TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 6/28/10

This week, we continue with spoilers from V, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural:

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)
By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Elizabeth Mitchell has reiterated she wants her character to have a romance storyline. She also enjoys working with Charles Mesure, who plays Kyle Hobbes. Kyle Hobbes seems to be patented after mercenary Ham Tyler. Ham never enjoyed a romantic storyline, though we did discover he had a lost wife and daughter, before he was written out of the original series. Hobbes also seems to have a lost “she”, mentioned at the end of the first season. My bet is this is a daughter. It could even be a teenage daughter, to introduce a chink in the Lisa-Tyler romance and to allow for a young character to actually kick some ass, since Tyler sure isn’t doing it.

Scott Wolf says V fans “are really passionate and outspoken”. I’m wondering if he’s visited some of the message boards and seen what people have to say about his character.

Talking about message boards, the most hated character on the show seems to be Tyler. Some threads even have fans imagining the best way for him to die, with very creative results. Will producers and writers take a hint during the second season and work on this character’s storyline? One can only hope.

There’s a new interview up with executive producer, Scott Rosenbaum, where he talks a lot about Anna’s creating an army of V soldiers of different “breeds”.

The Comic-con V Panel is scheduled for Saturday 24th July 2010. Basically, all the main cast members, including Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Charles Mesure, Morena Baccarin, and the producers of the show will be attending.

Laura Vandervoort and Joel Gretsch were at the 21st Annual Trek Expo in Tulsa last week. Gretsch is the son-in-law of famed Canadian actor William Shatner. It is the first time both men were guests at the same convention.

Question of the week: is the alien baby a boy or a girl? If history is repeating itself, then we are in the presence of another Elizabeth. The girl could very well replace the wayward Lisa in Anna’s heart. On the other hand, the writers may decide to avoid the obvious and give us an alien boy.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

* David Anders (Jonathon Gilbert) will be part of the season premiere.

* The upcoming season will be the season of soul mates.

* Katherine will come face to face with Elena.


(Warning: Also includes spoilers for Desperate Housewives, 90210, Army Wives, Bones, Californication, Dexter, Fringe, Glee, Gossip Girl, House, Parenthood, Supernatural, and True Blood.)

— That last one is certainly not surprising, because it’s only logical that Elena will come face to face with Katherine. Otherwise, why reveal Katherine in Elena’s home as Elena is arriving home?

— I am really leery about soulmate stories, because soulmate stories imply (or outright state) that there is only one person for you to really love, that no other love but soulmate love is valid, and that there really isn’t a lot of free will in love. Plus, it frequently leads to cheesy and overly-dramatic love stories. But it’s very popular in vampire romances (and romances in general, I suppose), so I guess we’ll see what happens.

— I’m hoping we’ll get to see Katherine torture Jon (I am obviously still not a Jon fan), but I doubt that’s what they mean. Maybe just his dead body. I can hope.

— What do you guys think of these spoilers?

* For your viewing pleasure, clips from Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder being interviewed in Monte Carlo.

— Source:

— I didn’t get to watch it all, but from what I got, it’s mostly stuff we’ve already discussed here, but I did enjoy listening to the actors speak about their speculation for season two and how they are mostly secluded from reading about the show on the internet.

* Much like Nina Dobrev is playing two very different characters in Elena and Katherine, Ian Somerhalder is playing two very different sides to Damon; the Damon with Elena is much different than the Damon with Katherine.

* Justin Bieber maybe has a small role in season two.

— Source:

— I’m looking forward to seeing how different Damon really is, because I like him best when he’s snarky and sarcastic and funny, but I’m not sure I can see Katherine bringing that out in him.

— I only recently learned who this Bieber boy is and have no interest in him, but I imagine a guest role would bring in a lot of his fans as viewers, if they’re not already watching, so that part might be good.

— I love that Nina Dobrev suggested Ralph Fiennes appear on the show because he “would be brilliant at being a vampire.” So true, Dobrev. So true.

