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This week, we have spoilers for Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who and Supernatural. Also, NBC show Grimm has been renewed for a second season. J. Keith Haney will continue to review it for us come fall. You can read his reviews of the current season every Thursday after a new episode:

Once Upon a Time (Sunday nights, 8pm, ABC)
By Heather S. Vina

So, the big news this week came out at Wondercon, thanks to William Keck: “At #onceuponatime #wondercon panel, executive producers tell me the Huntsman will reappear in season finale which begins shooting this week.”

Fans of Jamie Gorman’s Huntsman/Sheriff rejoice! I’m guessing it’s only in flashbacks, though, since the Sheriff seems thoroughly dead in the real world.

The next big news is that Adam Horowitz announced the title for the finale: “Our #OnceUponATime season finale title: “A Land Without Magic” — so excited for y’all to see it!”

Spoiler TV and TV Line both have some pictures up for the “Stable Boy” episode. Looks like we see when/why the Evil Queen married Snow’s father!

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode, “Hat Trick”.

TV Line also has some pictures up for it, as well as this tidbit about it: “When Emma goes searching for a missing Mary Margaret in the March 25 episode, she crosses paths with Stan’s character, a man who loves hats so much, he’s teetering on the edge of madness. In fact, he’s so nuts, he kidnaps the Sheriff! Is it August to the rescue?

“As EP Steve Pearlman told TV Line, the Mad Hatter episode ‘is quite a big one for Emma. She comes into contact with a new character in Storybrooke who starts her onto a bit of a different journey’ – to where, the town milliner?”

Kristin at E!online had a little tidbit about Red and a potential love interest for her. Or not.

Itsslexi: Since Red’s love interest in fairy-tale land is dead, will she have one in Storybrooke?
“Not yet, much to Meghan Ory’s dismay! ‘I sure hope so!’ Ory says when we ask about a new love interest for Red/Ruby on Once Upon a Time. ‘I think she deserves it.’ While she thinks it would be cool to bring in a new fairy-tale character to be Red’s main squeeze, Ory tells us she wouldn’t mind sharing more (or any, actually) screen time with Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)!”

Meghan Ory (Red Riding Hood, Ruby) had a few post-episode interviews come out with her thoughts on the Red Riding Hood twist, and what’s to come for her and Ruby – with E! Online, Zap2it, and the Hollywood Reporter.

Ratings are out for this week’s episode. It received a 2.9/8 in the demos (steady), and 8.69 million viewers (down from 9.29 last week).

Doctor Who (Saturday nights, 9pm, BBC America)
By Heather S. Vina

The big news is that the new Who Companion was announced today at 10:30am GMT! It’s Jenna-Louise Coleman, formerly of Emmerdale and Titanic! 2012 will have six episodes, including the Christmas special when Coleman will first appear, and there will be eight in 2013. The Doctor Who spoiler sites, Doctor Who News and Doctor Who TV also have the news up.

Rory and Amy’s last episode will be number five, which brings back the Weeping Angels. Someone may die: “Steven: ‘Amy & Rory will leave in a final encounter with the Weeping Angels in ep 5. Not everyone gets out alive and I mean it this time.'”

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

The big news this week (albeit not the biggest spoiler) is that Jared Padalecki and his wife Genevieve Cortese’s son was born late Monday evening, according to his official Twitter account. Congratulations to the Padaleckis on the new addition to their family!

While Padalecki has said he will take a few days off, we really don’t know how much time it will actually end up being. The show should currently be at the end of filming 7.20 and the beginning of filming 7.21, with filming of 7.22 not set to begin until next week and wrapping on April 5. We also don’t know how much he will be absent – or not – from episodes in the latter part of the season. The show has been very chary about those details, seeing as how they would be highly spoilery. As usual, lacking much to add, Ausiello and Kristin each watched the same promos you can find linked in this column and posted a few details from them as “inside info”. If that’s what it takes to be a full-time TV columnist, then Silvia needs to pay me more.

Speaking of Jared Padalecki, we got a (very) brief interview of about ten seconds from him on the TV Guide site, a longer one for CW Connect, and yet another interview about 7.17 (which repeated a lot of the same stuff from previous interviews and said the episode would be Sam-heavy, though whether that will be true, of course, remains to be seen). The clip for 7.17 is a Sam, Dean and Fauxifer three-way, with Sam being visited in a mental hospital by Dean and telling Dean there’s no hope for him (Dean, naturally, begs to differ). In contrast, the promos from the CW and from CHCH (Canada) concentrate on Dean reuniting with Castiel, though I suspect that brief bit of Sam in the Canadian promo is a big old spoiler for anyone who isn’t already figuring Castiel’s going to heal Sam. Admittedly, that won’t be confirmed until the episode airs this Friday. Despite the remarkably linearity of the past three seasons’ plots, they do occasionally get a twist in there, though if there is one, it’s likely to be of the “Oh, Sam is healthy and fine again for now, but we’ve introduced yet another wrinkle to make him VERY FRAGILE. AGAIN.” Otherwise, there’d be no more plot reasons for Sam to avoid responsibility for his actions in the past few seasons. Can’t have that.

From the controversy being generated over these videos, I can already see that this will be one of those episodes intended to have something for everyone that will instead divide the fandom (again). Some fans are thrilled to see Sam hurt/comfort and want as much of that as possible, but are already bemoaning the presence (at all) of Castiel in the episode. Other fans are already angry that Sam appears to be blaming Dean for breaking his soul out of Hell (seeing as how that’s the dumbest angle the show ever had multiple characters push) and can’t wait for Castiel to come back. The latter group is annoyed by the parallels with “Faith” (where the writer of the same two episodes seems to have forgotten that Dean in “Faith” was heroically injured saving kids and was told he would die in a few weeks, rather than deciding he’d just give up and be a wuss after endless months of broody angst). Needless to say, somebody’s going to end up unhappy.

Sera Gamble gave two interviews last week. Pretty sure the way she describes Sam’s nervous breakdown is not how psychotic breaks work. In the first one, she teases that both Sam and Dean will be affected by Sam’s stay in the psych hospital and that Sam might never recover from it [makes dramatic and rude hand gesture]. I just love how this show portrays psych hospitals as snakepits, don’t you? They couldn’t possibly have been established to help you get better.

