Review: Official Supernatural sites

by Paula R. Stiles

The show Supernatural has several official sites sponsored by different companies or devoted to different aspects of the show. The first is because Supernatural is aired by the CW, but is produced by Warner Bros., not the network. There are also different places where the show has an official presence, though not as many as for some other shows (no show page on Twitter, for example). Here they all are:

Official CW site

This is …

Paula R. StilesReview: Official Supernatural sites

Review: Supernatural Season Three DVD

by Paula R. Stiles

Kripke, Eric, et al. Supernatural Season Three [DVD]. Burbank [CA]: Warner Bros., 2008. 651 min. US $59.98/CAN $32.99.

Dean has made a deal with a Crossroad Demon to save Sam’s life and in return, he’s also received a year to live. He’s determined to make the most of it. Too bad the MOTWs are lacking in sympathy. More sinister is the strange obsession that every demon has with making Sam their King and killing Dean early, …

Paula R. StilesReview: Supernatural Season Three DVD

Review: Supernatural Season Two DVD

by Paula R. Stiles

Kripke, Eric, et al. Supernatural Season Two [DVD]. Burbank [CA]: Warner Bros., 2007. 903 min. US $59.98/CAN $74.98.

The massive cliffhanger at the end of season one has left Dean on life support in a hospital, with brother Sam and father John fighting each other on how to save him. The fallout from John’s solution turns Dean into an emotional mess and forces Sam to go searching for other psykids like him. This all …

Paula R. StilesReview: Supernatural Season Two DVD

Review: Supernatural Season One DVD

by Paula R. Stiles

Kripke, Eric, et al. Supernatural Season One [DVD]. Burbank [CA]: Warner Bros., 2006. 936 min. US $49.98/CAN $32.99.

Sam Winchester is just a normal college student: going to Stanford; applying to law school; has good friends, a loving girlfriend…and is just a bit odd. Just a bit of a lone wolf. Then one night, someone breaks into his apartment. It’s his feral older brother, Dean. Sam’s family are professional hunters of the supernatural ever …

Paula R. StilesReview: Supernatural Season One DVD

Review: Supernatural Spoiler and Discussion Sites

by Paula R. Stiles

Are you a Supernatural spoiler junkie? Looking for your fix? Look no further. Supernatural has a variety of television-devoted sites that put out spoilers and engage in discussion. Gearing up for the new season, they’ve been on overdrive. This list is not comprehensive (and isn’t intended to be), but the sites below encompass confirmed spoilers and major fanwank/some fanfic. Most reliable rumours ends up on them eventually.

Spoiler sites
Buddy TV and Spoiler TV are general …

IFPReview: Supernatural Spoiler and Discussion Sites

Review: Supernatural: Rising Son

by Paula R. Stiles

Johnson, Peter and Dessertine, Rebecca. Supernatural: Rising Son. Artist: Diego Olmos. Colorist: Jonny Rench. Letterer: Wes Abbott. [Short story: Kripke, Eric and Johnson, Peter. The Beast with Two Backs. Artist: Dan Hipp. Colorist: Jonny Rench. Letterer: Wes Abbott] La Jolla (CA): Wildstorm Productions, 2009. 144pp. US $14.99/CAN $16.99 CAN. ISBN: 978-1-4012-2205-5.

Terri Clark, a reviewer for the site Supernatural Sisters, hits the nail on the head when she says that she liked …

IFPReview: Supernatural: Rising Son

Review: Negadon Attacks

by Amy Harlib

Note: This article was previously published in

Negadon Attacks: Three Animated Odysseys from Japan (Central Park Media Corporation, NY) Imaginasian Theater, NYC, May 12-18, 2006.

A New York-based media company, Central Park Media, that imports Japanese manga (comics) and anime (DVDs) for sale in the USA, arranged for limited theatrical distribution for a 90-minute-long presentation of a trio of its best offerings under the title Negadon Attacks: Three Animated Odysseys from Japan. All readily …

IFPReview: Negadon Attacks

Review: The Very Best of Gene Wolfe

by Alex Keller

Gene Wolfe. The Very Best of Gene Wolfe. New York: PS Publishing; Limited signed edition (1 Jul 2009). ISBN: 978-1848630277

I wanted to like this collection; I really did. I read The Book of the New Sun and thought it was generally good (if hard work), and coupled with Kim Stanley Robinson’s gushing introduction, I was expecting a great read. However, I found the few problems I had with The Book of the New Sun (it …

IFPReview: The Very Best of Gene Wolfe

Ten Horrific Silent Films

by Paula R. Stiles

Some of these films would not even be classified as horror today. However, all have given images, techniques and themes to the horror film genre that have never gone away (or should definitely be dug back up). It’s not intentional that most of these films are not American, but it might not be a coincidence, either. The German expressionists of the silent era were highly influential on later horror film. I’ve included links to the films

Paula R. StilesTen Horrific Silent Films

Review: Supernatural: Origins

by Paula R. Stiles

Johnson, Peter. Supernatural: Origins. Artist: Matthew Dow Smith. Colorist: JD Mettler. Letterer: Greg Thompson. La Jolla (CA): Wildstorm Productions, 2008. [Short story: Johns, Geoff. Speak No Evil. Artist: Phil Hester. Colorist: JD Mettler. Letterer: Greg Thompson] 144pp. US $14.99/CAN $16.99 CAN. ISBN: 978-1-4012-4701-3.

Supernatural: Origins is rather difficult to review. It’s come under a lot of fan criticism, largely due to some continuity problems relative the show. I understand that the original six-issue

IFPReview: Supernatural: Origins

Adaptation: Turn of the Screw

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

During the 1960s and 70s, there was a craze for Gothic novels. The covers of many paperbacks featured a woman (often in a white nightgown) running away from a castle, tower, or other ominous landmark. The women in the covers were, of course, the literary descendants of Jane Eyre.

The books often had exciting titles, such as The House of Secrets, The Black Dog, or Festival of Darkness. Back in the day, these covers …

IFPAdaptation: Turn of the Screw

Lovecraft Websites You Should Visit

The title says it all. We offer a collection of 10 Lovecraftian websites you should check out. Feel free to add your recommendations.

Lovecraft is Missing

An original online graphic novel that appears every week, Lovecraft is Missing is worth a look, not only for the comic strip created by Larry Latham, but for the content that appears on its blog. There are interviews and articles on a variety of interesting subjects, such as occult detectives or pulp fiction.…

IFPLovecraft Websites You Should Visit