TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 3/23/11

This week, we have spoilers for V, Being Human and Supernatural:

(Tuesday nights, 9pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Because we don’t know if this show will return, I am going to be collecting spoilers for V and for other alien-related shows starting next week. Yep. I’m taking about the Spielberg project.

V finished with better ratings that it had enjoyed in the previous two weeks, but it’s still nothing to gloat about. Most people are betting it’ll be cancelled. It’s not even on the bubble. This has caused fans to start an online petition to give the show a third season.

The stars can’t shed any light on this matter, simply because they don’t know what will happen. Morena Baccarin, however, sounds hopeful: “I hear good things about the show and we’re still in the running. It’s just a waiting game and I’m trying to stay busy.”

Laura Vandervoot, on the other hand, sounds gleeful about the idea of playing Lisa’s evil twin.

Do I think the show should get a third season? It all depends. I demand the following:

  • Lishua love story. You have a lot to make up for the Tyler crap, show. Getting that guy who plays Joshua naked will be the start of it.
  • Give Erica an Uzi hidden in a cake and have her shimmy down the air ducts.
  • The Beastmaster gets to shoot people and he’s Jack’s dad. They look alike, don’t they?
  • Amy grows up to be a sexy hybrid who has sexy alien fights with Lisa 2.0. By the way, they re-skin Lisa 2.0 so she looks different. Or they give her black hair. Evil twins always have black hair.
  • Diana’s cousin appears. She looks just like Diana. Hey, if the original show had Martin’s brother, I can have Leanna.
  • At some point, there is a gladiator fight.
  • There is an alien occupation and the aliens slap their bionic whips around. Tails and whips.
  • The Fifth Column learns to do shit and throw molotov cocktails.
  • Michael Ironside is an evil corporate overlord in league with the aliens. He has a posse of ninja assassins. One of the ninka assassins is a sexy, sexy character with an eyepatch.

That would seriously be the best show ever.

Being Human (Monday nights, 9pm, Syfy)
By Paula R. Stiles

Being Human has been renewed for a second season. No word on when that season will appear (or with how many episodes), though, and Syfy just unveiled a very full schedule for the upcoming year, though a lot of it is either reality stuff, returning shows, Saturday night monster features, or

1.11 airs next Monday, so it appears the season one finale will be on April 11.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

Kind of a slow news week for the show, with some rehashing of the Paley Festival spoilers, but the network has big changes coming up. First, regarding the show directly, SpoilerTV is reporting that an alleged CW insider is claiming that the show has been unofficially renewed for a seventh season. Yes, I know that sounds convoluted. Take it with the usual chunk of rock salt, but also keep in mind that all other signs point to the show being as good as renewed.

Second, the CW appears to be very close to choosing (if not announcing) the replacement for current top executive, Dawn Ostroff. Mark Pedowitz is the top choice, apparently due to his ability to be a team player and get things done. It’s very difficult to tell at this point what his getting the position (assuming he even gets it) will mean for Supernatural. However, the Hollywood Reporter, in announcing the rumour, went into detail about how Ostroff reports to certain executives and that Pedowitz has a good history with them. Since those executives seem to be pretty happy with the show right now, and the network’s upcoming pilot season is heavily skewed toward paranormal shows, I’m leaning toward Pedowitz’s becoming the new CW head being a positive for Supernatural. At any rate, it now seems certain that Ostroff is really leaving.

Remember how we said last month that Katie Walder was tweeting that she would appear as Fate in 6.18 (which is now 6.17)? Well, she just reconfirmed it. Samantha Ferris has also confirmed that she will be in 6.17 not 6.19, with Dread Central saying Samantha Smith will be in 6.17, as well (How does that work with her apparently being in the diner where the brothers meet Eve?). And those photos from a couple of months ago showing Dean getting into a black Mustang with Impala plates? From 6.17, as well.

Sebastian Roche is still tweeting from Vancouver, which may possibly mean Balthazar is in the season finale (It’s either the last day or so of shooting 6.21 or the first day or so of 6.22). He tweeted some cute photos of himself and Misha Collins (doing something very strange with his tongue here) in costume, on the set. They seem to be filming in an “underground” set similar to the one from “Like a Virgin”, or perhaps “You Can’t Handle the Truth”, or some weird, lighthouse-basement combination of the two. He also tweeted a cute photo of himself with Robert Singer (and Collins being naughty behind them). So, possibly, Singer is directing 6.21 and/or 6.22. There appears to be a lot of Balthazar in 6.21. Jim Beaver has not tweeted recently (being occupied online with posting film reviews on Facebook), but one of his most recent had him in Vancouver as of last Thursday.

EW continued to put out mehspoilers” that were more speculation than spoiler, with the exception of some minor hits from 6.18: “Dean’s showdown at high noon. Sam on horseback. A saloon girl hitting on Dean.” The same source makes 6.17 sound like a light and flaky episode, which, like the teaser shown at Paley for 6.17, contradicts assertions that the season would be “dark” from here on out. Also, in Ausiello’s latest column, Eric Kripke (who now seems firmly back in the saddle) talks about what’s happening with everything and everybody on the show but Dean in the season finale. He also as good as admits that the writers will pull their punches in terms of dealing with Sam’s drywall: “You don’t want to blow it off…You don’t want him to be a drooling vegetable on the floor, either, because that’s not super-exciting to watch, last I checked.” Um…yeah. Saw that problem coming from the next town over and 16 episodes ago, thanks.

One Dean spoiler did come out of some late Paley news. According to Jensen Ackles, Lisa and Ben will come back: “I can’t say necessarily how, but that story will be explored and it will be explored heavily. I think there’s a part of [Dean] that was left with them. But I think he knows deep down that it would never work. And I think that’s going to be a very emotional situation that he’s going to have to deal with.” Should we start cueing up “Taps” for the Braedens now or later? I can’t say I’m thrilled to see Lisa and Ben go bye-bye, not only because I like them, but because I don’t like the trend we’ve had lately of Dean ending up being All About Sam yet one more freakin’ time. Here was a storyline that was completely Dean’s and look, there it goes now….

Ratings for the “Unforgiven” repeat were up slightly from last week to 1.346 million, 0.8 in total households, 0.5, 0.4, and 0.4. That’s over twice as much as Gossip Girl‘s repeat got this week, and Gossip Girl is said to be likely to be renewed, so I’m thinking Supernatural is pretty safe.

As I said, it was a very slow news week in the middle of Hellatus.

We’ll be back next week with more spoilers. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of V, Being Human and Supernatural.

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