In the second one, however, she does confirm Felicia Day’s casting in 7.20 as the title character (“The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo”), named ‘Charlie’. Seems Charlie works as a low-level computer tech for Dick Roman and Dean finds her. Her life is about to get very ugly, because I’m suspect that Dean will be ruthless in exploiting her as a whistleblower and corporate spy. On the other hand, the way Gamble overhypes what turned out to be a few minutes of Dean obsessing over a pair of ballet shoes makes me think this character won’t be especially prominent, either.

Gamble, Padalecki and Ackles also did a sort of joint interview with Laura Prudhom. Though Prudhom asked some good questions, everyone was pretty cagey (Prudhom mentioned that they were avoiding spoiling much so near the end of the season, which is par for the March course). Padalecki did hint that the tables would turn between Sam and Dean post-7.17, and that Dean would only be able to stretch his caretaker role so far in coping with the hits that keep on coming: “Sam’s trying to take care of himself and his brother. His brother right now is kind of trying to take care of everybody else but himself, and so we’ll see where that comes to a head towards the end of the season.” Ackles also confirmed that Dean’s drinking storyline isn’t going anywhere (and that he’s self-medicating in other ways, too): Dean is “still very focused, yes. Still wants vengeance, yes. Still angry at the world and everything around him, yes. Still numbing his feelings with the whiskey or whatever he can get his hands on…And so I think that, ultimately, it’s got to come to some sort of a climax….” Would that climax be in the season finale, perhaps? Prudhom seemed to think so.

Late Edit: Part two of Prudhom’s three-way interview is also out. It’s interesting to see there’s already a seismic shift in the spoilers from Sam’s hellpain (which now seems almost a dead cert to be fixed this Friday) and Castiel’s return (which has been as spoiled as it’s going to get) to the MOTW stuff (which I suspect will be used to cover up the “real” Leviathan storyline each week) and an imminent breakdown for Dean. Don’t expect any quick fixes for that. Ackles says that it hasn’t happened yet in what they’re filming (circa 7.21), but he’s sure it will. That supports the idea that Dean’s crack-up will go hand-in-hand with the season finale. The MOTW stuff, so far, is the show’s usual mess of gender and ethnic cliches, copying departed characters with pale imitations. Let’s hope the actors they cast can salvage something out of that. On the other hand, I’m all for Meg coming back (as long as they don’t kill her off) and more exploration of the lives of long-term demon hosts. It would be entertaining to see her team up with Dean to take down the rest of the universe. Yes, I know. She killed Ellen and Jo. And he killed her brother and father. But that’s why it would be fun to watch.

Just keep in mind that Ask Kristin’s latest spoiler should be taken with a big grain of salt, as Kristin often distorts already-known spoilers (like, say, the hunter in 7.19 or the computer geek in 7.20) well beyond recognition, or what we’ll actually see on the show.

A second clip for 7.17 is out, this time between Dean and an amnesiac Castiel. It seems Dean is having a hard time forgiving Castiel…and is also having a hard time keeping it all together. Also, Misha Collins discussed his latest investment – breast implants. Oh, and that he would be in at least “three more episodes”, though whether he included 7.17 in that or not….

New episodes will air through March 30. There will then be repeats on April 6 and 13, and the last five episodes of the season will air in a row, with a season finale on May 18. I’ve seen it reported that Ben Edlund wrote 7.21, Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin 7.22, and everyone is currently presuming that means Sera Gamble will write 7.23.

Bob Singer also gave a new interview that pretty much flew under the wire. Despite that, it was spoilery. In it Singer talked a bit about 7.18 (The alcoholics MOTW), confirming that Dean would be the one principally able to fight it: “The monster is invisible to everyone and there’s no one better to take on the drinking than Dean.” Singer also did a producer’s preview for 7.16.

Finally, the demo for “Out with the Old” dipped slightly to a 0.7/2, but audiences remained solid at 1.73 million. With CW shows like Nikita and Ringer plummeting to 0.4s, and Gossip Girl staying barely above one million and a 0.6, Supernatural is in no more ratings danger than before.

We’ll be back next week with more spoilers. Stay tuned and check out our reviews of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Event, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, and Supernatural.


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34 Comments on “TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 03/21/12”

  1. Ginger

    I find that these skimmy spoilers are actually more positive than previous weeks have been, as far as Dean is concerned. So, yea.
    I’ve never found Bob Singer or JA to lie, and I feel like the two of them are kind of in agreement with their comments. I don’t pay attention to SG’s interviews. She tries to be so coy that it just comes off as lying to me.

    I’m glad the predicted numbers for SPN were wrong and that the show wasn’t adjusted downward. Despite the multiple problems the show is suffering from, I still enjoy it very much and the two actors are still giving the fans 100%.

  2. Arafel

    Thanks for the new spoilers, Paula and Heather.

    These two things struck me in yopur comments about Supernatural, Paula:

    “Despite the remarkably linearity of the past three seasons’ plots, they do occasionally get a twist in there, though if there is one, it’s likely to be of the “Oh, Sam is healthy and fine again for now, but we’ve introduced yet another wrinkle to make him VERY FRAGILE. AGAIN.” Otherwise, there’d be no more plot reasons for Sam to avoid responsibility for his actions in the past few seasons. Can’t have that.”
    Thank you. So much. For putting this out there so succinctly. This is the main reason that I have lost so much respect for the writing on this show since mid S5. And sadly, it has furthered my more negative feelings regarding the Sam character, too. I’ve always had trouble caring for and about Sam, but Dean being a conduit for that for the first 4 seasons had helped me in that regard immensely; and going into S5, I was so looking forward to Dean getting something back for all he’d ever given, lifelong, to and for Sam-and to maybe finally liking and maybe even caring about Sam, on his own, for who he was capable of being in the context of the brother relationship-and not just because of how much Dean cared for and about him.

    Needless to say, the writers had other ideas(and again, thank you for stating them so well here)and unfortunately, IMO, they’ve done the character no favors through this; if anything they’ve done nothing but continually damage Sam through it. And from what JP said in his interview with Laura Prudom, it sounds to me as if it will be business as usual with the brothers after Sam is “healed”. I hope I’m reading what JP said wrong-maybe I am. But his stating that Sam had too much on his own plate to worry about much else leaves me little hope in that regard.

    For the life of me, I simply cannot fathom why these writers continually refuse to allow this kind of a change in Sam that would only help to allow for the kind of growth in the character that so many in this fandom have been looking for in him, for so long. I’m about ready to just accept what so many others already have-that the Sam they’ve given us up to this point in the series, is pretty much the only Sam that we’re ever going to get, and that the writers see nothing whatsoever wrong with this Sam. I’m still having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around that, though.

