TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 11/02/10

This week, we have spoilers from V and Supernatural:

(Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Not much to report this week. V fan Ilana has posted a picture of Jane Badler on the set of the TV show. She is wearing the retro-red dress we’ve been hearing about.

TV Guide reported that Jane Badler has been signed up for the whole second season of the show. She was originally scheduled for four episodes. We could see that one coming, but it’s good to have confirmation of this.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

No Vampire Diaries spoilers column this week.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

Actress Danielle Benton tweeted about working for a day with Robert Englund and Jensen Ackles (as Englund’s “gothy assistant”, Eva), and included a pic of her with Englund. As previously reported, Englund plays a dodgy doctor in 6.11, who treats hunters off the books. One of the brothers is forced to go to him when severely injured on a hunt. This tweet, of course, indicates said brother might be Dean.

Tessa is back, according to these tweets, with Lindsay McKeon filming and wrapping a scene with Ackles yesterday near Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver (no Jared Padalecki in sight). Note that Dean appears to be wearing Death’s ring while speaking to Tessa. This should still be 6.11. Padalecki’s absence implies that Sam might actually be the one who ends up on the operating table. Granted, Dean normally only sees Tessa when he is at death’s door (so to speak) and a spirit, but in this case, he is using the ring. So, he may be able to summon her using that and stay in his own meatsuit.

Jim Beaver has tweeted that he will be in both 6.11 and 6.12.

Over at SpoilerTV, they’ve been analyzing Dean’s dream/vision from 6.05 (no spoilers for future episodes). I couldn’t help hoping the writers might finally go Mythos and make the vampire alpha Lovecraft’s Nyarlathotep, or a similar figure inspired by that character. While it’s unlikely they will, it would be fun. After all, the recent Mummy remakes essentially turned Imhotep into a Nyarlathotep figure, especially in the first film, so it’s not all that out there. And there was some set-up for it with Moses’ staff in “The Third Man”.

According to poster Courtney Strumpet Pie over on IMDB, Robert Englund finished filming his part on the show on Friday the 29th.

The title for 6.10 is now being reported as “Caged Heat”.

In the CW preview for 6.07, Castiel states that Sam has no soul after subjecting him to the same painful procedure Sam signed off on for Aaron in “The Third Man” (Yeah, karma’s a bitch) and the apparent alpha vampire from 6.05 reappears, claiming that Sam is “weak with no soul…you will be my perfect animal.” Plus, Dean kicks Christian’s ass. And then Grandpa Shady’s ass while Sam kicks Christian’s. Oh, and we see Castiel in the same room as Dean and the Campbells. That could be an interesting scene: “Oh, by the way, Christian, this is Castiel. He’s my angelic BFF.”

In a clip released today, we see the lead-up to Castiel’s “examination”, in which Sam wakes up and discovers himself being subjected to a thorough examination by Castiel, while Dean in Angry Hunter mode stands nearby. Once Castiel gets Sam to admit that he never sleeps and feels no emotion whatsoever (Okay, so, why was Sam jealous of Castiel liking Dean better, again?), he proceeds to “read” him the way he did Aaron. And Dean just stands and watches.

At Asylum 5, Misha Collins talked about Castiel being gay (or not) and said that Balthazar would be back. Not that either of those things is a shocker, but still, good to know. Jake Abel, Julie McNiven and Aldis Hodge were also there, but talked about past episodes, so no word on whether either will be back on the show (though Hodge did repeat the assertion from the promo that Sam has no soul). Mark Sheppard also gave a nice talk, but was exceedingly cagey about spoilers, only teasing once with an “Interesting” when he asked fans if Crowley was still alive on the show and they said he was. This might have something to do with Collins saying he didn’t know which episodes Castiel was in because 6.04 wasn’t the only one shot out of order (We could have guessed that already from the 6.05/6.06 mix-up, but it was still interesting to hear). Collins also said there would be “another ‘breaking the fourth wall’ episode“, but wouldn’t say which one. I’m guessing Castiel is in that one if Collins was talking about it.

New set photos, apparently from 6.08, are now up. They show Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki posing with two little kids, a girl and a boy, and Ackles standing outside on a street with the little boy.

And the TV Guide vote for which show got a cover came to a close at midnight, Pacific Time last night. We’ll find out if Supernatural got the cover on December 6.

So, speculation: I continue not to give a crap about Sam Done Come Back Wrong and the “reveal” that Sam has no soul (which was the most obvious and least-interesting way they could have gone) hasn’t changed that. Sam has no soul? Who’s in the driver seat in his brain, then? If consciousness doesn’t reside in the soul, where do demons come from? Or ghosts? It just opens a big can of worms when the ultimate goal is probably just to let Sam off the hook. Also, what is Sam’s soul off doing while Sam’s is here being douchey? Yes, I have read stories where people and their souls are separate things (P.C. Hodgell’s God Stalk did a pretty good version of this), but Supernatural has always been a story where the assumption was that the soul and a person’s consciousness were exactly the same. So, it violates the show’s canon in all sorts of ways and let’s face it, the show’s track record on dealing with these apparent contradictions isn’t good.

But oh, my, are we going to get lots of Dean or what? And lots of Crazy Dean very soon, if the 6.07 promo is any indication. Dean was very scary last week and it sounds as though he will continue to be scary next week. Look at how coldly he sics Castiel and his magic, glowing Hand o’ Torment on Sam, just four episodes after objecting to it being used on a kid – while Sam was all for it being used on somebody else. Sam doesn’t look at all into going through it himself. If I had one big objection to Padalecki’s portrayal, it’s that his flashes of emotion as Sam make Sam look worse. Since these clearly aren’t real, they make Sam look like a lying liar who lies a whole lot and only cares about Number 1.

On the other hand, maybe that’s exactly what Padalecki is supposed to be doing. If you look at the above spoilers, they continue to focus on Dean. The CW promo for 6.07 is Sam-heavy, but the general spoilers are about Dean’s dilemma for the episode. Same for most of the later episodes we’ve heard about (and 6.11 sounds like a combo Hurt!Dean/Limp!Sam fanfic). It would make sense if the writers were hiding a major revelation about why Dean was dragged back into hunting, and why he is unraveling, behind the flashier and more-obvious storyline of Sam Done Come Back Wrong. But we will just have to see how that all plays out.

More spoilers next week. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of V, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

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