Working Stiff: Vampire Professions

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Dracula made vampirism seem so easy: you buy a big castle, fill it with brides in flimsy nightgowns, turn into a bat once in a while. No bills to pay, no cards to punch. Who wouldn’t want to be immortal if the deal came with a title and a giant, gothic mansion?

An overwhelming of percentage of vampires are rich aristocrats: Le Fanu’s Carmilla, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Saint-Germain, Polidori’s Lord Ruthven, Anne Rice’s Louis de Pointe du …

IFPWorking Stiff: Vampire Professions

Review: True Blood, Season Two

By Paula R. Stiles

Having sudden access to free HBO for three months this summer, I decided to find out what the brouhaha was all about and check out True Blood. Written by Alan Ball, creator of Six Feet Under, a series I could take or leave, it had been lauded up, down and sideways as smart and scary, groundbreaking and all that.

Well, it does pass the time for the most part; I’ll give it that. The …

IFPReview: True Blood, Season Two

Review: Bitten

by Paula. R. Stiles

Bitten (2008): Once Bitten Films, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Made-For-the-SyFy-Channel films generally suck out loud, but every so often, the network puts out something decent (hint: stick to the basic themes and stay far, far away from anything involving CGI/rubber blown-up monsters and/or set in Iraq). This low-budget, Canadian-indie vampire offering is something decent.

Ironically, Bitten (AKA Mordidos or Lady Is a Vamp) isn’t actually made for television. It’s a real, bona fide censored R-rated …

Paula R. StilesReview: Bitten

10 Vampire Movies You Need to Watch

by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Vampires. The perennial monsters of Filmland. They’ve been around for a while and they’ll probably stick with us for a long, long time. While teenage girls that head to see the Vampirus domesticus in Twilight might think the vampire is romantic and sexy, there have been plenty of filmmakers who have given us darker, funnier or more moving visions of this creature. The following list is a compilation of the lesser-known vampires, the ones who gave an …

IFP10 Vampire Movies You Need to Watch

Pleasure and Pain: The Good and the Bad of The Vampire Diaries

by Carla Lee

I want to be upfront about this: I prefer werewolves to vampires.

I know, I know, vampires are far more popular. I come by my werewolf love honestly, though. The first horror movie I ever saw was The Howling and I imprinted on it young. I can still remember watching it at a truck stop, in the dark truckers’ lounge, absolutely enthralled by the monsters on the screen.
My father was a truck driver and my siblings …

IFPPleasure and Pain: The Good and the Bad of The Vampire Diaries

Review: Let the Right One In (novel)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Lindqvist, John Ajvide. Let the Right One In. St. Martin’s Griffin; Mti edition, 2008. 218pp. US $15.95. ISBN: 978-0312355296

I must confess to a recent literary faux pas: I enjoyed the cinematic version of Let the Right One In better than the book. Not that the novel is poorly written, standing apart from most popular vampire novels through its gritty, sad narrative and the moving relationship between its teenaged leads.

The plot in both book …

IFPReview: Let the Right One In (novel)

Review (and Recap): Supernatural 5.01: Sympathy for the Devil

by Paula R. Stiles

[Here be big old episode spoilers]
Tagline: Lucifer’s on earth, searching for his vessel. Dean and Sam go looking for Michael’s Sword – and find it in a very surprising place.

Recap: After a kicking recap of season four to the tune of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”, it all starts where season four left off, with Sam and Dean standing in front of a fountain of light blasting out of the bloody floor of a convent. Dean finally …

IFPReview (and Recap): Supernatural 5.01: Sympathy for the Devil

Review: Official Supernatural sites

by Paula R. Stiles

The show Supernatural has several official sites sponsored by different companies or devoted to different aspects of the show. The first is because Supernatural is aired by the CW, but is produced by Warner Bros., not the network. There are also different places where the show has an official presence, though not as many as for some other shows (no show page on Twitter, for example). Here they all are:

Official CW site

This is …

Paula R. StilesReview: Official Supernatural sites

Review: Supernatural Season Three DVD

by Paula R. Stiles

Kripke, Eric, et al. Supernatural Season Three [DVD]. Burbank [CA]: Warner Bros., 2008. 651 min. US $59.98/CAN $32.99.

Dean has made a deal with a Crossroad Demon to save Sam’s life and in return, he’s also received a year to live. He’s determined to make the most of it. Too bad the MOTWs are lacking in sympathy. More sinister is the strange obsession that every demon has with making Sam their King and killing Dean early, …

Paula R. StilesReview: Supernatural Season Three DVD

Review: Supernatural Season Two DVD

by Paula R. Stiles

Kripke, Eric, et al. Supernatural Season Two [DVD]. Burbank [CA]: Warner Bros., 2007. 903 min. US $59.98/CAN $74.98.

The massive cliffhanger at the end of season one has left Dean on life support in a hospital, with brother Sam and father John fighting each other on how to save him. The fallout from John’s solution turns Dean into an emotional mess and forces Sam to go searching for other psykids like him. This all …

Paula R. StilesReview: Supernatural Season Two DVD

Review: Supernatural Season One DVD

by Paula R. Stiles

Kripke, Eric, et al. Supernatural Season One [DVD]. Burbank [CA]: Warner Bros., 2006. 936 min. US $49.98/CAN $32.99.

Sam Winchester is just a normal college student: going to Stanford; applying to law school; has good friends, a loving girlfriend…and is just a bit odd. Just a bit of a lone wolf. Then one night, someone breaks into his apartment. It’s his feral older brother, Dean. Sam’s family are professional hunters of the supernatural ever …

Paula R. StilesReview: Supernatural Season One DVD

Review: Supernatural Spoiler and Discussion Sites

by Paula R. Stiles

Are you a Supernatural spoiler junkie? Looking for your fix? Look no further. Supernatural has a variety of television-devoted sites that put out spoilers and engage in discussion. Gearing up for the new season, they’ve been on overdrive. This list is not comprehensive (and isn’t intended to be), but the sites below encompass confirmed spoilers and major fanwank/some fanfic. Most reliable rumours ends up on them eventually.

Spoiler sites
Buddy TV and Spoiler TV are general …

IFPReview: Supernatural Spoiler and Discussion Sites