TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 6/21/10

This week, we continue with spoilers from V, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural, as well as some news about Eastwick:

Eastwick (Saturday night, July 10, 9-11pm)
By Paula R. Stiles

Eastwick will be back, very briefly, on ABC, as the network burns off the final two unaired episodes, 1.11 (“Red Bath and Beyond”) and 1.13 (“Pampered and Tampered”) on July 10 from 9 to 11pm. Yep, that’s a Saturday death slot. As you may have noticed, there’s one “missing” in between. That’s because ABC aired 1.12 (“Magic Snow and Creepy Gene”) as an impromptu series finale last winter. And as if that’s not confusing enough, they’re apparently airing the two episodes out of order. [facepalm] Stay classy, there, ABC.

I’ve already reviewed these two episodes here and here, if you’re interested.

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

David Richmond-Peck was nominated for two 2010 Leo Awards. He was a contender in the Best Guest Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for his role as Georgie. He lost to Christopher Gauthier of Sanctuary. Nevertheless, he went home with an award in Best Performance by a Male in a Short Drama. The Leo Awards honour the best in British Columbia film and television.

Since starring in V, Morena Baccarin has been getting some “weird” fan mail.

In case you didn’t know, Joshua is not only a doctor. He’s got a bit of a musical talent. At least, the man who plays him, Mark Hildreth, does. Mark is working on a new album due out next year. His latest album, Complex State Of Attachment, is available through Amazon.

Laura Vandervoort, who plays Lisa and played Supergirl on Smallville, was at the 32nd Annual Superman Celebration this past week.The celebration takes place – where else? – in Metropolis, Illinois.

Jane Badler, Diana in the original series, is back on the small screen playing another Diana. She has been cast in the Australian soap opera Neighbours for a four-month stint.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

* Not spoilers or speculation, but Ian Somerhalder calls for the entertainment industry to become more involved with oil spill relief efforts, which I think is pretty awesome.
— Source:

* Katherine is going to be kicking Damon’s ass next season and Stefan and Damon may be switching roles as the kind-and-gentle versus mean-and-dangerous vampires.
— Source:

— Not really surprising, either thing, though I do dislike the use of “crazy” as a pejorative in the article. Katherine has already proven herself to be manipulative, dangerous, and not opposed to using violence.

— As for Stefan and Damon switching roles, they already explored that somewhat in the second half of season one – Stefan’s attitude changes while drinking human blood; Damon and Elena teaming up to save Stefan, etc. – but I wouldn’t mind seeing those things, and more, explored further.

— What I don’t want are more scenes of Stefan being overprotective of Elena. That trope – the vampire, usually male, trying so hard to protect the human, usually female, that the vampire ends up putting the human in even more danger – is played out in paranormal romances.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

First up is that the CW put out a new promo for the show at the end of the previous week’s repeat (“The End”). No new footage and it has another one of those really annoying Chuck voiceovers, but it’s there and it’s up on YouTube now. Two general CW promos with some (not much) Supernatural and (more) The Vampire Diaries footage are also out. The shorter one has some quick (non-speaking) bits of the show (possibly a flash of Dean in the beginning, Lucifer’s escape from the chapel in “Sympathy for the Devil”, Sam’s hysterical David Caruso impression in “Changing Channels”, Castiel’s impromptu angel-be-gone spell in “Point of No Return”, Dean grinning in “Fallen Idols”, and and Sam grimacing at Dean – also in “Changing Channels”). The longer one still doesn’t have a lot, but does have Sam’s David Caruso again and, for some odd reason, three fairly-extended clips of Dean’s sex scene with Cassie in season one’s “Route 666”. Not that I’m complaining, mind, as that scene was mighty hot, but it’s also four years old. Why not one of Sam’s scenes or Dean’s one with Anna in season four (even if I’m not a fan of that last one, it is newer)? At least watching Jensen Ackles in a sex scene doesn’t make me feel like a total cougar just for watching as most of the other male CW stars do (My Lord, are they young).

For the record, Nikita looks absolutely awful, but I’m thinking I’ll probably check out Hellcats. It has a Bring It On vibe that is potentially fun.

