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The U.S. remake of Being Human returns with a second season on January 16. SyFy has been putting out previews of it for about a month now. We will start reviewing it again when it comes back off its interseason hiatus.

This week, we have spoilers for Once Upon a Time,  Doctor Who and Supernatural:

Once Upon a Time (Sunday nights, 8pm, ABC)
By Heather S. Vina

Well, the first death has occurred on the show and Kristin at E! has a few non spoilery tidbits about it here. And an exit interview with actor Jamie Dornan here. Sounds like the Sheriff is gone for good, but Jamie could potentially be back as his fairy tale counterpart, the Huntsman.

Since it’s now the winter break, there isn’t a whole lot out there for the show right now in the way of spoilers.  There’s a nice little article about filming up in Vancouver here, with a few minor spoilers in the way of pictures of upcoming guest star Eion Bailey.

And, alas, the show fell even lower in the ratings this week, to a 2.9/7 in the demos (down from 3.1/7 the previous week) and 8.92 million viewers (last week, 9.611).  Hopefully, this is just due to the winter slumps – which most shows face – and not a sign of things to come.

Doctor Who (Saturday nights, 9pm, BBC America)
By Heather S. Vina

Not really anything in the way of spoilers this week, but there has been an interesting tidbit that has come out about the discovery of two lost Doctor Who episodes! One episode is from William Hartnell’s run as One, from the storyline “Galaxy 4”, and one is an episode from Patrick Troughton’s run as Two, from the storyline “The Underwater Menace”.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

This being the week before the week before Christmas, it’s pretty quiet on the spoilers front. The two main things were set photos (They’re currently filming 7.14) of Jensen Ackles (chatting with a crewmember about the high cost of celebrity children) and Jared Padalecki (doing a Legally Blonde bend-and-snap moment for the camera) and a short, actual spoiler from Kristin at E! (I know! I’m as shocked as you are):

Vanessa: You’ve been holding out on us Supernatural fans! Give us some scoop to make up for it please!
“Fine, but only because you asked so nicely. The show is currently looking to cast the role of Nora, a well-meaning and hardworking Wiccan who’s a little bewildered by the darker side of evil. Bonus scoop: They’re also casting a troubled postal worker who has something in common with Transformers: There’s more to him than meets the eye. Get it? OK, that wasn’t our best, but you get the idea.”

Kurt Fuller also gave a new interview in which he discusses his past role on Supernatural and his current role on Psych. No mention of Zachariah coming back to the show any time soon. Since Zach really oughtta be toast forever and ever after crossing Dean Almighty a few too many times, this seems only fitting. Though I still miss Mr. Fuller’s snark.

Jim Beaver has been tweeting about reprising a role (two episodes so far, with perhaps seven or more in all) he started earlier this year on Justified and is currently filming on that set. So, even if Bobby is not dead, don’t expect to see him before 7.15. At least.

Jim Michaels has been counting down the production days until the end of filming for season seven. Yesterday was day 107 out of 184. According to a local reporter, they were filming at least part of it “at Rocky Point in Port Moody.”

Meghan Ory, who is a regular on Once Upon a Time and guests on Supernatural‘s first episode after the Christmas break, has a new Twitter account up and briefly mentioned filming the episode, as well as working on Once Upon a Time. Be nice.

The CW is shutting down their on-site forums, with apparently only a day’s notice. I’ve seen a great deal of gnashing of teeth over it in other forums, even pronouncements that this spells the doom of the CW. However, I can’t say I’m surprised to see it happen (albeit in the CW’s usual, ham-fisted way that manages to anger a maximum possible number of fans). It’s become a trend over the past few years for networks to open up official Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the CW did not put up any on-site forums for the new shows this year.

While it’s never any fun to see one’s official show forum get taken down, especially on short notice, it’s not a new thing, either. Syfy and USA have been prime offenders, with more wardrobe changes in the past two decades than a catwalk model, each time somehow losing all of the previous archive of discussion threads (not to mention a prestigious zine or two). And if you look at venerable, current discussion sites, like IMDB, busier boards get purged of discussions that haven’t been updated in the past few months, presumably to keep under control the huge cache such messages build up on the site (reportedly also dragging bandwidth to a standstill, though those annoying wallpaper ads don’t help on that account). Does this justify telling everyone at the last minute? No. Is it pleasant for the folks who have been regulars there for years to be so suddenly uprooted? Nope. But don’t expect any explanations, either, since one of this network’s bigger marketing issues is a tendency to make bone-headed, last-minute maneuvers and then act like nothing happened when people complain.

There’s another article out about the pros and cons for the CW’s new streaming deals, with a mention of Supernatural. There are also two articles out, that also mention the show, speculating that the number of dark fantasy shows on TV right now reflects an increase of interest in fantasy and horror during economic hard times. Ya don’t say.

