Interview: Supernatural: Peter Ciuffa

Today, we talk with Peter Ciuffa, who played H.P. Lovecraft, the Gentleman from Providence himself, in Supernatural penultimate season-six episode, “Let It Bleed“.

IFP: How did you get into acting?

PC: There are two ways for me to answer that, the long way or the short way. I’ll try to find the middle ground. As a kid, I enjoyed doing skits and plays for English and Drama class, but I never pursued acting. I was into sports, especially …

IFPInterview: Supernatural: Peter Ciuffa

Recap and Review: Supernatural 6.21: Let It Bleed

By Paula R. Stiles

[spoilers ahoy]

Tagline: Lisa’s non-relationship with Dean goes way down south when she and Ben are kidnapped by demons.

Recap: Then recap of Lisa and Ben rejecting Dean, Dr. Visyak and the dragons, and Castiel’s deal with Crowley.

Cut to…well, not Now. It’s March 15, 1937 in Providence, Rhode Island. A man in waistcoat and glasses is typing in the middle of the night (in front of a fireplace, no less). As a storm blows outside, …

Paula R. StilesRecap and Review: Supernatural 6.21: Let It Bleed