    “From the controversy being generated over these videos, I can already see that this will be one of those episodes intended to have something for everyone that will instead divide the fandom (again). Some fans are thrilled to see Sam hurt/comfort and want as much of that as possible, but are already bemoaning the presence (at all) of Castiel in the episode. Other fans are already angry that Sam appears to be blaming Dean for breaking his soul out of Hell (seeing as how that’s the dumbest angle the show ever had multiple characters push) and can’t wait for Castiel to come back. The latter group is annoyed by the parallels with “Faith” (where the writer of the same two episodes seems to have forgotten that Dean in “Faith” was heroically injured saving kids and was told he would die in a few weeks, rather than deciding he’d just give up and be a wuss after endless months of broody angst). Needless to say, somebody’s going to end up unhappy.”

    As I recently read, they’ve also forgotten that when we got this from Dean in Faith it was completely stunning that the hunter we’d seen up to that point as the altogether confident, fun-loving, and devil-may-care Dean Winchester could actually have all these other sad feelings/thoughts inside him, too. For Sam to feel this way now is really just par for the course for both brothers. I wish the writers would get over this idea of simply re-doing and re-writing one brother’s greatest hits for the other, and move on into some brand new territory.

  3. crowley_gal

    Thanks for the round up Paula.

    Unfortunately, Sera also said we will see lots more Lucifer. I can’t see where this story is going to go, except breakdown 3,0 4.0 and 5.0.

    Say for a minute Lucifer does some have kind of link to Sam. What’s the end game. To just drive Sam mad. If that’s the case it does matter if he’s real or not, except to give Sam an out as to why Lucifer can have all kinds of nasty thoughts about Dean and wear his face. Because if Lucifer is just a manifestation of Sam’s thoughts and feelings it doesn’t say very nice things about Sam.

    Is Lucifer trying to get Sam to open the cage and let him out? That just makes Sam either look like a colossal idiot or extremely gullible or both. It would be like the Ruby mess all over again, if Lucifer starts out being helpful, like “telling him how to save Dean” and wanting to be his new BFF.

    If Sam would get past his poor poor pitful me attitude, he would realize that none of what Cas has said has come true.

    Cas said Sam would be locked himself himself forever, yet in TMWKTM, Sam pulled himself together in less than half an hour and beamed across several states to try and help stop Cas.

    This season, aside from the hallcinations, which admittedly aren’t easy to deal with, Sam’s seemed remarkably well adjusted. From episode 3 to 15 we didn’t see him have trouble sleeping, no nightmares, flashbacks, flinches or twitches, or double takes. It didn’t effect his hunting ability or even really change him as a person with the one noticeable exception that he decided he’s doesn’t feel guilty about anything anymore. He even survived hunting, and camping all by his self. Even Bobby’s death didn’t cause him to start squeezing his hand more. I don’t think we saw him do it once in episode following Bobby’s death, until Repo Man.

    So why all of a sudden is he willing to give up because he has a set back. It’s not like he can’t sleep, he looked ready to drop any minute, and we saw him fall asleep. What I saw was that if Sam had just stopped and layed down exhaustion would have over taken him. I know he may not get the most restful sleep but Dean’s being functioning on 4 hours every couple of nights for years. What does that say about Sam and how unobservant he is when it comes to what his brother? It just makes Sam seem weak.

    If I didn’t know Sam was supposed to have this big break down this week, I wouldn’t have guess it from last episode. I would have thought he just needs a sleeping pill and a nap.

    Dean, on the other hand, he looked like someone that was on the verge of collapse. He looked like someone that hasn’t been sleeping. I don’t know if its just Jensen being tired but it seemed like exhaustion was coming out of every pour but he had too much on his mind and he just can’t get rest.

    I just wish I had faith the the writers were actually going somewhere because its all in place to make Dean having a massive breakdown look like the next logical step in story, unlike Sam’s which feels like it was dusted off out of the plot bag and tacked on.

    Not sure if you saw this, but its was just posted at e-online.

    PalestineUSA: Anything with Supernatural!
    Oh, you thought that one guy, a serial killer, who was in love with the demon that possessed him was all kinds of creepy? How about a twentysomething woman who still thinks she’s a tween because she’s been possessed for over 10 years? Our only question: Is she obsessed with two hot boys on a cult-hit supernatural show? Stranger things have happened…

    Read more:

    So is this Becky 2.0?

  4. Lily

    Thanks for the spoilers Paula! Faith was one of the best episodes and Dean was completely heartbreaking in it, but, unfortunately, like you said before what works for Dean will not work for Sam. In Faith Dean was heroic and was prepared to accept his fate. Sam comes off as whiny and ungrateful for everything Dean has done for him. In Mannequin he thanked Dean for getting him out and now he’s complaining. Really?! You would rather be in Hell? I don’t think so. I wish the show would allow Sam to grow up and assume responsibility for his crap and stop being such a child. Of course Cass will heal him, and hopefully for good.
    I, for one, am looking forward to Cass returning, if only to assuage some of Dean’s painful losses.

  5. shamangrrl

    And people complain that *Dean* is the whiny one? Dear Lord, you can feel the mangst and smell the martydom in that clip, and it ain’t coming from Dean. Also, you’d think that Sam might, just once, have a little faith in Dean. Somehow or other, Dean always comes through, and Sam always disses him before, during and after. I wanted to see Castiel, but I think I’m going to pass on this one.

  6. Lily

    Watching that clip with Sam whining, I just wonder what he thought Dean was supposed to do? Did he think Dean would allow Robo Sam to continue his serial killer ways and Dean was supposed to be ok with this? Or did he want Dean to kill Robo Sam and let his souls remain in the pit? I really can’t see a winning situation other than what Dean did, and that was to restore Sam’s soul.
    Now why is Sam dying? I’m really not clear on this. I’m far from an expert on mental illness, but how is this going to bring about his death? Is he going to be doing a Linda Blair spinning of the head or does he plan to go on a hunger strike coupled with sleep deprivation to kill himself in order to shut Lucifer up?
    If anyone has an answer, I would appreciate reading your take on all this.

  7. Paula R. Stiles

    I did a Late Edit for the latest spoilers, including the clip between Dean and Castiel (awww).

    She’s not terribly good at interviewing, even now.

    I agree that the spoilers are more positive than they were before. There’s more commitment to the There’s Something Wrong With Dean and Gaslighting Dean storylines. And they’re finally talking in more detail about how Dean responds to Castiel’s return.