Speaking of which, shooting for 6.03 begins on June 30 and goes until March 31, 2011, which is earlier than last year. We don’t know yet if this is to accommodate Jensen Ackles’ first directing job (and to ensure that the first three episodes are completed on time) or if the show will be coming back early as it did last year.

Ausiello has a spoiler this week – the showrunners are in negotiations with Mitch Pileggi to return (possibly in a recurring role) as the brothers’ grandfather, Samuel Winchester. This is all we know at the moment, though his post also includes Chuck and Torchwood spoilers for extra joy.

While I’d love to see both Samuel and Deanna (Grandma Winchester) again and wouldn’t mind some flashbacks to previous hunts, I would really like to see him return in a role that involves his interacting with his grandkids. Since last we saw him as himself, Dean was making a Big Confession to him about being his grandson and he hasn’t yet “met” Sam. This now brings the number of recurring cast up to five (assuming the negotiations go through): Bobby, Castiel, Lisa, Crowley, and Grandpa Winchester.

Curious that these characters all started out much more focused on Dean than Sam (though Bobby has since become bibro-leaning-toward-Sam). Samuel’s never even met his youngest grandson, Lisa met him maybe once (though “Point of No Return” hinted at a Sam interaction with Lisa), Castiel risked life and limb for him in “Abandon All Hope” but didn’t seem much fussed about his jumping down a hole at the end of the season, and Crowley dislikes him a whole lot (in fact, the writers may have Sam show up on Dean’s doorstep because Sam needs something from Crowley – like Bobby’s soul back – and Crowley won’t play except with Dean). This could all be a clue to Sam’s season six storyline, as I’m assuming he will have to spend a fair bit of time meeting/getting to know/reconciling with these characters and that may be a way for the writers to get him past being Lucifer’s muppet. Certainly, Padalecki emphasised quite a bit at the Barcelona con how much he feels/wants Sam to be his own man and a mature human being who can stand on his own two feet post-Lucifer.

I will say this – I’m relieved that Ackles made a point at the con last weekend of saying that Lisa would be in at least a few episodes, as this leans away from her getting fridged on the ceiling in the season premiere (though I suppose the other appearances could be flashbacks or ghost/demonic visitations). I may not agree with him that the writers’ issues with writing female characters stem from fear of female fans hating female characters (seriously, Kripke & Co., man/woman up and bring a better game instead of blaming it all on the fans), but I heartily agree with his standing up for his female co-stars and wanting recurring female characters on the show, especially considering the firestorm Bret Easton Ellis started this week with his “women can’t direct” line.

The DVD and Blu-ray for season five now have a release date, September 7. You can pre-order on There is a review of the Blu-ray version of season one which ably goes into the details of the pros and cons of getting Blu-ray over regular definition. However, one of the two features that it says are unique to the Blu-ray version, the Devil’s Road Map, can also be found on the regular-def version of the season two DVD.

Super-Wiki has a page devoted to news about the Supernatural anime series, including drawings of the characters. Dean’s is okay (he doesn’t look that much like Ackles, but the comics rarely get that right, too), though Sam is awfully thin, even for season one.

As it turns out, none of the Supernatural cast was put up from the CW for Emmy consideration (though Paul Wesley was for The Vampire Diaries) and though the show was put up for a Teen Choice award, none of the cast was put up individually for that, either. I keep hearing that, say, Jensen Ackles is not good enough to compete with the actors on certain other shows. This makes me roll my eyes a bit, since a fair number of these “great” actors weren’t taken seriously when they were on certain shows in the past that weren’t quite the right “Emmy” material, either, but now, suddenly, they’re the standard by which to measure everyone else. Politics and circular reasoning seem to be the rule of the day for Emmy nominations rather than any objective measure of talent.

Edit: Just found this recent interview with Jake Abel (Adam). Not a lot about season six (though he’s not leaving out the possibility), but he does have some interesting things to say about how he ended up coming back for season five.

Someone on TWoP dug up a new (June 21) interview of Jensen Ackles out of New Zealand. It’s not entirely clear when it was done and he doesn’t talk about season six, but there’s a lot about his early career that I haven’t seen previously.

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