— What do you think about a Justin Bieber guest role? How do you think Damon will act around Katherine after all that’s happened?

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

Casting news (foilers or otherwise) continued to leak out this past week. Michael Ausiello gave up a spoiler allegedly about the episode directed by Jensen Ackles: “I hear the show’s fourth episode back – the one directed by Jensen Ackles – will be Bobby-centric and feature a character named Marcy Ward. Described as attractive in a down-to-earth/woman-next-door way, Marcy is a capable homemaker with a crush on her neighbor.” A fly in the ointment is that Ackles has already confirmed that he’s directing episode 5.03 not 5.04. SpoilerTV is reporting that the title of this episode is “Weekend at Bobby’s”.

Brit genre magazine SFX, in its latest issue (#198), is reporting a mini-interview with Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble and the other writers, in which they claim that Crowley will be in a lot of season six (perhaps as the season’s Big Bad?). There’s also talk of bringing back Death the Horseman, the Trickster, and Ellen and Jo (as ghosts). Chuck, however, will apparently not show up, nor will there be any explanation of his mysterious vanishing act at the end of “Swan Song”. Just as well. I’m feeling tortured enough by that “summer” promo with the Chuck voiceover on the CW site.

It looks as if I reviewed “Skin” just in time, as SFX also has an online article about Evil Twins that includes Dean’s shapeshifting doppleganger in that episode.

SpoilerTV has dug up the Netflix description of season six. Don’t get too excited, though, as there’s not a whole lot of substance to it. It basically just says that the brothers will be out on the road monster-hunting after having stopped the Apocalypse.

Speaking of old season-five promotion being revamped for season six, a poster was going the rounds this past week, billed as the one for season six. Well…turns out it’s not, though it is the one the CW used for their Emmy brochure. Also, the CW aired a “new” season six promo during last Friday’s showing of “I Believe the Children Are Our Future” that turned out to be the winner of a network fan-vid contest called “Making the Cut”. Which is cool in a way (it’s more professional than some of the ones the CW puts out!), but it’s not really a season-six promo by someone who has any idea what’s coming up this next season, is it?

Over at, preorders for the 2011 Supernatural calendars are now up. There will be three again (a general one and one each for Sam and Dean). No interior photos are yet available, though you can see the tentative covers. They’ll be going out in late August 2010.

The latest issue of Supernatural: Beginning’s End, which we reviewed recently, ends on the same dark road the comic’s authors (Daniel Loflin and Andrew Dabb) showed us in an episode last season, “Dark Side of the Moon”. You decide if the comics (especially this series) are still intended to be canon at this point.

For those who are fans of Katie Cassidy, she’s not out of a job with the cancellation of Melrose Place, as she’ll be heading over to Gossip Girl, instead.

There’s an ongoing and indepth analysis of Supernatural‘s ratings this summer, both on the CW and in syndication on TNT, over at Television without Pity. Seems Supernatural is doing so well that Warner Bros. should have a vested interest at this point in continuing the show. The old wisdom that a show becomes more expensive and harder to sell in syndication once it gets past 100 episodes has been supplanted by the idea that the more episodes you have, the longer you can make a show run without burning out your viewers.

It’s therefore very interesting to compare Supernatural‘s numbers, both with its new-old lead-in, Smallville (which it consistently beats in raw audience numbers) and the lineup now on Thursdays, The Vampire Diaries and Moonlight (which took Supernatural‘s Thursday spot as a placeholder until Nikita starts there in the fall). On June 3, The Vampire Diaries pulled in 1.35 million and Moonlight got 1.4 million. By June 24, these two shows were down to 1.1 and 1.0 million, respectively. This is negligibly higher than Supernatural is getting in the “Friday night death slot”, which hopefully bodes well for the show keeping its old audience this fall.

A new clip for Batman: Under the Red Hood is out and looking good. There are also some new pics on the official site for the movie (who’s the gal in the green body armour?).