    As far as I can tell, the writers are stuck in a rut with Sam. Some characters on the show (like Sam and Bobby) get let off the hook after doing some pretty shabby things. Others (like Dean and Castiel) have to work for redemption. It would be better if they had that expectation for Sam, just as I’m sure Castiel’s amnesia will be temporary enough that he will still need to face a reckoning. It’s not wise to keep a main character from being called to account for actions, forever. Then you end up with a child, a Mary Sue, or a dead character. But there’s no evidence at the moment that this will happen, either. Sam will probably be healed and we’ll still be expected to feel badly for him because he hasn’t had time to rest up after all that nasty breakdown stuff before going back to work.

    I don’t buy that we’ll see tons of Fauxifer, if only because Mark Pellegrino is too busy to do more than extended cameos. Gamble also claimed we’d get this entire storyline about Dean being cursed by the ballet shoes and look how that turned out.

    As for Sam and his hallucinations, I wonder how much of this truly is Hellpain and how much of it is that Sam (like most of us) can’t let go of old habits. Sam has constructed his entire identity around a sense of grievance, that he is a victim and a freak, just as surely as Dean has constructed his entire identity around a sense of duty and compulsive martyrdom (As LevDean puts it, Dean “doesn’t have relationships; he has applications for sainthood”).

    This is the last gasp of Sam’s Lucifer story. If he lets go of it, he has to deal with an unknown future of being a completely human Hunter. That’s scary. What annoys me isn’t that Sam has this dilemma (which could be interesting if written well), but that the writers don’t want to face it, either. So, rather than having him deal with his fears realistically, they keep him in some kind of post-adolescent rut. At this point, it has a lot of the audience wondering when he’s going to grow up. We’d be wondering the same thing about Dean if he were still sleeping around all the time.

    About Kristin’s “spoiler”, she is pretty well-known for posting stuff that is deliberately inflammatory and later turns out not to be true. I don’t think we need another Becky 2.0.

    I think we are at the point in the spoilers where we can say the There’s Something Wrong With Dean and Gaslighting Dean storylines (which may be one) are intentional. So, we can move on to asking other questions, like: “What is going on with Dean?” Okay, Dean is messed up and exhausted. We know that. If he flips out, when will it be (I’m guessing the season finale or the episode before) and what will it look like?

    The gaslighting is also intriguing. Is someone helping him? Is he losing his mind (even more)? Or is someone trying to drive him (even more) insane? In light of both Sam *and* Dean’s breakdown storylines, is it a coincidence that a Lucifer loyalist like Meg appears this week? And if Dean is “just” losing his mind, are we seeing new powers in him (since he couldn’t have made that devil’s trap on the ceiling as an ordinary human)?

    There is a reverse case of unintended consequences in Dean’s domestication storyline. When Sam was the “normal” civilian coming out of retirement in seasons one and two, it was interesting to see him interact with whackjob Hunters who resented him and felt more comfortable with his feral brother. Sure, Kripke inserted far too much Gary Stu into it, but the storyline itself was solid because it played to Sam’s strengths.

    Fastforward a few years to a barely-housebroken Dean watching his new-found putative relations (including a Sam who had been conveniently stripped of his social skills) trash his girlfriend’s living room like a bunch of crackheads on a Welfare Wednesday binge and call him a wuss, and the general audience reaction was: “WTF?!”

    I liked Lisa. I liked the way Jensen Ackles bravely rose to the challenge and *somehow* made that work for Dean’s character. But it was still an unfortunate situation to stick Dean in and it did not work for him (plus, it ruined an entire situation full of new characters from their very introduction). It would have worked for Sam, though.

    These things are not one-size-fits-all.

    Eh, come on. For all we know, Sam will be in all of ten minutes of this episode. It surely can’t be any worse than his Dreamquest of the Unknown Navel Lint in 7.22.

    The whole situation is stupid. Of course Dean was right. Of course Dean needed to yank Sam’s soul out of Hell as soon as he found out (and if not, why are some fans *still* lambasting him for leaving Adam down there after being forced to choose?). Of course Dean needed to protect other people from Sambot. And it was absolutely appropriate that Dean was considering going in and cutting Sambot’s throat in 6.11, should he be unable to restore his soul. Sambot wasn’t “hot” or a “great character”. He was an Unsub from “Criminal Minds” and there is a reason why I watch Supernatural and not Criminal Minds.

    I also don’t see why we need to put all the blame on Castiel when there was plenty of blame to spread over Sambot (who was hardly mindless without his soul) and Sambot’s Number 1 Enabler, Bobby Singer. And just what was Grandpa Shady thinking, working with Sambot and then blaming stuff *he* did with Sambot on Dean? Dean’s done a lot of shady stuff (not least covering up Meg’s murder of that Hunter back in season two), but he was a freakin’ lamb compared to everyone else in the Sambot situation.

    Also, if you can’t divide souls, how can you ruin them? I mean, they’re energy. What, did Sam get a few too many of his protons stripped of their electron shells? O the horror.

  8. Paula R. Stiles

    @Lily (addendum, because I forgot you’d asked this)
    There is no apparent psychiatric basis for what they’re doing with Sam. PTSD isn’t a psychotic disorder. Hallucinations really don’t work the way they do in Sam’s storyline. And, while you can theoretically die from lack of sleep (, there don’t appear to be any recorded cases of it occurring in humans. While lack of sleep is definitely not good for you (In the long-term, it can damage your heart and increase the risk of strokes, among other things), it’s kind of like how holding your breath isn’t good for you, either. But unless you’re underwater, you won’t die from holding your breath because you’ll soon pass out and start breathing again. Similarly, even people high on drugs like crack cocaine eventually “crash” and pass out. They may have a psychotic break, first, but they will sleep, eventually.

    The problem with the model for Sam is that Fauxifer’s not doing anything Sam can’t sleep through–as evidenced by Sam’s nodding off at the wheel last week. So, obviously, Sam can sleep. And even a short nap can save you from certain death. So, it’s all pretty nonsensical. The ultimate answer seems to be: “Because the writers can’t be bothered to do their own research.”

    Contrast that with, say, the DID storyline this week on Being Human, or Aidan’s blood addiction storyline, or (for that matter) Dean’s Gaslighting storyline, where we’re not sure if Dean is grieving, going crazy, or being haunted, and you can see why doing one’s homework makes for a better and more satisfying storyline.

    Which is why I’m pretty sure Ackles did all the research for whatever’s going on with Dean.

