TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 3/9/11

This week, we have spoilers from V and Supernatural:

(Tuesday nights, 9pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Ratings for the show have gone down again. Cancellation rumours re-surface.

A couple of interesting items on behind-the-scenes stuff appeared online. One focuses on the special effects (It’s a podcast) and the other on the set design (A polypropylene chair for the show costs more than $600). Frankly, I’ve never liked the set design for the show, but there you go.

Jane Badler talks about what makes the aliens on the show sexy. The answer? Evil deeds, power and tight clothes. I sure hope that if the show gets axed, Badler gets more work on American television. She’s been delightful to watch, despite the lackluster lines heaped upon the character.

The finale is approaching. Do you have your death pool ready?

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

This was a slow spoiler week, presumably because the spring hiatus has started and the show won’t be back with new episodes until April 15.

Someone on Television without Pity posted a spoiler from EW (no direct link) that the rest of the season will be “dark, dark, dark”. Let’s hope this has to do with Dean and the growing coldness we saw this week. Dark Dean is lots of fun and Jensen Ackles has way more fun than is legal playing Dean doing a Marlowe-takes-an-African-vacation. I have also discovered that I like Light Sam much better than Dark Sam. By this, I don’t mean that tolerate Light Sam better than Dark Sam, but that I like Sam when he is dealing with his baggage, fighting his darker impulses and standing up for his crazy brother. Maybe that makes him a vanilla hero, but it’s still tasty vanilla, and more interesting than when Jared Padalecki gets naked and plays a jackass.

Also, we have a short promo of the next two episodes, “My Heart Will Go On” and “Frontierland”. The former looks an awful lot like “Mystery Spot”, with Dean tripping over a skateboard, a guy getting hit by a bus, the brothers blowing themselves up with a commercial gas stove, and a large appliance landing on their heads. The latter has Sam on a horse, Castiel sending the brothers back in time (For some reason, Dean is in period gear and Sam’s not), a guy being hanged, Dean in a shootout with what looks like the Colt versus a shadowy figure, a tied-down Bobby getting soul-searched, and Castiel with a bloody shirt. Random stuff that could be in either episode includes a belching Balthazar and a homicidal cop.

Jim Beaver teased some more from the set, hinting about falling “into a ring of fire” on March 4 and saying that the show will wrap for the season on March 31. While he said that he did not yet know if the show had been renewed, everything I’ve read indicates it probably will. Of course, if it doesn’t, with a March 31 wrap, we could well get stuck with a cliffhanger end of the series. Not that that’s likely…or would even necessarily be bad. Their cliffie endings always seem to be the best.

Yes, I know. Not much to go into a hiatus with. Hopefully, we’ll get more this coming week.

Finally, ratings. They came in at 2.137 million, a 1.3 in total households and 1.0s across the board for the other demos. This sounds small, but other CW shows on Mondays-to-Wednesdays wish they were getting anything close to a 1.0 at the moment (Not to mention, Supernatural got preempted in some markets this week). So, the show continues to do okay. No cancellation bear is chasing this cagey old salmon.

Speculation: well, as I said before, it’s slim pickins this week. I’m not sure what to make of 6.17, as we haven’t had a lot of spoilers about it. I think this is the one with a Fate in it, which would explain all the weird deaths (and I believe the older title was “Your Time Is Gonna Come”). Or that could be 6.19. Also, at some point, Dean is supposed to go gunning for Walt and Roy, the two losers who killed him and Sam in 5.16. Seeing as how the brothers have cleared the brush out of the family tree, I can see those two jokers being next on the hitlist. As for the western (now 6.18), I still hate the new title, but Dean do look hot in that duster. There’s no denying it. So, I’m cautiously looking forward to it.

We’ll be back next week with more spoilers. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of V and Supernatural.

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