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This week, we have spoilers for Once Upon a Time and Supernatural.

Once Upon a Time (Sunday nights, 8pm, ABC)
By Heather S. Vina

So, the big news of the week is that the show has officially cast its two new princesses and that they are Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Mulan. Both characters will be recurring.

Sarah Bolger has been cast as Aurora. She’s been in The Tudors and the movie, In America.

Actress Jamie Chung has been cast as Mulan. She has been in Hangover 2 and Sucker Punch.

Robert Carlyle (Rump/Gold) gave an interview with the OnceUponATimeFans site, talking about his career and his work on Once. No spoilers.

MyFanbase did an interview with Eion Bailey (Pinocchio, August), where he talked about his roles on Once and Covert Affairs. No spoilers, but he was put up for Emmy consideration, along with Jared Gilmore (Henry).

Keck at TV Guide has an interview up with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, where they reveal that they are trying to find a role for Jorge Garcia (Hurley in Lost), and have plans to bring in the character Ariel from The Little Mermaid, as well as Aladdin and Jafar from Aladdin.

And finally, SpoilerTV revealed that the show is casting a new character, a knight. “For episode 2.03 of Once Upon a Time, an African American knight with a British accent is being cast. He’s a sword for hire who lost his true love (Of course he did – who hasn’t on this show?) and was banished from his kingdom.”

The show’s Comic-Con panel is this weekend, Saturday, so, hopefully, we will have a lot more spoilers to sift through, come next week!

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

First up, before we get to the controversial stuff, let’s talk schedule changes. Supernatural will be switching from its old Friday night slot to the new Wednesday one starting on July 25. Okay, now, here’s where it gets confusing. The CW is heavily promoting the show in the latter half of July and first half of August. On July 25, August 1 and August 8 (Wednesdays), the show will air a double-billing of episodes, 8-10pm, after which it will run single episodes on Wednesdays until its season premiere October 3. In addition, the show will also continue to air episodes on Fridays (with the exception of July 27, for some reason) through August 17. After that, it’ll be just Wednesdays from then on.

With me so far?

Okay, interpreting this from the CW’s previous behaviour, this odd scheduling has four likely and simultaneous purposes. One is, obviously, to get people to become used to the change and bring as many viewers, both dedicated and casual, as possible over to the new night. The second could be to air as many episodes from the last season as possible, so that the audience has a chance to play catch-up (“Slash Fiction” was skipped, but since it already repeated in April, there may be licensing issues involved in repeating it again).

Third is that this is the usual thing the CW does when it senses it has a hit and wants to boost it – the network airs repeats of that show all over the schedule. This is the CW actively promoting Supernatural for the first time ever (The first season doesn’t count because that was the WB). And fourth is that Supernatural repeats at or very near the top of the network the past couple of seasons, so airing the show so much in a given week for a little while may actually boost the network’s demos a little, while also promoting the show. The upcoming episodes listed so far are: “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” (7/13), “How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters” (7/20), “Death’s Door” (7/25, 8pm), and “Adventures in Babysitting” (7/25, 9pm).

Pre-Comic-Con spoilers (Comic-Con started today and the Supernatural panel is this Sunday) have been leaking out. Late edit: Jeremy Carver gave a brief interview that appeared as part of a general article in USA Today about the convention (Thanks, Caroline). By the way, if you’re there, look for the Supernatural official Comic-Con bag.

A TV Guide interview with Bob Singer created loads of controversy and was perceived as Samcentric. Singer stated that Dean would get himself out of Purgatory; that there would be a time jump to after Dean got out; that Purgatory would be referenced in flashbacks, as would Sam’s time while Dean was in Purgatory; that Kevin Tran would be important to the story; that angels and demons would be duking it out for control over various realms, as Crowley tried to use Kevin to find and read different Words of God; that Charlie, Sheriff Mills and Garth might be back; that Castiel would be back “a number of times” (though Singer was very vague on how many); that a new character would be introduced, a monster Dean met in Purgatory; and that new showrunner, Jeremy Carver, would introduce no major new differences. Raiders of the Lost Ark was also referenced as the chosen film/genre to be pillaged this year. For what that’s worth.

