Interview: Thomas E. Sniegoski

Today, we talk angels, comics and Lovecraft with Thomas E. Sniegoski, author of two angelic noir, Urban Fantasy series, The Fallen and Remy Chandler. His latest Remy Chandler book, A Hundred Words for Hate, which we reviewed during Shivers and Sighs Week, comes out in bookstores today.

[Warning: spoilers – past, present and future – ahead for both The Fallen series and the Remy Chandler books]

IFP: How did you get started in writing?

TS: Oh, jeez…well, what’s …

IFPInterview: Thomas E. Sniegoski

Angels and Demons Week: Review: Dancing on the Head of a Pin

By Paula R. Stiles

Sniegoski, Thomas E. Dancing on the Head of a Pin: A Remy Chandler Novel. New York: ROC, 2009. 304pp. USD $6.99; CDN $8.50. ISBN-10: 0451462513; ISBN-13: 978-0451462510.

Remy Chandler, angelic private dick, is back in the second of Thomas Sniegoski‘s apocalyptic noir series (We’ll review the third, Mythos-themed Where Angels Fear to Tread, tomorrow). If you’ve read the first book, A Kiss Before the Apocalypse (which we reviewed earlier this year), you’ll already …

Paula R. StilesAngels and Demons Week: Review: Dancing on the Head of a Pin