TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 10/28/10

This week, we have spoilers from V and Supernatural:

(Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

ABC has downsized its second V season to only ten episodes, down from 13, Deadline reported. This has spurred comments among fans who think the show will not live to see a third season. Considering the almost manic way the show has been handled until now, I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true.

Aside from that, all quiet on the V front, though the DVD and Blueray of V: The Complete First Season hit stores November 2.

Personal observation: they were shooting in Chinatown, Vancouver, the other day.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

No Vampire Diaries spoilers column this week.

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

A synopsis for 6.08 is out: “”SUPERNATURAL” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“All Dogs Go to Heaven” (CONTENT RATING TBD) (HDTV)

“IT’S A DOG’S LIFE – Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigate what seems to be a werewolf killing but turns out to be a skinwalker (guest star Andrew Rothenberg) posing as a family dog who is taking revenge on his owner’s enemies. After capturing the dog, he turns human and tells Sam and Dean that an Alpha skinwalker has created many sleeper cells that will rise on his command and kill their families. The only way to stop the mass murders is to find and kill the Alpha. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Adam Glass (##608).”

The episode title for 6.12 is “How to Train Your Dragon“. I miss the days when the writers got most of their titles from hard rock songs rather than children’s movies and books.

6.05 had a Space promo that was pretty good.

So far for 6.06 (this week’s), we have a grand total of two clips (one from Space), a CW promo and a Space promo. In the two clips, we see Dean talking to Castiel about Sam (It’s a sad but moving scene where Castiel pours Dean a drink then promises to look into what’s going on with Sam. Castiel also confirms that Sam isn’t Lucifer) and trying to talk to Bobby about Sam. Except that Bobby is rather obsessed with pedicures. In the promos, we get a lot of Shifty Sam and Dangerous Dean, so we’ll see how those two intersect tomorrow.

Photos are out for 6.07, in which Dean looks paranoid about everybody, Sam looks douchey and the BC woods are dark and deep. Oh, and everyone in Clan Campbell is carrying bloody machetes, which may or may not rhyme with “repeat vampire episode”.

Of course, Dean’s paranoia is only liable to increase, considering the 6.08 synopsis is also now out: “FAIRIES! – While Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are investigating a UFO sighting, Dean is abducted from a crop circle. However, when he awakens, he discovers he isn’t dealing with aliens, but fairies! Unfortunately, only Dean can see the fairy that keeps attacking him which makes tracing and stopping them difficult.” More Crazy Dean, Scottish lore and Second Sight. My, my. I sense some ongoing themes, here.

And finally, we have yet another non-spoiler from Ask Kristin, in which “I’m told there’s a really cool twist coming up regarding something that is missing.” Naturally, despite the many, many candidates for that something, all sorts of people are jumping to the conclusion that it must mean that Sam has lost his soul (Sadly, it may well be that obvious). I am shocked, shocked. News at 11.

So, speculation: at this point in the season, we can see some storylines starting to come clear. For one thing, yeah, Sam is a dick. But more to the point, Sam has some kind of agenda going on that he is not sharing with Dean (Actually, Sam Has A Sneaky Agenda is much more interesting than Sam Done Come Back Wrong). And surprisingly, last week, we found out he isn’t sharing it with Samuel, either. Or should we say, he knows all about Samuel’s plan to track and capture/kill alphas, but has his own game going. That game does not involve Dean’s welfare. And as much as Samuel showed concern for Dean living or dying last week, I can’t say I’ve got any warm fuzzies about him, either. So, it’s no surprise that Dean is still suspicious of Samuel in 6.07 (and that this probably leads to Very Bad Things, what with Dean being such a loose cannon). More puzzling is why Dean will still be “trusting” Sam enough to hunt with him after this week.

What is also becoming clear, especially with these spoilers, is that There’s Something About Dean, as well. Hell, maybe there isn’t really anything wrong with Sam aside from a sense of entitlement for having “saved the world” by jumping into the Pit and his enduring view that becoming a Mighty Hunter means turning into a mighty big dick. Sam Done Come Back Wrong may well be a huge red herring, what with it being introduced so early and heavily.

The reason why I say there is something going on with Dean is because every episode so far, aside from “Weekend at Bobby’s”, has revolved around Dean encountering a problem and trying to resolve it – and these spoilers aren’t showing anything different in the near future. Yes, Sam was in there but not really as a protagonist. We don’t see Sam engaging with the problem of the week so much as using it to his advantage in a way that makes him look like a jerk. Dean has been our Audience Insert so far and therefore, the de facto protagonist.

However, our being in Dean’s head so much hardly means that no mystery surrounds Dean because Dean has quickly become mired in other people’s plots and agendae. Other people seem to know a lot more about how he fits into things than he does. He’s noticed and he’s getting pissed off about it. To complicate things further, he is, as I said before, a very loose cannon, with events making him more unstable and unpredictable not less. Look at 6.01 and then at 6.05 and then at 6.06 and 6.09. All of these are episodes in which Dean’s disturbed worldview has a huge effect on the plot.

Another plot trend is that Dean’s abilities to perceive and affect the world around him vary from episode to episode, ranging from normal human well into supernatural territory. This has happened in the past to him (an ability to see and hear hell hounds and demon faces, ghostly powers, etc.), but not with such frequency. One episode, Dean’s a vampire. The next, he has the “cursed” ability to force others to tell the truth. Three episodes after that, he can see fairies. These abilities, of course, cause him a lot of pain and sorrow, but they also expand his understanding of his environment far beyond that of the other characters. I sure hope the writers are planning to go somewhere with that before it gets too deus ex machina-y.

More spoilers next week. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of V, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

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