Now, a fair number of fans are annoyed at the supposed Samcentricity of the interview. However, there are quite a few Deancentric spoilers in this, especially allowing for the blatant Sam-centric interview questions. For example, the first question asks if Sam will rescue Dean from Hell. Singer’s immediate answer is that Dean will rescue himself. Only belatedly, after mentioning that there will be Purgatory flashbacks, as well, does he say that Sam’s time on earth, while Dean was in Purgatory, will get a mention. Also, the infamous “Everybody hates it when you separate the brothers” thing is brought up by the interviewer and Singer just goes along with it.

I can’t say I disagree with the fan sarcasm aimed at Singer’s comment that Charlie must be popular with fans because “she wasn’t seen as a threat to the boys’ relationship” (The redshirt lab Leviathan from “Survival of the Fittest” wasn’t a threat to the brothers’ relationship, either; doesn’t mean I want to see him come back). However, the showrunners frequently talk about this or that character they’d like to see come back. Doesn’t mean that character ever does. Don’t expect to see Charisma Carpenter’s Maggie return any time soon, for example. Carpenter’s landed a new regular gig on The Lying Game.

That said, you might take that tweet about spotting a “beaver” on set a few days ago (They started filming 8.03 on Monday) seriously (On the other hand, it’s Canada and beavers, like other wildlife, aren’t uncommon around Greater Vancouver). I’m not wild about Bobby possibly coming back to be killed off for the millionth time, but I’ll hang fire until I actually see the episode to wank about it. The same crewmember also tweeted a couple of photos from location scouting, including one she teased might be the “door to SPN Purgatory”.

Speaking of being sarcastic about female guest characters, fans are being downright snarky about Sam’s new love interest, Amelia (a physician described as “a tragedy-damaged soul [who] soon reveals herself to be a brave, sweet, smart, sarcastic woman”. Greetings, Mary Sue. We meet again). Well, Amelia has been cast. She’ll be played by Canadian actress Liane Balaban. In Ms. Balaban’s defense, she’s 32 and has been in 39 projects since 1999, which ain’t a half-bad career so far. The show has done rather well whenever it casts for experience rather than “looks CW hot in leather and hooker boots,” so she might turn out to be a fan favourite, after all. If she does, expect the show to kill her off as soon as it possibly can.

Jared Padalecki was yesterday caught filming a scene in which Sam has a dog and calls out to Amelia. There is a shot of Balaban from behind, as well as some newer photos of Padalecki, Balaban and Ackles. Jensen Ackles put in a directorial appearance in the first set of photos in a t-shirt and cargo shorts. Padalecki later tweeted that he was done shooting and had the day off.

The title for 8.02 (more likely to be the season premiere, in the final count) is being reported as “We Need to Talk About Kevin” (and the stupid episode titles trend continues). It seems that Dean’s new Purgatory “friend” will be named ‘Benny’ and “will mask a deep savagery.” Further info came from the Ask Kristin column, in that Benny is now allegedly being cast: “the darkly handsome Benny, who is an easy-going, no-B.S. kind of fellow…with a bit [of] a savage side deep down, of course. Think Johnny Cash meets Benicio Del Toro. We’re sold!” The same column also mentioned that Alan Ackles would be appearing in 8.03 (being directed by his son) as an actual character rather than the voiceover from “Weekend at Bobby’s”. The column then promptly yanked that whole spoiler, but it’s since been preserved for posterity by a dozen other sites. Cat, bag, all that.

Benny may be a big part of a Deancentric mytharc this season. Zap2It is reporting that the big mystery won’t be when Dean escapes Purgatory but how. And the show always sets up its mytharc by the end of the season premiere. I think much depends on just what Benny is and how (or if) he gets out of Purgatory, too. For example, if he rides out inside Dean’s head, we could get a little Crichton-in-Farscape action going here.

Finally, the demo for the repeat of “The Mentalists” was 0.3/1 and the audience was 910 thousand.

We’ll be back next week with more spoilers. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and Supernatural.

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