I’ve seen some debate among adult female Supernatural fans over whether they want to admit they’re buying it for Jensen Ackles. Ha. Being a comics fangirl since the late 70s, I feel no such shame. I’m totally buying this!

The reviews of the latest Blu-ray release of season one talk a lot about extras, though the only one that seems unique to this release so far is a series of Paley Festival Panel discussions. Also, the Devil’s Road Map appears to have been upgraded.

So, speculation? More casting spoilers this week, though some of them are just a tad vague and may not come through. The spoiler about 5.03/5.04 strengthens a suspicion I’ve been having that we may be seeing less of the brothers and more of a broader cast of recurring characters, though who knows how that will really turn out, even if it’s true?

I also find it curious that debate continues on the fan boards over Dean’s relative lack of agency in “Swan Song” and that this will surely carry over into season six. It may or it may not, but right now, it’s just opinion, and group opinion won’t make it so.

For example, look at all of these returning characters. All of them are pretty Dean-oriented. Yes, there are some (Bobby, Castiel, Gabriel, Ellen) who have had significant interactions with both brothers. But Bobby and Castiel started out interacting a lot more with Dean, and Castiel and Gabriel (like every angel character not named “Lucifer”) are still largely focused on Dean, with Castiel showing no concern for Sam after Sam jumped Lucifer into a big hole. Gabriel even went so far as to turn Sam into a car. And that’s not even getting into Crowley, who’s apparently going to be around a lot this season, disliking Sam last season and constantly trying to shove Sam off like a fifth wheel so he could go have demonic fun with Dean. Dismissive, much?

Even further, two of these characters (Lisa and Jo) are really exclusively about Dean, to the extent that the writers would have to struggle to include Sam in any storylines involving them. That’s because they are both Dean love interests (intended, failed, whatever). And two other characters (Samuel Campbell and Death) have never even met Sam. Samuel Campbell may not even know Sam exists, still, and Death showed even less regard for Sam (who was off rescuing redshirt characters in a factory during Dean’s meeting with the Horseman) than he did for Dean. And if you took at him at his word, he had little enough regard for Dean (though his actions belied this lack of concern).

Could the writers turn all of these characters into being All About Sam? Sure…I guess. But wouldn’t it have been easier to get some Samcentric folks in, too (and, you know, that would be a nice balance). What, Adrianne Palicki, Loretta Devine, Taylor Cole, Mark Pellegrino, Sterling K. Brown, Katie Cassidy, Genevieve Cortese, Katharine Isabelle, Gabriel Tigerman…none of these people were available? At all? Really?

Colour me skeptical about that, not least that the speculation that Sam will somehow dominate season six is also heavily based on an interpretation of the last scene of “Swan Song” as showing Sam as an angel. Okay, even if that weren’t a major retcon (should it ever happen) of the nature of humans and angels on Supernatural, have you ever seen any angel characters on the show that dominated a season? Castiel was on more than any of his brethren and most of his episodes seem to have maybe ten minutes, tops, of him in them. The same excuses some fans have made for keeping Dean “human” well past that being logical equally apply to Sam having consistent powers. Hence that idiotic demon blood storyline, which made his powers magically appear and disappear whenever the writers needed them to do so. Sam get an angelic upgrade? Not holding my breath waiting for it.

So, I’ll believe that Sam is going to dominate season six when he see him doing something besides showing up to grab Dean and get him back out on the road. Heroes don’t jump into big holes and have the story go on without them. Reformed villains (Darth Vader, Alia in Children of Dune) or sidekicks (Gabrielle in the season three finale of Xena) do that. If the Hero takes a swan dive (as, say, Buffy Summers at the end of season five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), the story stops cold while everyone mourns or falls apart and it doesn’t pick up again until the Hero comes back. Like, say, Dean in season four. If Sam’s already out and the trigger for ending the time jump is getting Dean back into hunting (not Sam getting out), that doesn’t make season six All About Sam. Just sayin’.

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