  9. Lily

    Thank you Paula! I agree the writers need to do some research, but they don’t seem motivated to do so. I never thought of Sally having DID as a ghost. Now this should be interesting for Being Human to resolve. How does one integrate souls?

    Jensen definitely does his research, and that is why he always brings it home for the audience. I just prey this story line for Sam is over and he can move on. Sam is the one who needs redemption. After all, this was his goal as he stated in The End. Sam continues to think his actions, as he said”I paid my dues” require no reflection or atonement for years of betrayal against his brother. Imagine the growth this character would have if he would just face his past.

  10. elena

    Thanks for the spoilers, ladies!

    @Paula, I didn’t see this interview linked in your late edits:

    Sorry if I just overlooked it- I’m still waking up and haven’t had my coffee, lol.

    Although Laura couldn’t give us many concrete spoilers, it was interesting how her article was entitled “the Winchesters’ Upcoming Meltdowns”. And the fact that even Jared mentioned Dean in his first interview tells me it has to be something significant, seeing as how rarely Jared otherwise notices Dean’s storylines. (I still remember Jared’s blatant surprise during a season 5 convention when Jensen was talking about Dean’s lack of involvement in the mytharc pre season 4. Even the usually patient Jensen looked annoyed at that one.) There absolutely needs to be some follow through on Dean’s arc this season, both for his character and for his fans. I don’t think the latter will have much patience if Dean ends up sidelined for a 3rd season finale in a row.

    Sam’s post Swan Song storyline…….where to begin? The whole thing has just been one hot mess from beginning to (now, hopefully) end. It’s true that I lost any possible investment in it once Dean’s hell experience was downgraded to a Graceland tour. But even with my personal bias aside, the inconsistencies and logical fails are kind of hard to overlook.

    And what is even worse is how Sam’s storyline is ultimately so pointless. Yes, by now, we all know that Sam is the show’s resident special snowflake, with suffering unparalleled in the history of the universe. But seriously, who cares? Unfortunately, as much as his character could use it, I really can’t see the writers moving out of their seven year long “Victim Sam” mentality into one that makes Sam grow, look past his own issues, and be truly accountable for, well, anything. “Swan Song” showed how even Sam’s season 5 so-called “redemption” arc was just smoke and mirrors; in the end, Ruby had been right to teach Sam how to drink demon blood and use his “cool” powers and Sam had been right that he was the only one strong enough and special enough to stop the apocalypse (oh, and silly “human’ Dean had been wrong to ever doubt Sam in the least). After that bizarre message, I pretty much gave up on any real character development for Sam – i just don’t think the show runners think he has any growing to do. The most I hope for now is that Cas mojos away Sam’s psychosis, everyone pats Sam on the back for being so brave, and we all move on.


  11. Cassieo

    Thanks for the round up Paula. There have been so many interviews from so many reporters, from so many cast and crew, I never know if I am seeing all of them. So thanks for the tremendous amount of research and time you put into collecting them.

    As for Sam and his next ‘plot reasons’ to avoid responsibility, he already has one. SG came out and said that fans needn’t worry; Sam will not be completely healed from Cas. He still will have to ‘fight’ his way back and it will be a constant struggle for him. That is so silly. I just can’t believe Sam-fans think so little of their ‘hero.’ Anyway, I guess Cas does some something but it’s not a complete cure.

    Also I heard on the grapevine that CW *maybe* giving a private screening of the episode to some reporters before Fridays episodes. Don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, they only have one day left.

    Afraid I am one that thought Sam was blaming Dean for forcing his soul back into him, and I’m sorry to say, I still do. It was just the way the script was written AND the way the directing was done. Sam WAS blaming Dean for this! Guess Sam forgot that if Dean hadn’t got his soul back, Sam would be dead. Guess he also forgot that he thanked Dean for getting it back for him. This show is so inconsistent. And if Cas hadn’t broken the wall, Sam will still be fine. So really how SG could have written that scene so nasty towards Dean is beyond me. If I were Ackles I would feel so bad having to play that scene. Sam is just such a wuss, but he’s the show’s ‘guiding light.”

    Also I read where Jared said the episode was Dean-centric in an interview to Zap2it. Didn’t read the one when it mentioned it being Sam-heavy. That would be really hard with all the Dean, Meg, Cas airtime they are using. Not to mention the ‘big ending ’to the episode that Misha talked about which will of course be about the lev. I think that this is going to be another one of those ‘rush’ episodes where they have to many subplots and end up ruining them all. They just seem to wait too long in a season to flush out the major arc and then have to try to get it done in a few shows. I really thought with them having an extra episode this season, that wouldn’t happen.

    I read the Purdom articles and yes, they said Dean was going to have to deal with the problems he has, but I didn’t get it would be a ‘psychic ward’ visit or would in any way influence his ability to aptly dump on the lev. So I still would like to hope that SG isn’t going to twist it all around again, so Sam, limping through his pain, saves his psychotic bro and defeats the lev and Roman in the process. If this year ends up like all the rest…with the focus on Sam and his sidekick, I’ll be very disappointed. And to me, that looks like where they are going with this degradation of Dean again. I just do see why they have to promote one character at the expense of the other. Never seen a show do that before.

  12. Sherry

    Adams TV Teasers
    Episode 7.22 is called “There Will Be Blood”

    In the episode is Emily, who is quite a timid looking young woman, but be wary…:0
    I say be wary as she has been the prisoner of a very, very powerful monster for a long, long time.


  13. Sunny

    You guys do an awesome job with all of the spoilers. I like that I can get them here and intelligent conversation instead of just squeeing. Don’t get me wrong I frequently squee over Jensen and Misha (and Prince Charming) but I’m glad there is more.

    I have to say though man, I’m ready for this season to just be over so I can find out how it ends or cliffies or whatever. I just wanna know what happens and if Dean honestly goes off the deep end, and if Leviathan actually does anything. It’s funny because at the time I thought nothing could be as annoying as Robo!Sam and yet they actually managed to top it and drag it out even longer. And it sucks because even if the hellpain stuff ends I doubt any of us will be surprised if something ELSE is wrong with Sam in season 8. I’m sure they’ll already thinking about it.

    I totally agree with everyone who said it’s stupid to have Sam be mad or upset or whatever at Dean for pulling his soul out of the pit. If he had left it and killed Robo!Sam people would have lost their freaken minds so what else was he supposed to do? RoboSam was one of the most annoying, selfish characters ever; I too didn’t find him to be hot or anything beyond please get off my screen quickly.

