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This week, we have spoilers for Once Upon a Time and Supernatural:

Once Upon a Time (Sunday nights, 8pm, ABC)
By Heather S. Vina

Well, it’s only the second week into hiatus, and no real spoilers so far, but there are a few articles out there, focusing on the show, and the show has picked up two Teen’s Choice Nominations.

E! Online had a brief article up for Ginnifer Goodwin’s birthday. They also interviewed Jennifer Morrison, Goodwin and Josh Dallas post-finale. Seems Emma is going to have a love interest come fall. The show will also focus on her relationship with Snow/Mary, now that the two women know they are mother/daughter. Jennifer also confirmed that the show will pick up right where they leave off.

Lana Parilla did an interview with the site Gold Derby. The interview is a bit old, as it focuses on the episode, “The Stable Boy”, that revealed the heart of the Queen’s grudge against Snow White.

In TV Guide‘s Mega Buzz, Ginnifer and Lana speculated a little bit about the state of magic in the real world, now that it has arrived.

That’s it for right now! Comic-Con is about a month away now, so hopefully we will start getting some info about that – as well as some real spoilers – soon!

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

The big news that came out late last week, of course, was the show’s move to Wednesdays at 9pm, after new show, Arrow, next season. No word yet on when the show will make the shift this summer. Not this week, at any rate, as the current programming on Wednesdays is still putting out original-run episodes (This week’s repeat is “Meet the New Boss”). Also no confirmation on how many episodes the show will get next season, though I’m guessing they will get at least 23, perhaps 24 if the show can pull that off, due to the network’s extreme anxiety about long hiatuses. As a result of that anxiety, the CW season won’t be starting until October, which means the summer Hellatus this year will be a bit longer than usual. We’re stocking up on the ice cream and good whiskey here at Innsmouth Free Press, and hope y’all will be joining us for spoilers and retro recaps to tide us through.

Jensen Ackles was quoted at the CW Upfronts, to which he and Jared Padalecki had been invited for the first time in years, as saying that he would direct the “first episode” (Supernatural‘s 150th). No word yet on whether that means the season premiere or whether he will, once again, be directing the third or fourth episode of the season out of order. Whichever episode it is, it’s liable to be Deanlite, to allow Ackles more time and headspace to act, as well. Various interviews came out of it, including one with Padalecki (transcript), in which he talks about being a dad and the longevity of the show, and one where Ackles talks enthusiastically about Jeremy Carver (The interviews were pulled from the initial sites, but these links do work, at least for now). Ackles seems downright cheerful these days compared to even a few months ago, and snarked back about using five “extremities” on the computer when Kristin snarked about he and Padalecki mass-voting on the E! polls for the show. There’s also video of the male CW actors entering the building (Padalecki enters at 2:45 and Ackles at 3:06). The actors from the new shows are noticeably more nervous and confused by the paparazzi than the actors on the older shows, who have done this before (The Ladies of the CW are here. No Supernatural content. Alona Tal, now of Cult, doesn’t appear to have been there). There’s some more footage of Padalecki here and Ackles here (Warning: loud squeeing on the soundtrack).

In a wrap-up for the 7.23 promotional material, the network put out a late sneak peek and EW did some non-spoilery spoilering.

And in yet another press conference statement on the subject, CW head Mark Pedowitz stated that season eight wasn’t planned to be the last one. Just in case the new showrunner and move to a better night didn’t clue anyone in. Can we consider the rumour that this is the show’s intended last season to be dead and let the ratings fall where they may now? Great.

Also, the show, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were all nominated for the Teen Choice Awards. You can vote if you’re young.

There was another Asylum con in London last weekend. Misha Collins was there, saying he wasn’t sure he’d be in season eight. Of course, the writers only just came back and he’s not going to spoil a season that hasn’t even been outlined, yet. But he’s probably going to be in season eight.

Finally, ratings for “Survival of the Fittest” remained steady in the demo at 0.7/2 and dropped a bit more to 1.560 million in audience. It was rumoured there were some preemptions (Those won’t be such a problem on Wednesdays). Also, the Live+7 ratings for “Reading Is Fundamental” rose from a 0.7 to 1.0, down 0.1 from the last Live+7 report.

