely, and acutely everyone’s utter contempt and frustration with the showrunner(s) concerning this, at this point in the series.
    And honestly, if we don’t get something out of Comic Com concerning a decent SUPERNATURAL storyline for Dean in S7, there will be no doubt whatsoever in my mind that The Sam Winchester/Jared Padalecki Show will be continuing on, moving full steam ahead into S7, courtesy of our Samfangirl Showrunner Sera Gamble. And yes, I also cannot keep hoping for more for Dean when past experience has proven that no Dean spoilers means no real storyline for Dean other than only and strictly being Sam’s friggin’ support system-which I can no longer stomach.
    I hope they know how much is riding on what comes out of Comic Con this year. And this, especially, after the disaster that came out of it last year-Sam becoming “The New Dean”(*gags*), DomesticatedDean, and Kripke’s pathetic explanation of Swan Song. I don’t want to give up on this show, but unless they can give me some kind of encouragement to continue watching(and soon!)by way of showing me that Jensen Ackles is a CO-LEAD! on this show, then I won’t be able feel like TPTB really care if I continue watching or not. And if I was the only one voicing this sentiment, I might even be able to understand exactly why they might not care, but a good half of this fandom clearly feels this way, too, IMO. And giving Jensen directing gigs does not make up for the lack of care shown for his character, IMO. After all, the man is still an actor, first and foremost, by his own admission.
    As always thanks for the spoiler round-up, Paula. I just REALLY hope that we’ll get something decent on Dean soon.

  10. elena

    ” When he says that he hasn’t be scared by the show since season 1 and now it will be scary again because of his Cage experience…”

    Scary for whom? I’m not nearly invested enough in Sam’s neverending soul arc to be terrified by anything we see in his noggin. Season one scary was ghosts crawling out of mirrors, reapers in black suits and creepy kids in creepy paintings, not the writers contorting themselves into pretzels to convince viewers that Sam’s hell was so much worse than Dean’s.

    For that reason, I find Jared’s comment about Sam’s memories=scary troubling. It’d make sense for Jared to see this as a traumatic time for Sam. But he took it a step further and (to me, at least) implied that his memories would make the SHOW scary too- does that mean we’re back to the season yet again revolving around a Sam’s storyline?

    Which, if true, would frankly be a slap in the face for Dean fans. There’s no way Sera’s unaware of just how upset those fans were a how Sam’s time in the Cage was suddenly the worstest in the history of mankind!!! while Dean’s, in comparison, was nothing more than a tour of Graceland. To then move on to dwell on the repercussions for Sam, when Dean got “Head”, 8 minutes to talk time, the implication that he drinks too much, and a “boo hoo”….wow, talk about pouring salt on the wound. Sera better be ready for some serious backlash.

    Not sure I have as much faith as you do that no Dean spoilers might mean a pivotal storyline. But I’m trying to cling to the fact that Dean went from Sam’s nanny for 2/3 last season to being prominently drawn into Cas’ arc. I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, one of the show runners finally got the message. And Jensen himself said he was hopeful for a more solid storyline in season seven.Looks like we weren’t the only ones who noticed this was an issue last season; I’m crossing my fingers that he spoke to TPTB about his concerns, just as he did to get back badass Dean.

    I’d so love for Edlund to have more creative influence. Over the years, I’ve come to really appreciate the depth of his talent in not just the quality of his writing but also in his overall understanding the characters/show. And considering the magnitude of Sera’s bias, it’d be beneficial to have a Dean & Cas show runner to help balance that out.

    (Thanks for the spoiler summary, Paula. I really enjoy reading your take on things.)

  11. Jessica

    “Jared not mentioning anything about Dean except to point out that Dean will fix the Impala, left a rather sour note for me. Why mention that AT ALL?”

    It was because a fan specifically asked Jared about the Impala. There wasn’t really too much in the way of spoilers for this convention. I imagine it was twofold, there just isn’t that much that the actors know yet and they can only say so much. Second, a lot of fans asked more general or fun questions rather than season seven plot specific.

    More may have been said at the breakfast with Jared and Misha, but I didn’t have gold tickets, so I don’t know.

  12. Fate3

    Thanks for the round up, Paula!

    I share everyone else’s frustration with the lack of Dean spoilers. And the scary thing is that usually when they don’t mention Dean, that means there’s nothing for him. I hope it’s not true this time, but if we go by past history, there’s not a lot of basis for that hope.

    I’m counting on CC to give us something. If they’re smart, they will tease something awesome for Dean and THIS TIME, they will deliver. We’ll see. I’m not impressed at all that the person who delivered us the debacle of season 6 is still in charge.

    As to what Jared said, it doesn’t surprise me that his only focus and concern was on Sam. That’s always been the case for him. It’s not the actor’s laser focus on Sam to the exclusion of the other Winchester that we have to worry about, it’s the show runners.

    What I’d give to have a Dean fan in charge this year, sigh.

  13. Paula R. Stiles

    Also, Jessica has a good point. Most actors promote their show by talking about their own character because that’s what they know best. And most actors feel very uncomfortable about watching their own stuff, for various reasons. It’s not fair to jump all over Jared Padalecki because he’s talking about Sam.

    And Padalecki doesn’t know much at this point. He has the scripts for 7.01 and 7.03. He doesn’t even have 7.02, yet. It’s a given that we will see some of Sam’s Hell in 7.01, but that doesn’t mean it will be a major plot point. Do I dislike the spoilers and wish the *writers* would get with the program and release something interesting? Yes. But it would be very risky for Padalecki and Collins to override the showrunners and leak stuff the showrunners haven’t, themselves.

    As for the hierarchy of writers on the scripts, the titles are important, but they don’t tell the whole story. The writers have often said that these titles (and promotions) are mandatory, based on WGAW rulings. But titles say more about seniority than who is running the show. And yes, it *is* important that Kripke just announced he’s directing a film. Last year, he said at Comic-Con that he would be around and looking over Gamble and Singer’s shoulders, just not day to day, and he had no specific projects to which he had fully committed. In terms of who was in charge, just look at who wrote the season finale.

    Now, he’s got this film that will probably take up all of his time for the entire season. Since Kripke is the one who has fanboyed Sam from the beginning, that can’t help but change things in season seven. How? I have no idea. Am I thrilled with the lack of spoilers about Dean? No. Do I think that lack is a good idea? Not really. But it is far too early in filming the season to jump to the conclusion that all will the same as before. No season has been exactly the other, for better or worse.

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