Review: Eastwick 1.01: Pilot

By Paula R. Stiles

[Spoilers for the Pilot and film]

I didn’t even know the ABC show Eastwick (10pm Wednesdays) existed until a few weeks ago, and then I didn’t realize for a while that it was related to The Witches of Eastwick (a John Updike book and 1987 film starring Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer). And I definitely didn’t know it starred Paul “Canada’s hottest export” Gross until tonight.

For those of you who’ve never heard of Eastwick

Paula R. StilesReview: Eastwick 1.01: Pilot

Girl vs. Girl: Women, Relationships and Horror

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

There’s a lot of talk right now about Jennifer’s Body and how it subverts the horror genre with its focus on women. I’m not going to discuss whether Jennifer’s Body is worth watching or not (I’ll review it in a few days), but I am going to point out that mixing women, their relationships and horror has been done several times before. It’s by no means a truly original premise, but, like I said, I will reserve …

IFPGirl vs. Girl: Women, Relationships and Horror

Review (and Recap): Supernatural 5.02: Good God, Y’all!

By Paula R. Stiles

[Here be big old episode spoilers]

Tagline: Castiel decides to go looking for God – with Dean’s amulet. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean head to Colorado after Bobby gets a panicked call from Rufus. Demons are afoot – or are they?

Recap: This time, we get a recap to the tune of Foreigner’s “Long, Long Way from Home”, a strikingly appropriate tune for this episode. The episode starts off with Sam and Dean trying to cheer up …

Paula R. StilesReview (and Recap): Supernatural 5.02: Good God, Y’all!

Review: Anno Dracula

by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Newman, Kim. (1992) Anno Dracula. New York: Simon and Schuster. 409pp. ISBN 0-380-72345-X

The joy of Anno Dracula, the first in a long-running alternate universe series in which Dracula defeated Van Helsing and rules over England, is in its use of fictional and real characters to populate Queen Victoria’s London. Dr. Jekyll (sans Mr. Hyde), Count Ruthven (from Polidori’s “The Vampire”), Count Orlock (from Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens), Carmilla, Lulu Schon (the temptress …

IFPReview: Anno Dracula

Review: The Dead Travel Fast

By Paula R. Stiles

Nuzum, Eric. The Dead Travel Fast: Stalking Vampires from Nosferatu to Count Chocula. New York: Thomas Dunne Books, 2007.

Maybe I should have known better than to expect much from a book that cost me two bucks at the dollar store. But I’ve had good luck with the discount rack in the past. I even picked up a well-known history of the 1905 San Francisco Earthquake for the same price along with this one. Unfortunately,

IFPReview: The Dead Travel Fast

Review: Vampire Hunter D

by Amy Harlib

This review originally appeared on

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (Urban Vision Entertainment 2000). Written and Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Based on a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi (Asahi Sonorama). Music by Marco d’Ambrosio. Running time: 111 minutes. Rated R.

Inspired by the fluidity and the visual intricacy of the magisterial Hayao Miyazaki, , a Japanese anime feature (for adults as one might guess from the title) recently released in limited distribution in the USA and shown …

IFPReview: Vampire Hunter D

Working Stiff: Vampire Professions

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Dracula made vampirism seem so easy: you buy a big castle, fill it with brides in flimsy nightgowns, turn into a bat once in a while. No bills to pay, no cards to punch. Who wouldn’t want to be immortal if the deal came with a title and a giant, gothic mansion?

An overwhelming of percentage of vampires are rich aristocrats: Le Fanu’s Carmilla, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Saint-Germain, Polidori’s Lord Ruthven, Anne Rice’s Louis de Pointe du …

IFPWorking Stiff: Vampire Professions

Review: True Blood, Season Two

By Paula R. Stiles

Having sudden access to free HBO for three months this summer, I decided to find out what the brouhaha was all about and check out True Blood. Written by Alan Ball, creator of Six Feet Under, a series I could take or leave, it had been lauded up, down and sideways as smart and scary, groundbreaking and all that.

Well, it does pass the time for the most part; I’ll give it that. The …

IFPReview: True Blood, Season Two

Review: Bitten

by Paula. R. Stiles

Bitten (2008): Once Bitten Films, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Made-For-the-SyFy-Channel films generally suck out loud, but every so often, the network puts out something decent (hint: stick to the basic themes and stay far, far away from anything involving CGI/rubber blown-up monsters and/or set in Iraq). This low-budget, Canadian-indie vampire offering is something decent.

Ironically, Bitten (AKA Mordidos or Lady Is a Vamp) isn’t actually made for television. It’s a real, bona fide censored R-rated …

Paula R. StilesReview: Bitten

Pleasure and Pain: The Good and the Bad of The Vampire Diaries

by Carla Lee

I want to be upfront about this: I prefer werewolves to vampires.

I know, I know, vampires are far more popular. I come by my werewolf love honestly, though. The first horror movie I ever saw was The Howling and I imprinted on it young. I can still remember watching it at a truck stop, in the dark truckers’ lounge, absolutely enthralled by the monsters on the screen.
My father was a truck driver and my siblings …

IFPPleasure and Pain: The Good and the Bad of The Vampire Diaries

Review: Let the Right One In (novel)

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Lindqvist, John Ajvide. Let the Right One In. St. Martin’s Griffin; Mti edition, 2008. 218pp. US $15.95. ISBN: 978-0312355296

I must confess to a recent literary faux pas: I enjoyed the cinematic version of Let the Right One In better than the book. Not that the novel is poorly written, standing apart from most popular vampire novels through its gritty, sad narrative and the moving relationship between its teenaged leads.

The plot in both book …

IFPReview: Let the Right One In (novel)

Review (and Recap): Supernatural 5.01: Sympathy for the Devil

by Paula R. Stiles

[Here be big old episode spoilers]
Tagline: Lucifer’s on earth, searching for his vessel. Dean and Sam go looking for Michael’s Sword – and find it in a very surprising place.

Recap: After a kicking recap of season four to the tune of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”, it all starts where season four left off, with Sam and Dean standing in front of a fountain of light blasting out of the bloody floor of a convent. Dean finally …

IFPReview (and Recap): Supernatural 5.01: Sympathy for the Devil