We’ll be back next week with more spoilers. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, and Supernatural.


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23 Comments on “TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 05/23/12”

  1. Pandora

    Some interesting tidbits coming out of the Germany + UK conventions, not all of them might be considered spoilers, but interesting info nonetheless:

    Jim Michaels confirmed that there will be 23 episodes in season 8. CW had asked them for 24 but the production crew, Bob Singer + Jensen and Jared said they wouldn’t be able to do 24.

    It would have meant for Jensen and Jared to start working even earlier than July and leave them with even less time off, which they didn’t want to do. And it would have left the production crew with literally no time off at all, since post production goes on long after filming has finished and pre production starts way before filming begins.

    The good news is that the studio had asked them for more.

    Jim Michaels also confirmed what many of us have been speculating about: it’s the international sales that keep Supernatural going. WB loses an estimated 1 million dollars per episode but they are more than ok with it since the international sales bring in that amount many times over. So the show is in a very comfortable position. Jim Michaels stated outright that the US ratings alone would not have kept the show on for as long as it has now.

    So, as long as the ratings don’t tank big time (which I don’t believe they will – I think they’ll be looking at a slight increase) they’ll keep on trucking.

    I was able to confirm that Misha Collins indeed did say in his coffee lounge (i.e. meet and greet) in Germany that the plan for season 8 is for the story line to make sense again.

    He did mention in his UK panel that he was not happy with the way crazy Cas is written, he thinks it’s a fine line and he felt that line was somewhat overstepped in a few recent episodes. He is also aware of the problem of deus ex machina Cas and how difficult it is to find a role for Cas that does not diminish Sam and Dean or be the lazy way out when it comes to problem solving.

    DJ Qualls admitted that it was Sera Gamble who brought him on to the show and is now worried that the new showrunner won’t have him in mind since he’d like to be back (they all do, and they all made sales pitches to their respective fans to lobby for them to bring them back). He flat out stated that he hated the script and his role first time round, to the extent that he was deeply wary of coming back for his second time and as much as he liked the set atmosphere and was buddies with Jared + co.

    He was pretty blunt about the fact that their was a huge backlash to the wedding episode “believe me there was a huge backlash, and they know and are aware”

    Sera Gamble called him to invite him back (interestingly he was the only one she ever did this with – when he mentioned this to the crew (it’s about a spirit you can only see when you’re drunk) and he accepted.

    So the part was written specifically with DJ Qualls in mind.

    The season of the guest actors, eh?
    Mind you he also strongly hinted that we’ve seen the last of Becky and that she will not be back.

    Guy Bee and Jim Michaels admitted that the Sera Gamble phone call scene from French Mistake was pretty close to real life, on set they used to call it “a call from the Mothership/the Mothership calling”.

    Can’t remember if it was some brave sould asking Guy Bee point blank about the St Michael painting/Dean’s backstory as the righteous man or if he brought it up – but it came up for discussion and he mentioned that a lot of people did actually ask him about that.

    He was a bit taken aback by it since appearantly there was no thought given to that by anyone and he was surprised by the fan reaction. Truth is, they just asked for the production crew for a painting this size to hang on the wall, and they brought that one out of storage because it was the right size.

    I think he was aware that there was an aura of disappointment and disillusionment in the room.

    I may have pissed off Jim Beaver because he was talking about his Abominable Snowman hoax and the lenght everyone went to to keep the secret that he was up in Vancouver filming SPN. He was so proud of the fact that they managed to keep the Ghost!Bobby secret and everyone praised him for it. I praised him for keeping the secret so well guarded in the age of twitter but that the secret really was just WHEN not IF Bobby would be back as a ghost. The surprise being that he turned up in that particular episode but not the fact that he’d be back since that had been obvious from the start. He looked very taken aback…..

    Sorry, couldn’t help that. I mean, come on, credit us with some intelligence, that was pretty much telegraphed from the get go.

    1. Ann Emmess

      Wow, this is all so interesting. Thank you for pulling it together!

      As we get these drips of candid info, it sounds like they had quite the season of discontent. I wonder if anyone was satisfied, or if there was just no way anyone could stop the ship from going down.

      And I look forward to Misha continuing to sing like a canary.

