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ISBN: 978-0991675975

About This Book

Elgin Award winning book!

Author: Bryan Thao Worra
Release Date: December 1, 2013
Category: Horror/Fantasy/Poetry
Paperback: US $10

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It took exactly seven lines for me to decide I was onto something special with this new release from Innsmouth Free Press. – Hellnotes

In the depths, half-hidden under still waters, await strange and vicious creatures …. Cthulhu, Godzilla and nagas mingle in Demonstra, a speculative poem collection which assembles 20 years of work by Bryan Thao Worra. Demonstra is a book of things glimpsed out of the corner of the eye. It is about a reality that can never fully be demonstrated, authenticated, dissected, for certain visions always remain in shadows.

Bryan Thao Worra is the first Laotian American to receive a Fellowship in Literature from the United States Government’s National Endowment for the Arts. He received the Asian Pacific Leadership Award from the State Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans for Leadership in the Arts in 2009. His previous books include On The Other Side Of The Eye and Touching Detonations. He was a Cultural Olympian during the 2012 London Summer Games representing Laos. He’s a professional member of the Horror Writer Association and a regular contributor to Innsmouth Magazine.

Available only in paperback