Finally, ratings are in for the repeat of season premiere, “Meet the New Boss”: 0.4/1 and 1.00 million.

Don’t forget that Supernatural comes back with 7.11, “Adventures in Babysitting”, on January 6, 2012.

We’ll be back next week with more spoilers. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural.


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14 Comments on “TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 12/14/11”

  1. elena

    Thanks for the spoiler round up, ladies!

    @Heather- too bad about the ratings. “Once” is such an imaginative, unique show and I hope it gets a chance to develop its story even more fully. That being said, I’m not sure that making the show so, so dark and brutally killing off a popular character right before the hiatus was such a smart move. I wonder if the success of Lost has made these EPs just a little bit too cocky.

    @Paula- the CW SPN forum was such a toxic place that I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go. Of course, that means some of those really vicious posters will end up at other discussion boards. Here’s hoping the mods can keep them in line better.

    I read speculation that Kristin’s spoiler about the postal worker might be referring to Metatron. It’d be awesome if Edlund’s “Repo Man” was an angel based story. Edlund always tends to write better episodes when they’re about subjects he’s interested in.

    About Bobby…. totally a fan based “spoiler” but one of the long standing, usually reliable posters on sntv just posted this:

    “A woman who lives in the UK won a competition to fly Vancouver and visit the set of Supernatural before the summer (during season 6).When she came back home she tweeted Jim Beaver saying she was promised another date and she picked 1 when he would be on set because she’s a fan of him. I was like yeah right but I checked her tweets out every few weeks anyway lol and it turns out she’s going back in January when episode 17 will be filmed!”

    Since they’re filming episode 14 right now, it’s possible they’d be filming episode 17 towards the end of January. Of course, it could all turn out to be a bunch of hooey but since most of us figured Bobby would be back in some form, this doesn’t sound beyond the realm of possibility. Not sure how I feel about Bobby showing up in the same episode as Cas, though. I wonder if it might not dilute out the impact of either’s return. But then again, that might be the point. Yes, the show has made me cynical, lol.

  2. Crowley_Gal

    Thanks for the round up. The postal worker sounds interesting. I also like the Metaron speculation. I just wish Edlund was writing Cas’s return.

  3. Ginger

    Thanks, Paula. I come here to see if anything new is planned, but there really is very little. I’ll be with SPN until the end, but from what I have learned is to come for the rest of the season, I’m just there to see Jensen. I give up on plot, story, characterization.

    BTW, I don’t even know who Metatron is. Could it be another deus ex machina to help the boys kill the unkillable?

  4. elena

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, Paula, but the official 7.11 episode description just came out:

    “SUPERNATURAL” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) JANUARY 6
    “Adventures in Babysitting” (TV-14, LV) (HDTV)

    “ONCE UPON A TIME” ACTRESS MEGHAN ORY GUEST STARS — Still reeling after what happened to Bobby (Jim Beaver), Dean (Jensen Ackles) becomes dangerously obsessed over finding a way to take down Dick Roman (guest star James Patrick Stuart). Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) decides to help a teenage girl (guest star Madison Mclaughlin) look for her father (guest star Ian Tracey), a hunter who has gone missing. Sam traces his last steps to a truck stop where the help (guest star Meghan Ory) turns out not to be so friendly. Jeannot Szwarc directed the episode written by Adam Glass (#711).

  5. Lily

    “Dean (Jensen Ackles) becomes dangerously obsessed over finding a way to take down Dick Roman”

    Sounds good to me! A dangerous Dean is most interesting to watch! As far as the boards at CW, never went on them, but it seems the fans there are pretty aggressive, to say the least.

    Thanks for the updates Paula!

  6. Lily

    Off topic, American Horror Story had a different version of the lost colony of Roanoke. In their version the word Croatoan was used by the Native American Shaman to banish the “ghost colony” of Roanoke.

  7. Paula R. Stiles

    That came out after I put up the column. More interesting than previous spoilers implied, that’s for sure! I just hope Dean doesn’t unrealistically see the light and power down by the end of the episode. I want to see him build up to some cosmic buckets o’ crazy by the end of the season. Interesting that Dean is still getting the uberplot while Sam gets the MOTW again. I notice people are already complaining about that in some quarters.

    Yeah, grain of salt and all that about Bobby. Though there’s no reason they can’t bring him back as a ghost or in Heaven. I was wondering if he’d pop up in the same episode as Misha Collins.

