TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 7/12/10

This week, we continue with spoilers from V, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural:

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The V Files posted a YouTube clip of an interview Morena Baccarin did with SyFy UK. In it, she describes what the set of the show is like: you are in a big, 360-degree, green room. She also revealed that the hybrid baby will become a key element in Anna’s plan. What could Anna possibly want with the kinder? I’m going to say the child is immune to that dangerous virus that could kill reptiles which they were discussing at the end of last season. What do you think?

In an interview with the New Zealand Herald, Elizabeth Mitchell said she is glad the new V reimagines the series because copying the original too closely wouldn’t have worked. The interview also explains this is her most physically-demanding role to date.

Meanwhile, IMDB continues to sprout “I hate Tyler” threads. I feel the pain.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

* New season two trailer focusing on Damon, though it only collects scenes from season one.

— Source:

— I imagine they put this out because Eclipse is currently in theaters and the trailer contains some of Damon’s mocking of Twilight.

— I’m not sure how I feel about including that in the trailer, though. I love supernatural characters addressing supernatural fiction in their world, but I don’t know if that’s what they want to be advertising when Twilight fans are so protective of their fandom. Maybe if The Vampire Diaries weren’t trying so hard to appeal to Twilight fans in other ways, this trailer wouldn’t make me raise an eyebrow.

* Taylor Kinney is to play Mason Lockwood and will show up in season two episode one.

— Source:

— I already linked to a bit about Mason, but at the time, I didn’t know he’d show up in the first episode of the season. This makes me even more excited about the show coming back.

* Casting call for an African-American carnival worker who flirts with Bonnie and gets in a fight with Tyler.

— Source:

— Well, I did complain that Bonnie wasn’t getting enough romance, especially compared to the white female characters, and that the show didn’t have enough characters of colour, so I hope this does get cast and she has some fun with Carnival Guy without him being evil or trying to use her to get something or dying within the first episode.

— Also intriguing is the idea that maybe they fight because of Bonnie. Do Tyler and Bonnie have any chemistry? Do you think they’d make a good couple? I’m not sure how I feel about the possibility. On the one hand, I love Bonnie and I want her to have grand adventures, including romance. I’m also a fan of Tyler and his werewolf-ness. On the other hand, Tyler is an asshole when it comes to women and Bonnie can totally do better. So torn!

* Bonnie will be tougher in season two.

— Source:

— Katerina Graham says that Bonnie’s going to be really tough in the first episode, that her powers are getting stronger, and that she’s trying to keep Bonnie vulnerable, too. Also, that she doesn’t think Bonnie would ever do anything out of simple hate for vampires. I guess I agree with that, though I think Bonnie will react hard and fast if she thinks someone she loves is in danger, which could lead to acting without really thinking through the consequences. Again.

* Tyler will have a new love interest in season two.

— Source:

— Bonnie, perhaps?

— Michael Travino also said he tried out for Damon, but wasn’t pretty enough, and for Stefan, but wasn’t nice enough. Hopefully, he’s up for portraying a new werewolf.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

There was a Salute to Supernatural convention in New Jersey this past weekend, which naturally led to spoilerage. Guests included Misha Collins, Samantha Smith, Aldis Hodge, Alona Tal, Katherine Boecher, Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, and Steve Carlson. My goodness, everyone looks so young in their headshots. Fred Lehne (who played YED in season two) also appeared and created quite a stir when he announced he’d be coming back for the season six premiere.

Misha Collins created another stir when he spoiled a bit about the episode Jensen Ackles just directed last week (6.04). He said that Castiel wasn’t in it (awww) and that there would not be a whole lot of Sam, either (no word on whether/how much of Dean there will be in it due to Ackles’ being behind the camera. Keep in mind that Collins does like to tug gently on fanbeings’ chains, as regarding the “Sam-lite” spoiler). Jim Beaver’s tweets (which include references to 17-hour days and the biggest fight scene he’s had to do in years) indicate that the episode will be Bobby-heavy. Both Beaver and episode co-star Jennifer Aspen tweeted that Ackles was a wonderful director (who even finished early some days) and that there were buckets of blood everywhere. Aspen even posted a pic to demonstrate. Fanpage Supernatural Locations also posted some pics of the set which showed that Mark Sheppard is in the episode.

