TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 4/5/11

This week, we have spoilers for V and Supernatural:

(Tuesday nights, 9pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

We don’t know the fate of this series, but some people are saying a good showing by Body of Proof could spell the end for V.

On a happier note: if there is a season three, old timers might come back. Scott Rosenbaum, executive producer and V showrunner, spoke at WonderCon last weekend and said he would like to bring back Michael Ironside (Ham Tyler in the original) and Robert Englund (Willy). Although I second the idea, it makes me wonder why the producers didn’t go with a sequel instead of a reboot. We could have had the whole cast back and younger actors as their children, probably much improving the story and pace of the series. Anyway, Rosenbaum seemed pretty positive and confident about a renewal.

Marc Singer, also at WonderCon, talked about his return to the show, saying: “You hope in a career you will be creating things like the Beastmaster and V, that they have an afterlife.”

Who else was at WonderCon? The competition. Posters for Falling Skies are out and a recent panel revealed more details about this other alien invasion show. Interesting bit: the aliens control people with a spine-like armor on their backs.

Elizabeth Mitchell recently did a guest role on Law & Order SVU. Morena Baccarin is appearing on The Mentalist.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

The really significant spoilers this week came from photos for 6.17, 6.18 and 6.22. The ones for 6.18 were equally entertaining in terms of Michael Ausiello fanboying Sam (pretty sure Dean does stuff in this episode, too, more than we’ve heard Sam does) and the downright sad lack of historical knowledge in the comments. The clothing the boys are wearing is too new to look realistic to someone in a small town in the Old West (These guys walk into town in brand-new duds? How?). Dean’s fairly realistic, otherwise, with the dark shirt and the vest. Both items were very common back in that time period, though the piping on the sleeves is more like a rodeo dress shirt. Sam, on the other hand…oh, dear. First, he’s basically wearing what he always does in the show. I can’t decide if this is because the clothing designers didn’t know their textile history or Sam, being the one who doesn’t want to go back (see below), can’t be bothered to dress appropriately. Anyway, that corduroy jacket of his is not at all period. Nor is that humongous belt buckle. And that shirt is blindingly white. That level of bleaching is fairly modern and used to be very expensive. Not to mention, few people in the west would have such a new and clean shirt. And that hat…with nothing to keep it on his head, it’s fairly useless and will blow away in the first brisk wind. In short, he looks as though he just stepped out of Urban Cowboy not into 1861.

Oh, and denim? Been around since the 18th century. Though the “skinny jeans” look the boys are sporting is a bit too modern.

Various 6.22 pics (including a wrap-up cast shot) have been floating about this week. Spoiler info of note: we see Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Sebastian Roché, and Kim Johnston Ulrich in these photos. And, of course, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Ulrich was photographed eating lunch with Beaver, while wearing a shirt soaked in the abdominal area with fake blood. Roché tweeted photos of himself in a compromising position with Padalecki on the infamous Cot o’ Rehab in Bobby’s panic room, with Ackles rolling his eyes behind them, sitting next to a rather large and full bottle of faux-whiskey. There’s also one of Roché with Beaver. I don’t really like Balthazar that much, but I kinda hope they keep him around just because Roché is such a blast with the fans and loves to tweet all sort of photogoodies.

There are also some shots (and brief video) of Padalecki walking along a dark street and up into some apartment building with a dark-haired actress, with reference to another scene involving Padalecki, Ackles, Collins, and Beaver. A local notice about shooting also talks about three scenes. In one, three actors discover a woman being attacked in an alley. In another, two actors dive to the ground while being shot at on a street. And in a third, two actors get out of a car and walk toward a hotel.

Okay, so this stuff indicates that Dr. Visyak is very likely one of those who won’t make it through this season (and if she’s showing up, does that mean we’re getting dragons in the season finale?); that Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel, and Balthazar will all make it to the season finale; that there will be at least one scene in the panic room, people being shot at, and someone being attacked, respectively. It also looks at as though Castiel and the brothers will still be on good terms at least until the season finale. I have a feeling, though, that Castiel may double-cross the brothers at the very last minute, thus precipitating the cliffhanger. But that’s a guess. And I also suspect that Balthazar may be the other “suprising” death. Not that that means we’ll only get two deaths. It’s also possible that Raphael will get killed off early, say, in 6.20.

IMDB is listing Demore Barnes as Raphael in 6.20 and that Dr. Visyak will be in both 6.21 and 6.22. Keep in mind that IMDB is not reliable. Anybody can edit those pages. We know that H.P. Lovecraft will be in 6.21’s teaser because the agency for the actor playing him confirmed it. We don’t know whether Panou will really be appearing, say, as “Dr. Matt” in 6.21. We do know that “Let It Bleed” and “The Man Who Knew Too Much” really will be the titles for 6.21 and 6.22 because the latest update of the CW calendar confirms it.

There were also official 6.17 photos that showed Ellen married to Bobby and Sam and Dean in the same scene as Castiel when the furniture gets dumped on their heads. What do you want to bet he’ll save them from that?

Late edit: EW is putting out some more spoilers for 6.17, though nothing fans have not yet sussed out. One big warning, though: there are some HUGE spoilers for Being Human‘s season finale (next week) at the beginning of the article, including an interview with Sam Witwer (Aidan). There is also a “revised” (production number changed) 6.17 synopsis out and a new promo. The promo is fairly spoilery (The guy who trips on the skateboard is not Dean; Fate looks like a geeky teen), though not to a large extent.

On top of all the photo fun, we got a synopsis for 6.18 (“Frontierland”): “SAM AND DEAN RETURN TO THE WILD, WILD WEST – While searching for a way to defeat Eve, Dean stumbles upon Samuel Colt’s (guest star Sam Hennings) journal in the Campbell library. Realizing Samuel might have the answer to their problems, Sam and Dean ask Castiel (Misha Collins) to send them back in time so they can meet the man himself. While Sam is a bit reluctant to time travel, Dean is beside himself with excitement to return to the Wild, Wild West. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin with story by Andrew Dabb, Daniel Loflin & Jackson Stewart (##617).”

Note that, in contrast to Ausiello’s assumptive commentary about the official photos for 6.18 making the episode All About Sam, the synopsis instead shows Dean being the prime motivator for going back in time. Sam doesn’t even want to go. Further, Dean is the one who finds the journal (the source for the “formula” that they go back to find). This reminds me of the 6.12 synopsis, which teased something that turned out not to be (Dean pulling the sword out of the stone because he was “worthy”), but also was accurate in terms of Dean being the prime motivator for the episode’s plot.

The Supernatural animation series will be appearing in the U.S. on DVD and Blu-ray in July.

In other news, Mark Sheppard said at the recent Wonder Con that he’d like to come back as Crowley if there’s a seventh season (but dropped no hints about coming back this season). And don’t forget that the Jus in Bello convention in Italy is this weekend. Expect lots of spoilage during that.

Finally, the ratings for “The French Mistake”‘s repeat came in at 1.34 million, 0.8 in total households, 0.5, 0.5, and 0.4. And don’t forget that this Friday, “Weekend at Bobby’s” will air instead of “And Then There Were None”.

We’ll be back next week with more spoilers. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of V and Supernatural.

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