      Y’know, I do not look at DJ Qualls and automatically think “diva”. And I won’t mind if I don’t have to, again.

      And oh, Guy Bee. I’m sure that kind of thoughtlessness is typical for lots of day-job directors. And there have to have been a lot of other people around who could have pointed out the Michael painting was an odd choice, including Jensen. And Jensen has thrown a little weight around on-set when he thought it really mattered, so evidently he didn’t.

      I’m still irritated with Bee, especially since I personally think the production of that particular episode was shoddy, anyway. J’accuse!

      Sheesh, I hate it when one good indicator that they have something interesting in mind turns out to actually indicate that they weren’t thinking, at all. I do have faith that they can turn the ship around, but only if they’re thoughtful.

  2. Pandora

    sorry, the DJ Qualls paragraph should read:

    “Sera Gamble called him to invite him back (interestingly he was the only one she ever did this with – when he mentioned this to the crew they were astonished and told him that she normally does not call the actors.)
    He was prepared to come back on one condition: a better script. Gamble told him that there was no script as yet but gave him the gist of the story and his role in it (it’s about a spirit you can only see when you’re drunk) and he accepted.”

    Don’t know where that part vanished to in the previous post.

    1. Ginger

      That’s all interesting stuff, Pandora.

      “I was able to confirm that Misha Collins indeed did say in his coffee lounge (i.e. meet and greet) in Germany that the plan for season 8 is for the story line to make sense again.”

      Who knows if Misha was just joking or not. It’s hard to tell with him.

      ” He is also aware of the problem of deus ex machina Cas and how difficult it is to find a role for Cas that does not diminish Sam and Dean or be the lazy way out when it comes to problem solving.”

      I hope more of TPTB other than Misha is aware of this. That’s the problem I’ve had with the Cas character since the end of S4. That and Dean becomes the straight man for Cas humor and Sam becomes the mute third brother standing off in the corner.

      Re: Jim Michaels and the painting — He said this in the radio interview, too. Surprising to me that no one connected with the show related the significance of the Michael painting with Dean’s righteous man role, since that line of thought pretty much went way back to Houses of the Holy (a SG script, wasn’t it?) and we were beat over the head with a ‘righteous mortal’ all season, just to have the bone of some random nurse used.

      Re: D. J. Qualls – Season of the guest stars for sure. His own personal call before a script was produced. I hope to never hear about Garth again, but I’m sure we will.

      But, moving on. There’s still hope with a new showrunner. It sounds to me like none of us should not have been surprised with the news that SG was leaving, but I admit that I didn’t think the new president would take that action.

  3. shamangrrl

    Interesting information, Pandora. I’m hoping that someone, somewhere will stumble upon the original finale script. I’m very interested to know where the season was intended to go, as it seems to me I remember something being said about Ghost!Bobby being instrumental to defeating Dick. But thanks for the information. When is ComicCon? Hopefully we’ll get some interesting tidbits. I know that I’m excited for the potential of next season, and I’m actually planning to watch the first few episodes.

  4. Pandora

    It really was the season of discontent, wasn’t it?
    I didn’t feel DJ Qualls was being a diva, Ann Emmess, I think he is well within his rights to check if the script is any good before committing to anything. He did say that he was advised against doing Supernatural by his management initially but that he decided to to it anyway and was happy he did, bad script or no.

    He also mentioned that the scenes in the brewery were actually shot in a brewery in “Party on Garth” and that neither he nor Jensen and Jared were completely sober when shooting them. LOL!

    Personally I could live without the DJ Qualls and Becky’s and assorted other quirky guest characters, but I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that we’ll see them again.

    Ginger, that is my problem with Cas as well, I loved him in season 4 but ever since it’s become obvious that the focus in scriptwriting isn’t so much to tell a good story but how to fit in Cas as a powerful supernatural entity/deus ex machina.

    Personally I’d prefer a return to human ingenuity, to saving people, hunting things + Sam and Dean being badass hunters in their own right.

    1. Ginger

      I responded to your post, Pandora, but it seems to have disappeared in computerland. I’ve had a couple of post do that in the last couple of weeks, so I’m just going to let it go.

