Monster Byte: Innsmouth Landscaper Stung to Death In Freak Bee Incident

By Bryan Thao Worra

Innsmouth, MA – A 52-year-old Innsmouth landscaper clearing brush died of anaphylactic shock after apparently being stung more than five hundred times by a bee colony he disturbed with a backhoe.

Innsmouth police reports that the victim, Lazlo McKenzie, was allergic to bees and was discovered dead in a portable restroom on Monday, where he’d fled seeking safety from the furious swarm. McKenzie had been a resident of Innsmouth for more than twenty years. It was …

IFPMonster Byte: Innsmouth Landscaper Stung to Death In Freak Bee Incident

Monster Byte: School Reinvents Itself by Returning to Tradition

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Innsmouth, MA – Innsmouth Girls’ School first opened its doors in 1942. Sixty years after its foundation, the school was floundering. Enrollment had dropped significantly from its heyday when it housed nearly 200 young women from the best families in Arkham, Innsmouth and Boston. A solution had to be found or the school would have to close. The answer? A return to tradition.

Enrollment at Innsmouth Girls’ School – located on the outskirts of the town – …

IFPMonster Byte: School Reinvents Itself by Returning to Tradition

Bodies Recovered, Search for Missing Fishermen Called Off

by Jaideep

The following appeared in the Vizag [India] Review:
Vizag, August 23:

Two bodies have been recovered by search parties looking for the crewmembers of the fishing boat which disappeared four days ago. Coast Guard vessel Gargeyi spotted the bodies floating near Centurion Bay yesterday afternoon.

All six crewmembers onboard boat FNZM 542 are now feared lost. Fishery Department official Mr. Pranav Babu announced this pending confirmation from King George Hospital where the bodies have been sent. On being …

IFPBodies Recovered, Search for Missing Fishermen Called Off

Monster Byte: This Month in Innsmouth

By Amanda J. Spedding

The Tome – Short Story Competition

The Tome is running its annual Short Story Competition. Submissions are open from September 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009. This year’s theme is ‘Silently Slithering’. Stories have a strict 5000-word limit, and must contain at least one reference to Innsmouth. This year’s judge, Ms. Odette Williams of Cabal Publishing, says, “I want people to dip into their deepest, darkest fears and feed the monster that lies within all of …

IFPMonster Byte: This Month in Innsmouth

Interview: Teresa Fahs

Teresa Fahs – a makeup artist, horror filmmaker and creator of special effects resource – hails from Las Vegas. She sat down with us this week to talk about her latest project – zombie film Haunting Kira.
IFP: Tell us about your current project. What is it about?

TF: I’m producing Haunting Kira, a feature horror film that will begin shooting in November 2009. It’s about a ghost that figures out how to reanimate a recently-dead body,

IFPInterview: Teresa Fahs

Interview: Neal Romanek

Speaking with us this week is Neal Romanek, a veteran screenwriter, novelist and teacher currently based out of London. Neal took the time to discuss his latest projects (including the novel Conestoga and web project “The Cyclopedia of Worlds“) with us, as well as his experiences and influences in SF and horror film.

IFP: Tell us about your current projects. What are they about?

NR: I’ve spent the last year feature film screenwriting, doing almost exclusively period drama …

IFPInterview: Neal Romanek

Monster Byte: Bodies Found on Devil Reef Were Members of Local Gang

by Paula R. Stiles

Innsmouth, MA – Three bodies were found on Devil Reef on Thursday, only days after an attack put actor Peter McCallister in the hospital. Though all three were badly mangled, two of them have been tentatively identified as Hermann Krahen (20) and his younger brother Friedrich (17). The third is believed to be Hermann’s friend Greg Hasler (19). All three were reputed members of the local gang, the Lichens, suspected of setting the wildfire currently scorching …

IFPMonster Byte: Bodies Found on Devil Reef Were Members of Local Gang

Monster Byte: Actor Attacked and Left for Dead on Beach

by Paula R. Stiles

Innsmouth, MA – Summer film production Tentacles from the Sea 3D experienced yet another setback yesterday when the film’s star, Peter McCallister, was found bleeding and half-drowned on the beach across from Devil Reef. He was taken to Innsmouth General Hospital and held overnight for observation. Police suspect that he was assaulted in the course of a robbery.

“Guess he shouldn’t have fought back,” part-time deputy for Innsmouth PD, and building manager for New Church Green, …

Paula R. StilesMonster Byte: Actor Attacked and Left for Dead on Beach

A Legacy of Death

by Amanda J. Spedding

Innsmouth, MA – Dale Liam McCarthy, buried with honours last week, is the fourth of the serving McCarthy clan to have died under suspicious circumstances. While Medical Examiner John Bellicose ruled McCarthy’s death an accident, evidence points to the contrary.

Hospital sources, who wish to remain anonymous, have vehemently disputed the Medical Examiner’s finding: “Dale’s death was no accident. His left wrist was sliced perfectly. His right wrist was a mess. I’ve seen enough suicides to …

IFPA Legacy of Death

Deep pelagic worms discovered in river bed

By Paula R. Stiles

Innsmouth, MA – Fossil worm-trail casts one foot wide and nearly fifteen feet long in some places have been discovered in the sandstone cliffs overlooking the banks of the Manuxet River in historic Innsmouth. Local scholar in African-American history Rosa Washington and visiting oceanographer Steven Huang of Beijing, China at Miskatonic University have teamed up to investigate.

“We believe that these worms were over two meters long,” says Dr. Huang, “and lived as recently as the …

IFPDeep pelagic worms discovered in river bed