TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 12/14/10

This week, we have spoilers from V and Supernatural:

(Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Spoilers are limited to some pictures and promotional materials. Not much you haven’t seen before.

The most interesting photos circulating the Internet were images of Jane Badler, against a green screen, emerging from a cocoon. Oddly enough, she is fully dressed. Not that I’m demanding that Mrs. Badler get nekkid or anything, but I don’t think I would cocoon myself in a red cocktail outfit.

By the way, since the second season has finished taping, Jane is headed back home to promote her second music album, right after she finishes doing some publicity with Marc Singer. Check out Jane’s new website and order Tears Again. The first 500 customers get a signed photo of Jane with the album. Guess who bought it, already? Meeee. The video for the album, by the way, was shot in Vancouver at what Jane described as a “very retro sleazy hotel.”

The V Files has titles for the first four episodes: “Red Rain”, “Serpent’s Tooth”, “Laid Bear”, and “Unholy Alliance”.

Finally, you should see this parody of both V and The War of the Worlds.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

I don’t know how exciting the next few weeks will be in terms of spoilers, what with the Christmas hiatus, but there are some this week. First up, of course, we have the CW promo for the next episode, 6.12 (“Like a Virgin”), coming in the New Year on January 28. The promo shows the boys (in suits) investigating a case involving young virgin girls being sacrificed by being thrown into a pit by a couple of cult-type guys (It’s not made clear in the promo, but other spoilers indicate the creature being sacrificed to is a dragon). In the clip, Castiel shows up (I guess because he’s the resident recurring male virgin, even if his vessel certainly isn’t), Sam and Dean get to smack people (but apparently, not each other), and Dean stabs something with a gold-handled dagger in a way that looks very uncomfortable for him. Also, Dean either knocks a guy so hard that he flies across the room or the guy drops down from above not far away from him in some kind of cell.

And, of course, Space had a promo and a clip for 6.11 last week, though whether we’ll get a Space promo for 6.12 this week, or whether we’ll have to wait until next month, remains to be seen.

Jensen Ackles plays a character named “Gibson” in the upcoming videogame Tron: Evolution and came in at #3 on an MTV TV poll.

Supernatural is featured fairly prominently in a new general CW promo (and at least some of the footage is new to this season, though nothing from any upcoming episodes).

And the latest episode title (for 6.15) is “The French Mistake“. [crickets chirp] No. Really.

Two new episode titles for the Supernatural anime series are out. “Poverty Spirit” (which is a new one) sounds interesting, albeit something of a retread of “Yellow Fever”, which itself was an episode that ended up being about a Japanese type of spirit. I’m kinda “eh” about “Moon Shine” (Three guesses which type of monster that’s about).

Set photos are out for both 6.13 and 6.14, the latter probably being the last one they’ll film before breaking for Christmas. There’s not a lot in the ones for 6.13 (Basically, Padalecki and Ackles drinking coffee outside and Ackles standing in front of a donut stand, which could be them on their break or part of a scene). The good news (thanks to Jessica. You are a dear) for 6.14 is that someone who happened upon the set witnessed a scene where Dean appears at the door of a house, Lisa opens the door (dressed to the nines, probably for a date) and there is a brief exchange that culminates in Lisa yelling, “Benjamin Braeden, get your butt down here!” Yep, that’s right. Lisa and Ben are coming back. And from the sound of things (I.e. that Ben reinstigates contact with Dean, not his mother), for an extended stay. If it were something with just Lisa, I could see it being a one-shot, but there’s no way the writers are going to reintroduce the father-son dynamic between Dean and Ben for only one episode. Not the way this show is obsessed with screwed-up daddies.

The 6.14 set report also recounts a fan interaction with Padalecki, including photos.

The EW had a Q&A non-spoiler about Crowley: “Laura P. asks: Is Crowley REALLY dead on Supernatural? A: The sight of Crowley’s burning bones last week sent chills through me, too. And while my Supernatural sources can’t say for certain if Mark Sheppard will return to the show this season, I am told that fans should ‘never say never to seeing him again in the world of Supernatural.’ I think we can all agree that bringing a character back from the (presumed) dead is just another day at the office for the show, no?”

Let me essay a translation of this exceedingly-vague response, based on past experience with similar EW pronouncements about the show: “I have no friggin’ idea ’cause nobody ever tells me anything good. And yes, Supernatural is a fantasy show, and yes, there’s that whole Purgatory thing, so technically, anybody could come back. On the other hand, the last time we saw this character, he was toasty bones and Mark Sheppard is a very busy boy, these days. So, let’s be realistic and say, ‘Probably not.'”

Finally, ratings for 6.11 went back up to 2.271 million and 1.0/1.1 shares in Adults and Women. They stayed up in the finals, too. Up against the new Narnia flick and everything. In contrast, while the CW shows earlier in the week finished out the year with their best ratings this season, Supernatural still beat them in raw audience numbers. And both The Vampire Diaries and Nikita dropped, The Vampire Diaries half a million and Nikita to barely 210,000 above Supernatural (and Supernatural did better in the ratings), while Smallville got 2.545 million and did nicely in total households, but really tanked in W18-34. If Nikita doesn’t get its act together in the New Year, it may not last long enough to replace Smallville and headline Supernatural come fall.

So, speculation: the increase in ratings, despite the opening of a big film the same day (which is going to be the Friday curse for the show for the rest of its stint on Fridays) and it being mid-December when viewers forget all about regular network shows, can probably be attributed to a few things: that TV Guide cover coming out the day before, the presence of two popular characters (Tess and Death) in the previews and the broad hints that the Sambot storyline would finally end, not to mention that it was the mid-season finale. While I don’t think the Sam Done Come Back Wrong storyline took away much of the base audience (because the more dedicated fans weren’t going to start bailing seven episodes in over something like that), I don’t think it was much of a compelling draw, either, which is likely why the numbers got less robust, versus factors like preemptions, as time went on. I do think that casual viewers were more likely to tune in for stuff like Ackles directing, Dean getting vamped and Death showing up.

I’m glad to see the return of Lisa and Ben. Grounding characters like them helped to open up the storyline earlier in the season in a way that Bobby and Castiel (who are too deeply embedded in the uberplot at this point to serve as counterpoints to craziness) can’t do. And the Campbells were way too inbred to bring in much new blood. Yeah, I know that sentence was all kinds of wrong.

I’m not sure what to make of the next episode’s spoilers, as it sounds like a standard MOTW so far. I’m confused – was 6.12 supposed to be the flashback episode or was that 6.13? I feel as though a switch occurred there.

Dean is very snarky in the 6.12 preview and the one new big spoiler we have for the second half of the season (the scene involving Lisa) is heavily Dean-oriented, so it’s curious that Sam is so blank. Are they going for a Data-like Sam? I guess that would work. Of course, it would also make Sam Robin to Dean’s Batman (or Buttercup to Wesley), so I don’t know how that is going to work. The show really can’t get around having Sam take responsibility for his Sambot actions, flaky drywall or no flaky drywall, unless they don’t plan for him to be a protag front and center anymore, not with the whole “The Hero of this story is responsible for having disrupted the Natural Order and now has to fix it” storyline that suddenly arose as the new uberplot in 6.11. Sam’s soul has been presented as a victim and Sambot as a sort of villain. The two of them back together doesn’t exactly announce, “Returning Redemptive Hero.”

Beyond that, it’s wide open, but with Death having hired Dean as his “detective”, Sam owing Balthazar a favour, and Castiel reportedly in a whole lot of the latter half of the season, it’s sounding an awful lot like Angel Noir.

More spoilers next week. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of V and Supernatural.

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