    In trying to make Sam ~so super special~ the writers have just succeeded in making him look weak especially in comparison to Dean. Of course there are a lot of people who want him even worse off than he is in 7.17 which I don’t get/people who also want RoboSam back which I also don’t get but to me he’s just this guy who is giving up now like he did back then. He’s not trying to actively seek help for his issues, instead he’s just laying back all well I’m gonna die soon, don’t beat yourself up over it Dean. For someone who is supposed to fight monsters and be stronger, you’d expect him to try a bit harder to beat what’s supposedly wrong with him. But like you mentioned above the writers write Sam as this sort of eternal victim so that he never has to stand up for the choices/wrong decisions he’s made. In essence if it’s Dean’s fault for yanking his soul out of the pit then everything that has happened to poor Sam is also Dean’s fault, thereby making Sam scott free once again. The worst part is if they actually have Dean angsting over it when it was actually the only choice besides killing RoboSam.

  14. castiel'scat

    Hrumpf. Yes it is incredible they way Sam is written. I am working my way through Angel (watching s4 now), and am very impressed with the character arc for Wesley throughout the seasons. He started out weak, became strong, was manipulated into betrayal, went very dark and has started performing redeeming actions. At this point he still has a lot of forgiving to do, himself included, but I think his character is one of the best things in the series. This is saying a lot considering how the character started in buffy and angel. Sharp contrast to what they have done with Sam.

    I saw two films this weekend with characters that took a sharp left turn into dysfunction, mental illness and violence as the result from a trigger . I will only mention one to avoid spoiling anyone. Super. My husband wanted to see it thinking it would be a fun superhero comedy. The sudden and progressive violence was shocking . The protogonist began having a psychotic break where he sees a Jesus superhero telling him he has a purpose leading him to an incredibly violent maiming and killing spree. My point being, this Guy looked a lot more normal than Dean before the trigger.

    So yeah. It should start to get interesting. I have no idea where they will go with Dean aside from some violent and just retribution. The unexplained happenings around might mean some supernatural gravy on the meat. With all the mirroring they are doing (jp implied there would be flipping of the characters ) maybe they are setting Dean up to be the hybrid brother via the Phoenix ash.
    I hate snot nosed whiny Sam. The character really irks me. Frankly only a martyr or a saint would put up with him.

  15. Ginger

    Just read your latest edit. Laura asks such good, direct questions.

    I’m glad the Laura admitted that of Castiel is a devisive fan-favorite character, because that means the showrunner must realize that, too. While I can take or leave Cas, I shudder to think what they might do with him and Dean’s relationship in this return (and I liked that relationship).

    SG sounded an awful lot like the Levi story would depend on having a higher supernatural being that Dean and Sam must rely on again. However, Cas won’t be in the finale, so he most likely won’t be the savior, fixer, cure all that he was in the past.

    The clip of Cas and Dean has Dean spouting his innermost feelings about Cas and how he doesn’t trust him. I suppose someone has to give the exposition, but I don’t picture Dean pouring his heart out to what is a total stranger. Since Cas is coming back (and his amnesia sounds an awful lot like Bobby’s wheelchair story), I hope whatever they have planned for this story is a good one.

    JA pretty much confirmed that something is going on with Dean and he’ll crash. I always believe what JA says, and I expect the crash and burn to be in the finale. In fact, I’m up for a good slaughter with Dean doing the slaughtering.

    JP seems to indicate that Sam will heroically struggle on, so it appears they are going to carry over his hellpain story. At this point, I would expect that to get…dear God…more attention in S8. I hope not.

    And another damned teenager! Another damned prophet! I would have rather just seen GodChuck come back.

    It doesn’t look like we’ll see Lee sans brat this season. Let’s hope for maybe next season.

    All in all, from here on out does sound like there is promise.

  16. Paula R. Stiles

    Oh, has anybody seen the 7.18 stills yet? I see Sam will be well enough to drive and hunt, again, and Dean will be wielding a sword drunk, which means more Deansanity with sharp, pointy objects…I’m sorry. What we were talking about again?

    Though I’m pretty sure they just gave away the climax. Unless there’s another twist in there.

    Hadn’t seen that, thanks! This sounds like the usual chaotic mess we can expect from Gamble writing solo. Aside from the nonsensical medical stuff (The one experiment done on mice indicates that it would take *years* for a human to die of organ failure from no sleep, and yes, if you drug yourself, you *will* sleep), I rolled my eyes at how Sam will get to the point where he can’t even lift a finger–but he’ll still be able to cure some random DiD’s depression! Oy. I felt sorry for Jared Padalecki when I read that load of stinky Limp!Sam cheese. Here’s hoping it’s not as bad as advertised.

    If the big Gaslighting Dean mystery turns out to be just Ghost Bobby being an even more twisted and manipulative jerk from beyond the grave, I will be disappointed. But I’ll be downright angry if “Emmanuel”/Castiel turns out to be Jesus. That would be like having a Muhammad figure who was an abusive drunk or a Buddha figure who was a cold-hearted prostitute. Sure, you can tweak characters, but not so they are the exact opposite of the original and central figure of a major religion. Christians believe Christ died for everyone else’s sins, not his own. Just sayin’.

    It doesn’t bother me if he’s married, though. He has amnesia. He’s looking for connections. And he’s apparently not Jimmy at all, anymore.

    I dunno. Maybe souls can’t be reintegrated? Being Human’s mythology is obviously influenced by SPN’s, but that doesn’t mean it will give us the same solutions.

    As for Sam facing his issues and seeking true redemption–I think that’s Sam’s version of Dean’s Servant of Heaven storyline. The writers tease a lot, but ultimately, don’t go there.

    Padalecki usually focuses on his own role, which is pretty normal for actors. It’s a safe, default setting that doesn’t ruffle feathers. So, when he talks about other people’s roles, it’s usually something big.

    Ackles seemed pretty perky about the storyline, so there must be something going on, already, in the episodes they’ve done.

    Well, no, Gamble was a lot vaguer than that. What she actually said was that she thinks Sam ought to have some aftereffects from the hospital. Which could well mean he’ll be fine, aside from some whining about being tired, for the rest of the season. Gotta love when these writers babble on about verisimilitude to cover up their TOTAL LACK OF RESEARCH.

    I agree that it sounds like a rush job, with far too much shoved into it. Maybe the showrunner can’t delegate enough of the major mytharc writing to make things smoother?