    I’m a bit skeptical about the Metatron speculation, especially since it’s already hit the level of Telephone in the fandom and I can’t locate the source. It might make sense to make Castiel Metatron, but only if they address Dean’s relationship to God. If Dean is to God for Castiel what Bobby was to John for the boys, that’s problematical unless they want to explore Dean’s pivotal place in the SPNverse. Because Bobby and John were from the same species and of about equal power and experience as hunters. Whereas, Dean is a human and God is…you know…God. They’ve been playing with this thing for a while, that Castiel has been “cheating” on Heaven with Dean and God has not just ignored it, but rewarded Castiel with two resurrections. So, the analogy breaks down in two places–Dean isn’t God’s equal the way Bobby and John were and God approves of Dean taking on His role with Castiel in a way John definitely did not with Bobby usurping his role with the boys.

    As for if Metatron (if there will be a Metatron) turns out to be some random postal worker, I hope it’s a one-shot. I have zero investment in an angel character I don’t even know and both of Metatron’s potential storylines have been done by the show, in disastrous ways.

    I suppose it could be possible that Dean’s Metatron…I dunno. Let’s wait and see if any of it is even true.

    As for the CW forum, well, it’s usually best all round in a fandom if everyone engaging in legal discourse (i.e. not stalking, threatening, libel, or defamation of character in a litigious sense) gets to have their various separate corners.

    Metatron is an angel in esoteric Jewish and Christian tradition who has two possible backstories: 1. He is the primordial angel, the first of them and the most powerful. 2. He is a man so righteous and beloved of God that he became an angel, usually identified as Enoch, the last of the people in Genesis who “walked with God.” Metatron is perhaps most famous for being the ultimate villain in the His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman, and (not to get too spoilery) he suffers a fate not unlike Michael’s in the SPNverse.

    Oh, lordie. Really? I didn’t make it past the pilot on that one. Too much throwing stuff at the wall to see what would stick, not enough characters I even wanted to be in the same room with the television for. The irony about all this mystical speculation is that we know what the name “Croatoan” means. It’s the former name of Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks and of the tribe that used to live there. No mystery there. The mystery is why it was carved into the tree so carefully for anyone coming to find the colonists later on. And where the colonists went.

  8. Paula R. Stiles

    Hang on–did I just see what I think I just saw in that synopsis? Is Ian Tracey really going to guest star in a Supernatural episode four days before my birthday? That is…AWESOME! And as a hunter, too!

    Show, don’t you dare kill him off the way you did Michael Hogan’s sheriff! I wanna see him as a recurring character not a DTG one-shot!

  9. Ginger

    Ian Tracey — hey, here’s a guest star I know. He played the lead in a Canadian series that I can’t remember the name of. He was good, but the show didn’t catch on.

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      I bet you’re thinking of Intelligence. Da Vinci’s Inquest wasn’t short-lived. He’s been in a ton of stuff (111 titles on IMDB, plus theater work and other stuff) and is a highly-regarded Canadian actor. Definitely A-list for Canada (which is *not* a backhanded compliment). He’s won a bunch of awards. Also, he’s got a similar style to Jensen Ackles’. I’ve really wanted to see the two of them do a scene together for years. They’ve been on the same show a few times over the years, but never at the same time or in the same episodes.

  10. Eva

    Paula you mention this Da Vinci’s Inquest thing so often in reviews that I think I just have to go check it out for myself.

    I have to admit I didn’t understand they might have been talking about Metatron THE ANGEL when I read about the postal worker and Transformers. Read it as Megatron. Honestly spent about 30 seconds laughing about the Winchesters taking on a giant robot when the Imapala changed suddenly reveals its true gigantic robot form.

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      If it makes you feel better, that was my first thought, too, when I heard the speculation a couple of years ago. And I really should have known better since I’d read His Dark Materials.

      Da Vinci’s Inquest is an excellent show. And Chris Haddock is the experimental writer and plotter Eric Kripke *thinks* he is. On the surface, it’s a cop show set in a specific city (and yes, CSI totally ripped it off), but there’s all this stuff underneath about Vancouver and the characters are very real and well-drawn.

      And Tracey’s character, Mick Leary, is not unlike Dean.

  11. Ginger

    I’ve watched many Canadian shows and movies (ordered off and am extremely impressed with the talent of the Canadian actors. The only thing about Ian is if he is in the same scene with either of the 2Js, they better do some fancy camera work because, from what I can tell, he looks to be about 4’9″ :)(No dissing – I really like him.)

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      He’s about 5’7″.

      If they could make it work with the Rubys, they can definitely make it work with him. Also, he’s extremely athletic and graceful. As far as I can tell, he’s always done all his own stunts for the Canadian productions (American productions tend to have more money for stuntmen and more-restrictive insurance rules), which has been taken very full advantage of. I really hope he gets to do some good fight stuff. You should see some of the stuff he got to do recently on Sanctuary. His version of Jekyll/Hyde was great.

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