TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 6/7/10

This week, we’re beginning a new column reporting and discussing any upcoming spoilers for the three main shows we’ve been reviewing (if we start reviewing other shows, or we get spoilers for ones we’ve reviewed in the past – like Life after People – we’ll put ’em here, too). Those three currently are: V, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural, with spoilers being listed in order of the shows’ appearance on the weekly schedule.

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)
By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Steven Spielberg may give V a run for its money when his alien invasion series, Fallen Skies, premieres in 2011 on TNT.

V is not back any time soon. It will show signs of life in 2011 and it might be competing directly with Fallen Skies. A DVD release of the first season is expected this fall, though no release date has been announced.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

* Executive producer and writer Julie Plec confirmed that Tyler Lockwood is a werewolf.

– Source:

Worst spoiler ever, because it was already totally obvious. However, it leads to a couple of other questions:
+ Was Mayor Lockwood a werewolf?
+ Did Mayor Lockwood know he was a werewolf?
+ If he knew, why didn’t he consider the fact that the device might work on werewolves just as much as vampires?
+ If he didn’t know, how in the world didn’t he know? Is there some sort of instigating event that must occur before werewolves can change for the first time and that event never occurred for Mayor Lockwood?
+ If Mayor Lockwood did know he was a werewolf, why didn’t he warn Tyler?

* Ian Somerhalder says that Katherine’s return will deeply affect, not just Damon, but Stefan as well.

“Because, don’t kid yourself, Stefan is just as in love with Katherine as Damon was, if not more. I mean, they both see her faults and sort of despise her in this weird way, but they both are so wrapped up in her at the same time. You know, she was their Creator. She was their lover. They thought she was their soulmate. She embodied all these roles for them, so when she comes back, I think it’s going to knock the hell out of both of them.”

– Source:

This is not all that shocking, really, but it does leave room for speculation. Stefan seems to think he’s moved beyond loving Katherine, but she did embody all sorts of different roles. Not to mention how badly Stefan reacted to human blood, how unprepared he was to deal with something outside of his comfort zone, and I think there is drama aplenty stemming from Katherine’s return.

* Executive producer and writer Julie Plec says there will be more of a “love square” than a “love triangle”.

– Source:

Obviously, they’re going to continue with the Elena/Stefan and Elena/Damon tension, but do you think this ties into what was said above, about Stefan still having feelings about Katherine, so there will be tension on all sides? And Katherine has varied sexual tastes, not to mention the occasional sexual tension between Damon and Stefan, so do you think she’ll have similar tension with Elena?

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

First up, as you can see above, is that Supernatural is moving from its Thursday, 9pm death slot of many moons to Fridays at 9pm, once again after Smallville. In its place will air a remake show, Nikita:

Much speculation in the fandom has gone on over this move. On the one hand, it’s no secret that Smallville was moved off to Fridays this past season to kill it off (and it did lose over one million viewers as a result). It didn’t die, but this will probably be its last season. So, could that mean this will also be Supernatural‘s last season, as well, what with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ contracts coming up for renewal at the end of the season? The truth is: nobody yet has a clue, and that probably includes the showrunners.

On the other hand, the CW finally has a full week’s slate of shows this upcoming season (and canceling both Smallville and Supernatural at once would leave a night-sized hole). Smaller networks like SyFy have been making stabs at trying to capture the dead zone that has been Friday night ever since The X-Files owned it for FOX. And who better than some of the folks who used to make The X-Files with that show’s love child and de facto heir, Supernatural? I mean, if any show is going to rule Friday nights, it’s going to have to be an established cult show with more lives than a cat – which pretty much sums up Supernatural‘s current profile in the TV industry.

Along with the announcement of the move during its announcement of its fall lineup on May 20 (the switch was made via reruns on both Thursday and Friday nights the last week of May, with Moonlight reruns placeholding on Thursdays until the fall), the CW put out a blurb for season six. In addition to the usual fluff and build-up:

“Season 6 will be a season of mystery and shadow. Heaven and Hell have been left in complete disarray since the apocalyptic events of Season 5. And now, monsters, angels and demons roam across a lawless and chaotic landscape. And so Dean Winchester, who has retired from hunting and sworn never to return, finds himself being pulled back into his old life – pulled back by none other than Sam Winchester, who has escaped from Hell. The two reunite to beat back the rising tide of creatures and demon-spawn, but they quickly realize that neither are who they used to be, their relationship isn’t what it used to be, and that nothing is what it seems.”

Naturally, this is all about as clear as mud, but there are two rather odd things about it. One is that the story now seems focused on Dean in a way that the writers take seriously. By this, I mean their overly-literal fixation on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, which starts with the Call to the Hero to leave his/her home and go on the journey. Case in point was Sam being dragged off on the road with Dean in the pilot, thus making Sam the show’s Hero (and Dean sort of the Antagonist for disrupting Sam’s life…until we found out YED actually did that). With Dean being the one dragged off on the journey in season six, you’d think this would now make him the Hero, but the writers have reneged on this before. So, stay tuned on that, I guess. The other odd thing is that there is almost no mention of Sam’s role and how that will change now that his life’s purpose has essentially been fulfilled. Where do you go after you’ve been the Devil’s handpuppet?

Both Misha Collins and Jim Beaver have been confirmed to return in season six.

One interesting (and controversial) hint – for Dean, at least – was dropped in an alleged interview of Jensen Ackles that popped up in translation in a Brazilian magazine. Ackles was saying that there would be a time jump (though this could be only the length of the summer, as between seasons three and four, he says in the interview that it could be “a few years”) and also that we would see Dean having trouble adjusting to “civilian” life in a way similar to that of the protagonist of the film Hurt Locker. Some questioned it due to the obscurity of the original source.

However, the recent rumour that Ackles will direct episode 6.04 (something first mentioned in the interview), and the official blurb, so far seem to indicate it’s real. Both actors are showing a lot of enthusiasm for the upcoming season, as is Jim Beaver. Supernatural being the Fandom of Epic Wank, that, too, is being thoroughly chewed over.

Also big in the news for both Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries is that the CW has put both shows (along with others in the network’s lineup) up for consideration for the Emmys. This isn’t the first time, but it is the first time the network’s mounted a serious ad campaign for its shows. It’s not the greatest ad campaign on the planet, but it’s a start.

For some reason, new photos are being issued for fifth season episodes “The End” and “Abandon All Hope” and my, do they look nice. Credit to bluefooeyes on IMDB for digging those up.

Finally, we’ll still be getting new projects from the show’s performers over the summer. Misha Collins gets the SyFy crapocalypse treatment in Stonehenge Apocalypse next Sunday night, which looks hilariously bad. Peter Wingfield also stars, for his sins. And Jensen Ackles voices the subtitular hot-mess villain in much-anticipated animated feature Batman: Under the Red Hood, which also stars Bruce Greenwood as Batman. Expect to see that out on DVD in July.

Stay tuned next week for more exciting spoilers to tide you over in the hot summer months (assuming Burn Notice isn’t doing the trick). And please consider making a small donation to our June fund drive if you like our site!

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