    One really interesting thing–the producer’s preview leaked that Sam gets committed after trying to buy drugs and getting hit by a car. Dean is horrified to find out Sam’s been committed to a locked ward (therefore, Sam’s committal is entirely his own fault). So, the theory about the drunk tank story being a preview of Sam’s? Does not appear to be true.

    Also, we may need a prayer circle for that hot hunter who tells Dean about where to find Castiel. I’d like to see more of him, but he may end up dead.

    I don’t know about the preview, but someone was saying on IMDB that some fans are flipping out over all the spoilage.

    As for the Prudhom spoilers, there’s nothing in there about Dean in a psych ward, no, but it’s not like Dean’s last stay in one did him any good. And there’s nothing at all to indicate that Sam will suddenly Gary Stu all over Dean’s storyline, *especially* considering the titles for the last two episodes, which are from stories about mad vengeance.

    Hmm, could be the same as the Kristin spoiler–or it could be a cover for a new Leviathan character. Anybody ever wonder if the FBI guy from “Slash Fiction” is George in a different form?

    Oh, if you’ve never watched Angel season four before, there may be a nasty surprise waiting for you. I forget where it occurs, exactly, but….

    Super sounds whacked. What’s the other one?

    We don’t actually know whether or not Castiel is in the season finale. In his latest interview, Misha Collins said he hadn’t seen it yet.

    I don’t see why Dean spilling his guts to Castiel is out of character. He already tried it with Frank and Ness in this season. And he’s had a pattern in previous seasons of getting confessional with people he’s barely met (Gordon, Jamie, like that). Maybe it’s a test–if the person doesn’t run screaming, he might be able to get more trusting with them. What was endearing was that even Amnesia Castiel was more sympathetic toward him than anyone has been to him in a very long time, with the possible exception of the medium guy in “The Mentalists”. Besides, “I sense that you kill a lot of people” just cracks me up. Talk about the understatement of the millennium.

    Slaughterer Dean works for me. I’m reminded of his vampire massacre in Twihard, when he scared the hell out of both Sambot and Grandpa Shady.

  17. Cassieo

    Thanks you Paula, you always make me feel better. I have to say though that the last two episodes about mad vengeance doesn’t mean Dean will come out on top just that he goes after Roman with a vengence. It could also me that Sam steps in a settles the issue for a ‘mad’ Dean, so we can see Dean be appreciative of the wonder that is Sam. I just can’t say I’m convinced that this is not going to be another Swan Song all over again. And I can here it now “Sam saves the world from the lev and his brother from damnation all the while stuggling through his pain of Lucifer.” Tell me you can’t see SG doing just that.

    As for the up roar, seems Clarissa from Zap2it released the spoiler about Cas being married and that through the Cas fans into an total meltdown. Twitter was all abuzz with ‘What is wrong with this show’. Don’t know if Zap2it made a mistake or CW didn’t think far enough ahead. But many now said they are not watching the episode. We’ll see.

  18. Sherry

    “I sense that you kill a lot of people” just cracks me up. Talk about the understatement of the millennium”

    Dean hasn’t killed anything that didn’t deserve it. I think he meant the baddies too. I hope he keeps that attitude.

  19. castiel'scat

    Sg makes it all seem so mundane. Those inside examiner interviews took the wind out of my sails. If cas is married is he still all angel…. well i guess he was starting to feel desire in s6. Has there been any nephilim in supernatural.

    Thanks for the heads up paula. I sporadically watched angel on TV and am completely innocent of later seasons. Only 2 discs into 4 …

    I feel like I can’t mention the other flick because it is a more recent release and what I have said would be a big spoiler.
    Super is not really super violent it just surprised me that it went so far. Usually nothing shocks me although I think some of the new French horror is extremely disturbing.

  20. Ginger

    I didn’t know there was an uproar about Cas being married. If he’s still an angel, that makes no sense, since they are asexual. It could be two things, in my book. The most probable is that SG just can’t give up her soap tendencies. The other is that she’s just duplicating Dean’s domestic story, since it was so awesome *cough*.

    As far as the the extra 23rd episode and the rush at the end, I consider that was wasted on that mess, Time for a Wedding. It provided the opportunity for SG to slam the fans back for not appreciating her extraordinary talent.

    I am looking forward to tonight’s episode, but (like Paula), if Cas is Jesus, I’m going to be super pissed. As Paula has pointed out for years, they have played with Dean being the Jesus figure and to give that to Cas would just be another slap in the face.

    In the promo clip, I did take the reference to Faith as Dean being reminded that his life was saved at the price of someone else, but he will be willing to go down that road again to help Sam. That could be another indication of Dean going nuts — or it could just be Sam whining.

    I’m not real excited to see Dean so desperate that he joins up with Meg either. First of all, her character is worn out, in my book and; secondly, “We don’t work with monsters,” I guess means except when a Winchester does, wants, or needs to because as mere humans they just can’t cut it alone. Huh? Isn’t Dean mad at Cas because Cas worked with a demon because he felt he had to, wanted to, or needed to?
    I’m still hoping she gets wacked and that Crowley survives the season. I love Crowley.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to tonight’s episode — for the Dean part anyway. I don’t care that Sam heroically finds a hunt, probably lays another patient, that Cas half-assed heals him, or what Cas’s story is really. I am hoping to see Dean’s further descent into whackadoo.

    I think The Hunger Game movie released last night, so viewer numbers will probably be down — Friday night and all.

  21. Eva

    I watched this week’s episode for Castiel and Meg. Personally, I wished for more Meg and Cas and Dean time.

    Cannot wait for the review. Go Team Paula!

  22. Cassieo

    Yeah…It was annoying the back and forth editing. Really it was silly for Sam to exorcise a ghost in the middle of dying. But SG just couldn’t leave he boy out of it. It even would have been more believable if Sam had been in danger from demons, than deal with a hunt. I really just can’t believe that. Dean, Cas, and Meg were good but it was cut short so many times. Much more could and should have been done with that, and less with Sam because he was supposedly dying. But at least the silly hellpain arc is done with. Now what will they give Sam to do? He has to save the world some way.

    Look forward to you review Paula!

  23. Lily

    Well, Sam’s hell might be over, but dollars to donuts Cass imparted some secret to Sam with the shift? I hope I’m wrong! The look on Dean’s face when Cass didn’t get the joke between him and Meg was priceless!

    Now we know that Cass knew Christian was a demon when he supposedly tested Grandpa for a soul last season in the episode Family Matters. It will be interesting to see where this is going.

    Looking forward to your review Paula!

