TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 1/04/11

This week, we have spoilers from V and Supernatural:

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)
By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

V is back on the air this Tuesday and we’ll be reviewing it. Jane Badler talks about her role. She says she is more benevolent than her daughter, though still arrogant. She also talks about auditioning for the role and the lasting power of the original V in the memory of fans.

Morena Baccarin discusses Anna’s look, saying the short haircut she keeps was under question (some network people thought it might alienate viewers. I guess long hair is the preferred option for women on TV). She also reveals that a skinless lizard will appear early on in this season and “you will see some weird Anna body parts, other-worldly things.”

Marc Singer is the leader of a powerful organization. Hurray! Finally! The actor explained: “He’s the leader of this massive military group called The Aries Project…They’re not a rag-tag [organisation]. They’re the real deal.”

You might also want to listen to a recent interview with executive producer Scott Rosenbaum, who discusses the show (It’s a battle between mothers, apparently). It’s quite lengthy and Scott talks about a bunch of stuff. The highlights: he talks about how the show was renewed and the writing process (very interesting if you want to learn what scriptwriting might look like and how to get a job in this industry) and said he would consider recalling some old cast members like Robert Englund for season 3. Oh, and somebody asked Scott about Joshua and Lisa! Scott says Joshua (who has been mind-erased) will regain his memories. If you were wondering: John May will return, but in season 3.

Plus, an early review says that the second season, although better than the first, does not “soar”. This review also contains some juicy bits, including the fact that humans have been injected with massive doses of phosphorus. Oh, and there’s rioting because the red sky looks pretty bad and creepy.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

It’s slim pickins this week, due to the holidays, but one good thing is that most of this latest batch of spoilers are fresh.

Let’s start with the stuff that’s been out a while. It was apparently confirmed (depending on whom you asked) that CW chief executive, Dawn Ostroff, will not be renewing her contract when it expires in June. It’s not the first time Ostroff’s exit from the CW has been rumoured, and yeah, six months is a long time. On the other hand, it will probably take them that long to find her replacement (hence the extended notice). It’s very difficult to say for sure what that means for Supernatural, as Ostroff will still have control long enough to determine the lineup for the upcoming season, including new pilots and what gets renewed. On the other hand, the new exec could reverse her decisions.

What those decisions may entail? Hard to say. Some fans have worried that she’s liable to cancel Supernatural in a fit of pique before she goes, but I’m sure she’d like to work in Hollywood again, so that seems unlikely. More likely is that her women-oriented projects like Gossip Girl and 90210, which only do well with teen and college-age women (and even then, regularly get below two million viewers), may go the way of Life Unexpected. From the way the new pilots are looking, the CW is hoping to capitalize on the paranormal romance turn of The Vampire Diaries, which was bought partly due to Supernatural having a strong female contingent in its fandom, anyway. So, a seventh season still remains likely, as long as ratings remain reasonably steady.

As I said, things were pretty slow, spoilers-wise, during the holiday week, so the big news was everybody and her mother voting in the EW face-off of Best Show of 2010. It came down to Supernatural versus Castle, a result for which I happily voted (and yes, I did watch Castle‘s first episode of the year last night, thanks for asking. My, Nathan Fillion is aging well, isn’t he?) and Supernatural won. Yes, people, according to the folks at EW, Supernatural was the best show of 2010.

No, I did not mind that (even considering the disaster of “Swan Song”, there were episodes like “Point of No Return” and “Appointment in Samarra” to tip the scales back in the show’s favour), or that it was a close call. Castle did deserve to reach the finals and give Supernatural a run for its money, because I sure am not finding a whole lot else on the network TV schedule besides those two shows to get terribly excited about (might feel differently if you asked me about, say, Burn Notice, but that’s on USA). But as enthusiastically as I voted for Castle to get to the final round, I always knew I’d be voting Supernatural in the faceoff. Sorry.

Incidentally, that victory video of Eye of the Tiger seems a tad odd. The image seems to have been reversed from the one we all know, for one thing, and for another, there’s an awful lot more audience participation on the soundtrack. Added after? Just a case of sound from a different mike?

Right, which brings us to the new stuff, which is where we get a few new spoilers. Well…two. And one of them is an Ask Kristin special, for which the folks at ONTD have already broken out the usual Brand New Information gif. First, Kristin’s fortune-cookie response to a fan:

“Schemingstar05 (via Twitter) Any spoilers for Supernatural?