  5. Cassieo

    “He did say that he was advised against doing Supernatural by his management initially but that he decided to do it anyway and was happy he did, bad script or no.”

    Wonder why his manager wouldn’t want him to do “Supernatural”? It seems to be a big advantage with the convention circuit and all. And it’s such a small fan base they have so it shouldn’t stereotype his career at all. Just curious.

    As for Cas, I never really understood his place in the series at all. He was made a regular and really he should have only shown up occasionally. And to be suddenly Dean’s BFF didn’t fit well either. It also gave rise to Destiel which I can easily do without.

    Cas did a lot of bad things in s4 and why TPTB would want to saddle themselves with a supernatural character for 3 years was weird. Usually they come and go and that formula worked well for the first 3 season. I could see him as a periodic guest but that was all. Once the angels were brought into play, it seemed that Cas was a form of John’s journal since John never experienced angel during his hunting days. Now the myth arc is over, so how do you fit an angel into the story without him always saving the day. After all he does have all the superpowers the boys need to fight their MOTW, hence the lazy way out

    Will be interesting to see how Carver does it.

  6. Sunny

    That’s kinda funny; I never saw DJ Qualls as particularly picky about his roles but granted the only things I’ve seen him in are The New Guy, Road Trip and a rerun of TBBT. I can understand being a bit apprehensive about doing SPN but the right role on the show can totally help a person IMHO. I think I heard/read Richard Speight Jr. got that Pepsi commercial deal because the casting lady saw him as the Trickster.

    I’d say I’m shocked they forgot about the Michael painting but honestly we’ve seen how horrible they are with their own canon, especially where Dean is concerned. If we found out NO ONE remembered him being the Righteous Man in S7 I’d shake my head but I would believe it. I’ve said this several times but seriously they need to get some freaken Post Its for their writers board. There is so much that has happened that we could have been saved from had they only did this.

    As for Castiel/Misha I hope he’s back as a regular and I don’t care if he’s still an angel or if they diminish his powers like they did in S5. Because whenever Castiel is around I feel that Dean will (or at least should depending on who the writer is, oy) get to have this dramatic sort of scene or at least get his feelings out without someone telling him to butch up Princess. Or ignoring him altogether. I feel like just having Cas around means more for Dean which makes me a happy camper.

    Besides even without Castiel they still managed to find another do it all/know it all this season in the form of Bobby. That’s why I’m excited for Carver’s take on things. Hopefully he can mix it all together better than Gamble or even Kripke did.

  7. castiel'scat

    I don’t know if it is worth mentioning but Paula’s supernatural efforts and site commenters are the point of discussion on supernatural tv- Season 7 Finale Discussion, comments @330+ … excellent feedback from a defender and a lot of hand wringing Sam girls. Apparently it is evil to say jp is not quite up to par or think Sam could be a better person. It does take all kinds….

    1. Cassieo

      Good. Nice to see Paula’s columns are getting attention. IT’S ABOUT TIME! Don’t know where supernatural tv- Season 7 Finale Discussion is but must be a Sam site. And yes, it’s very sad how the YA obsess over Sam/JP. They must really dislike me! Hee

      1. castiel'scat

        The conservation is spread out along with other topics from 330-430. One or two people defended the site and paula. Most think we are evil and obviously not worth their time because we care only about Dean to the detriment of all other characters.

        The tone of that site varies. I have found discussion usually falls apart because a hot wire is tripped and once again Sam must be defended. To their credit I have not seen vitriol. However a new poster in the same comment thread joyfully joined in the conversation only to be barraged with long passionate responses about how Sam was right in s4 … these stopped only when he backed off and hedged his position. There appears to be a mix of prople. I occasionally read the comments as there are some smart thinkers posting.

        I was shocked to see we are evil and mean. I thought most people here base their commentary on ideas although frustration surely reared its ugly head this season. I am pretty sure the jp comment quoted was mine. IMO he is not quite up to par. I think he is less able to overcome the writing flaws than the others this season. I do not hate Sam. I think the writers have flubbed his heroic arc so badly and his characterization is so weak- he doesn’t move me.

        Yeah I love Dean. I also love cas, Crowley, Meg and Garth. I used to love Bobby. Rufus and ellen were awesome. Balthazar … stunning. Death… wow.