  24. cj

    Robert Singer: “(…) Jared really had the brunt of the emotional story [this season].” (

    Umm… So why has Ackles spent so much time emoting/angsting/working hard on screen? I think I’m missing something. Or it might be indication that Dean’s …story (I wouldn’t call it ‘arc’) is finished/ has never been important/ I’m seeing things that aren’t there, and I need help.

    Look forward to your recap Paula.

  25. Paula R. Stiles

    Crazy Dean is not a weak Dean. Vengeful, Dark Dean is most certainly not a weak Dean. I don’t see Sam taking over from Dean while Dean stands by worshipfully at the end of this season. In fact, I’m fairly confident Sam’s character arc is effectively over this season, the way Dean’s angel arc was done at the end of 5.18.

    Do you mean Carina? Clarissa is someone different.

    I think that “Repo Man” gave us enough cause to think that Dean should not get too deeply into “It’s okay to kill whomever I want” mode. I don’t want Dean to ever fall so far that he doesn’t feel some guilt over the suffering and deaths of hosts and other such innocents he’s been unable to save, or had to kill.

    The recent French horror is way over the top and not really in a good way. Though I was watching Haute Tension the other night and it wasn’t quite as gory as I expected. I think this show has really upped my tolerance of blood and gore back up to my EMT days.

    People get married for all sorts of reasons, not just sex (and people have sex all the time without getting married). Though I gotta say that Mrs. Emmanuel didn’t seem to have a lot going on upstairs. The phone was ringin’, but nobody was home, as the Canadians say.

    Eh, I like Meg. I think she is a good foil for the brothers because they don’t have to be dumbed down to go up against her. And she’s not all boy-oriented like Ruby and Bela were.

    As for Dean teaming up with her, he’s getting desperate and he’s out of allies. Plus, he’s wrapped even looser than usual. So, it makes sense.

    The Hunger Games will likely take a chunk out of the show’s hide. I’m not sure why they put this one up against THG, but I guess they can’t avoid taking hits from every single blockbuster that comes out.

    [snort!] Don’t let the Twilight fans hear you say that….

    Oh, Lily, don’t even say that. If we find out Sam now has some magic angel powers thanks to Castiel, I think I’m gonna hurl.

    We already knew Castiel was lying about Christian because angels can see demon faces and Castiel was in cahoots with Crowley (as was Grandpa Shady). Anna could see them, even when she was fallen. And the only other human who has shown that ability has been…Dean.

    But don’t ever explain that, show. And no, Dean being near to the end of his deal doesn’t cut it. No other deal-maker saw them.

    LOL! Oh, that’s funny!

    Whenever fans complained in the past that Dean didn’t have a role in the mytharc, Eric Kripke would say, “But Dean has the emotional story!”

    I’d be unsurprised if that’s what Singer means for Sam–that he doesn’t have a role in the mytharc this season.

  26. castiel'scat

    Well… it was fine as long as I didn’t think too much. Sam dying or being resistant to top grade meds makes no sense unless there is a supernatural element. Also how could he solve a case in that condition and why wasn’t he tubed up. Why was the demon torturing Sam.

    The Dean story was more interesting and too rushed. I loved how he kept it in after he realized cas’ condition. He still loves him despite everything. I thought cas’ remembering was really rushed. There should have been a scene with Dean.
    If cas was in danger why leave him alone in the car.
    Finally I did not understand the switcheroo. Did he take the damaged part of Sam’s soul into him. He managed to contain 50000 souls from hell no problem. What’s the deal. Is it a piece of Lucifer too powerful at this point to handle. Maybe that’s why Meg is being so useful.
    Yeah… I wasn’t wowed by Haute tension. Martyrs and inside (l’interieur) are disturbing.

    1. Paula R. Stiles

      The premises for Martyrs and Inside are disturbing, but that’s because they’re misogynistic. So, I haven’t bothered to see them. I think recent horror has largely forgotten that real horror requires a bit more mental exertion than that.

  27. castiel'scat

    Paula- unfortunately I was unspoiled when I saw those two films. Very difficult and left an aftertaste, although technically very accomplished. I wouldn’t say inside was misogynistic as there was a “logical” reason for the extreme and unrelenting violence within the film’s worldview. I agree- misogyny + violence does not equal good horror.. not a fan of torture porn in general.
    Looking forward to your review.

  28. Lily

    I think Cass will end up shifting his hellpain to either Crawley or Dick Roman. I think Meg may want to set Crawley up for this little treat since it will be in her beat interest, not to mention Dean will be right on board for this one too.

    By the way, Loved the use of the Yardbirds’ Turn to Earth for Cass’s demon killing and walk down memory lane scene.

    1. castiel'scat

      Very interesting idea to use the hellpain as a weapon. I find it hard to speculate because frankly I do not understand what it is. It is preventing him from sleeping or responding to meds. To me it sounds like something supernatural and not ptsd, hallucinations or traumatic memories. Mental illness could keep him up I guess but he still should have responded to the meds. Lucifer spoke to cas after the transfer… I think it must be a connection somehow or he transferred a piece of himself into Sam’s Soul. My question is was Lucifer’s endgame to take over sam or cause enough trouble for Sam to lure someone supernatural (cas) to take the damage on. Now that the seals are broken the cage is likely easier to open. Cas could open it. He got Sam out.

  29. Lily

    I think Sam’s hellpain is just that. I think Lucifer is still in the cage, but that does not mean those memories are not hellish for whomever possess them. Cass has taken on the hallucinations which have a different twist for him. I really want the Lucifer storyline over so I really don’t want him to be around. I can’t imagine Death would help Lucifer out of the cage sense he worked with Dean to place him back in the cage.
    I think Cass will gain control over those memories, eventually. Right now his guilt over what he had done is probably not helping him overcome Sam’s memories, but I think he will eventually. Emmanual is a very interesting choice considering it means “God is with us”.

    This mess is going to drive Dean to make some very difficult decisions which I hope he does not come to regret. It’s nice to know God is still out there and hopefully looking out for Dean.

  30. Cassieo

    I viewed the transfer as a form of empathic transfer. And not that any of Lucifer was around. Basically it was bad memories that Sam just would not deal with, so Cas helped him out. Yes, if the wall were still up, it supposedly never would have happened.

    As far as Sam and all his sleep issues, the series just does not do much research. Sam definitely would ahe been asleep with the meds and if for some reason they didn’t work, a drug induce coma would have been done. The whole Sam vs dying vs hunting is a really silly concept.

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