Jim Beaver has confirmed that the next episode to be filmed is 6.01 (this week). This makes sense, considering the clip they show at Comic-Con (which is coming up in a couple of weeks) is usually the first five minutes of the new season.

According to one con report, Rob Benedict “confirmed” that Chuck was God in “Swan Song”. He also tweeted some pics from the con.

Corin Nemec (Jonah on Stargate SG1) has been cast as Christian, a cousin of the Winchester brothers.

Jared Padalecki put up a new video in support of his charity, A Dog’s Life, which included a reference to the fact that he was on the set for season six (so that could be Sam’s “look” for season six). Cliff Kosterman also tweeted about Padalecki’s hair.

Two new Under the Red Hood clips are up, as well as some new reviews. It looks good. I’m seriously considering picking up that Red Hood figurine at Best Buy.

Two new clips featuring Eric Kripke are out from the upcoming season five DVD (scheduled to come out August 24). For better or worse, these clips tend to confirm some previous fan speculation about where the writers were going (or not going) in season five, notably the bit about feeling that once the vessels cat was out of the bag, that was most of the story for season five (so, they let that out of the bag by 5.03 because…?).

The IMDB board has a new season six spoilers thread.

So, speculation. Season six sounds like a whole lot of genies are being let out of the bottle. Possibly, we’re talking about a disordered cosmos where the dead have risen from Hell or fallen from Heaven and walk the earth. Or, we could be talking about a clip-ish kind of season premiere where the brothers have flashbacks that haven’t been seen before and/or are plagued with dreams/hallucinations of past friends/foes/victims that force them back out onto the road (well…Dean, anyway, since the official blurb implied Sam was already out there).

Some news I like. I’m happy to see Grandpa Campbell again. And I like that Crowley will be a major part of the season. I just hope they don’t make him a villain. I like him much better as a grey character who is a sometime ally and challenges the brothers to grow.

I am somewhat more skeptical of a Bobby-centric episode because of the hatchet job the writers did on his character this past season. On the other hand, I like the idea of buckets of blood, as that indicates the angst and handwringing that so ruined Bobby as a character in season five will hopefully be kept to a minimum in favour of absolute carnage (the latter of which I highly approve!). Also, Jennifer Aspen’s character (confirmed as the aforementioned Marcy Ward) looks like fun. At any rate, the actress seems very enthusiastic and friendly to fans on Twitter. Welcome aboard the SPN Train, Jennifer!

I can’t say that I’m ecstatic about the news of Fred Lehne coming back as YED. Lehne was great and YED was a sinister villain, but he was killed off at a good time and, by not bringing him back as played by Lehne, they kept his awesomeness (no, for the record, I did not have a problem with Rob LaBelle’s appearance as YED in “Lucifer Rising”). However, that was three seasons ago and things have changed quite a bit. YED was a two-dimensional villain, even allowing for his slight broadening at the end of season four into a religious fanatic, and resurrecting him would also cut down on the awesomeness of the Colt even more (after its failure to kill Lucifer last season). I mean, there’s dead and then there’s “I was a demon that got killed by the Colt” dead. Still, if he’s coming back in the season premiere, it’s very likely he will be a dream or hallucination (most likely Dean’s, as he was trying to kill Dean when Dean shot him, but it could also be Sam’s), which would be fine. It would be a little odd if a retired Dean never had any nightmares about Lehne’s version of YED.

I don’t know what to make of this Christian guy, still, though I did like Nemec as Jonah (another initially thankless character writers sicced on some poor actor). It helps that he’s older than the brothers. The writers seem to do older characters a lot better than younger ones, so maybe it will turn out all right and he won’t turn out to be a Scrappy Doo.

Finally, this season is looking increasingly Samlite. It could be they’re just hiding his new storyline very, very well, but I’ll believe that when I see it. At least the Dog’s Life video finally showed us Padalecki on set. He looks verrah nice!

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