Did you know Supernatural is the best show of 2010? You did? OK, how about some scoop from the first episode of 2011? Hide yo’ virgins! A dragon (we’re talking a dragon with ginormous wings) is breaking into people’s houses and snatching up local girls wearing purity rings. For those who are interested in the cool monster factor of demon-hunting, this will be the episode for you. If you just want to see Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) working together and everything returning to sunshine and puppy dogs‚Ķmaybe not the episode for you.”

Not really a lot here that we couldn’t already surmise from the promos (including the bit about the purity rings and the “demon” reference seems offhand). As much fanwanking as is going on about the last bit, I’d like to point out that 1. last we saw Sam, he was a soulless robot guy who tried to kill Bobby and thought letting his brother get turned into a vampire was good huntin’ technique; and 2. Kristin always puts her little extra spin on things and half the time, that spin is wrong. The above could be referring to the promised flashbacks to Sam’s year or they could be Kristin’s wishful thinking about getting more brotherly angst. She seems to like that a lot.

Realistically, though, even if the writers have waved the Magic Reset Wand over Sammy, he’s still got to deal with what he did as Sambot, it being exceedingly fresh in Dean and Bobby’s minds, and all. Also, it’s just about time in the narrative to swing back over to having a look at the inside of Dean’s messed-up head. Seeing as how, according to the spoilers, we may finally discover why Sambot yanked Dean back into hunting (thus, screwing up his life even further) and we’re definitely going to see Lisa again, it seems almost a sure bet that there’s more Crazy Dean in the show’s immediate future.

Oh, and then there’s the photo, which is a very nice photo. The source, Judy Yam (who’s with the CW publicity department), claimed it was from an “unknown” episode, but that seems a bit coy. I mean, come on, the setting is almost identical to some of the “dungeon” shots in the two promos and Dean is feeling up a small horde of gold (Tolkienesque dragons hoard gold, as do Wagnerian ones). I’d be very surprised if it’s not from 6.12. Not that I’m minding the CW leaking Supernatural promo pics as a New Year’s giftie.

It’s a bit difficult to tell Dean’s demeanor in the shot, as his back is turned to the camera and what he’s doing is fairly typical for Dean (Dean is often seen getting handsy with evidence at crime scenes). Of more interest are the background (which looks like a museum version of Victorian or medieval England, with dank stone-or-brick walls and electric lights) and Sam. I can’t quite put my finger on it (lanker hair; the soft, green overshirt; a less-aggressive posture than in previous episodes these season, maybe) and it could be misleading, but Sam in this pic seems warmer and less “pushy” than Sambot, or even Sam of the last two seasons. I gotta admit that at this point, as much as I loathe that shiny red Magic Reset Button, I’m all for Puppy Sam making a comeback. Puppy had his faults (He sure had his whiny and emo moments), but he also carried his own ginormous weight and could show genuine compassion and concern when his brother was falling apart right in front of him. I’ll take that over further deconstruction of the character into an uncaring sociopath any day of the week. Give the guy some growth, finally.

Finally, ratings. Ratings for the last two weeks’ repeats were actually better than they were when the show was on Thursday last year (and Supernatural also beat what had been on Fridays in that slot last year), with the show getting 1.05 million on December 24 and 1.06 million (compared to 0.72 million last year) on December 31. It even beat Smallville on Christmas Eve. You can also find some comparison articles, with a season overview of ratings so far and some Live plus 7 info.

A late addition (because there’s no point in waiting until next week. It’ll be thoroughly chewed-over old fish-wrap by then): It seems that Genevieve Cortese will be appearing in the alternate-universe episode as, I presume, herself.

I gotta be honest: I think this is a really dumb idea. Personally, I don’t have any issues with the guys acting opposite their real-life wives (There’ve been some great onscreen pairings of offscreen couples. Look at Bogie and Bacall). Danneel Harris is actually fun and pretty sympathetic as an unapologetic party girl in Ten Inch Hero, and I liked Sandy McCoy as a CRD in “Bedtime Stories”. But Kripke’s ongoing Ruby-worship worries me and I don’t trust the writers to stay away from that subject, or handle it well. Unless they’re doing a story about a friend/relative trying to find out what happened to an innocent host the brothers ganked (and even then, I’d be skeptical), I’d just as soon they never bring back either Cassidy or Cortese to the show ever again.

We’ll be back next week with more spoilers. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of V and Supernatural.

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