Mexican Horror has a Name: Carlos Enrique Taboada

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Tomorrow, Orrin Grey is starting a three-part review of the Aztec Mummy series in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, which, despite what you’ve heard, does not celebrate Mexico’s independence. It commemorates the Battle of Puebla against French forces.

Anyway, Cinco de Mayo offers an excellent excuse to talk about Mexican cinema, something I’ve done before. This time, however, I’d like to focus on one movie director and his output: Carlos Enrique Taboada.

As you will discover when …

IFPMexican Horror has a Name: Carlos Enrique Taboada

Mexican Dracula: German Robles, El Vampiro

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

I shook hands with Dracula’s Mexican equivalent more than ten years ago after a theatre performance of La Dama de Negro. By then, German Robles, most famous for his role as Count Karol de Lavud a.k.a. Duval the Vampire, was no longer the young man in a cape that I had seen in the black and white movies, but he still struck an imposing figure.

German Robles first donned that black cape back in 1957 when …

IFPMexican Dracula: German Robles, El Vampiro