        We were also cited for being mean to sg. Errrr…. tempers did run high. I was mad The last few weeks when it became obvious that Dean had no story. I have been disappointed with the season since episode 3. We are hardly the only site where disappointment in her was expressed.

        All said, if I am feeling passionate I may start waiting a bit before I post. Measured criticism is better than flying off the handle. I do think we will be happier next season.

        1. Arafel

 is not known as Sam TV by many in this fandom, at this point in time, for no reason.

          I applaud all the brave Deanfans who still post there-though they are fewer than the Samfans, their comments still seem more intelligent and knowledgable as regards the writing of Show, IMO.

          1. Paula R. Stiles

            Folks, let’s chill a bit on the ragging. If you’re going to insult them, go over there and do it to their faces. Don’t sling monkey poo from a safe distance. After all, that’s what you’re accusing them of doing, right?

        2. Cassieo

          It won’t do any good to post any thing call ‘reason’ over there. Just like with WFB. Diehard Samfans are the same everwhere, and as that is their site, I would just leave them alone. You won’t change their minds at all and you’ll only frustrate yourself. They will find out next year that their Sam will disappear and then they will change or move on.

          If you want to post anything, tell the Deanfans to come over here. They will be happier. Paula takes good care of us.

          1. Paula R. Stiles

            Nevertheless, fulminating over here about them over there is exactly what you’re complaining that they’re doing. And an intersite war doesn’t interest us here at IFP. As far as I’m concerned, discussion elsewhere still means people come here to read what we’ve got, which means more hits for us. So, it’s all good.

          2. castiel'scat

            Yeah. The bashing has already started. I am pimping for paula and no one wants to know what I have to say and we all hate Sam here so there! Sadly this stresses me since i am fragile. my health is messed up and doctor visit today was without answers. I have to see an endocrinologist and that will be a slow process to feeling better. And my immune system is most likely damaged so I will never be 100% after 6 years I have had it. At least I am a nice person and try to be kind and tactful.

          3. Paula R. Stiles

            Oh, don’t do that. You don’t need to go over there and defend IFP. I’m just saying that it doesn’t adversely affect us. I don’t go to those places because I like my blood pressure the way it is and Silvia plain doesn’t care. And when people talk about us, for good or ill, elsewhere, all we really see are extra hits.

            But the thing is that getting angry about them on this site just plays into what they want, which is to be noticed and also not challenged on it. Free speech is a right, but other people also have the right not to listen to you. At least, if you go over there, you engage them and force them to deal with you. But personally, I don’t think it’s worth the time and energy to give them that notice. It’s their forum. Let ’em rant. I mean, unless you want that forum back.

  8. Arafel

    I post in the forums, from time to time(just the Dean threads usually), on that site, but the homepage is owned separately from the forums, by Buddy TV-which I’ve never understood how or why that could be, but I remember when it happened-and sadly(IMO), there’s practically no moderating on the homepage at all now.

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      As I recall, the folks who bought out Buddy TV then bought out Sadly, both of those sites then went a bit downhill after that. They were both very good fansites before that.

      1. Cassieo

        Is that what happened to I always wondered why it down hill. Should have realized it changed hands. That usually spells disaster for any business.

        @castiel’scat like Paula says you don’t need to post over there. I also avoid those sites just because I have blood pressure I don’t need acerbated by YAs. And that is who post there the majority of times. If you have kids between 11-14, you know talking to them is usually pointless.

        They are just doing what kids always do and they only will do it there because they feel safe. It makes them happy so leave it be. Your heath is more important. I once got into a heated discussion on another site with a really silly Samfan, and eventually make my point very factually. Only to find I destroyed someone’s fantasy who turned out to be 11 yrs old. I felt really bad then. After all, I don’t want anyone to rain on my parade so unless I’m personally challenged, I don’t go looking for trouble. You just don’t know who’s on the other end of those emails.

  9. castiel'scat

    There is a reason I ended up here. I read other places if I am interested in more perspective. Aside from this and my one foray onto s TV, I have only posted on a collegial forum for art conservators.
    My lymph nodes are swollen, etc from the stress but that happens (chronic fatigue syndrome/fibronyalgia in addition to whatever endocrine issues are going on)

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