Gods and Monsters: Review: Grave Halloween (2013)

By Paula R. Stiles

Grave Halloween (2013). Director: Steven R. Monroe. Cast: Kaitlyn Leeb, Cassi Thomson, Graham Wardle. Country: Canada.

A young woman and a group of friends, who are doing a documentary, visit a forest in Japan (This is a real place called Aokigahara Forest, AKA the Sea of Trees or Suicide Forest, at the foot of Mount Fuji) where people go to commit suicide for reasons that remain not very clear, not least because they never …

Paula R. StilesGods and Monsters: Review: Grave Halloween (2013)

Column: Global Ghoul: Battle Angel Alita, Vol. 1

By Dale Carothers

Kishiro, Yukito. Battle Angel Alita, Vol. 1. Viz, 2003. USD $9.95. ISBN: 1-56931-945-6.

[spoilers ahead]

Even though Battle Angel Alita takes place in a post-apocalyptic junkyard, there’s an underlying tenderness to the story. Violence and cyber-gore abound, but the connection between Alita and Daisuke Ido, the cybernetics doctor who brings her back to life, is what drives the story.

This tenderness is evident in the way Kishiro draws Alita. Her face is the very picture …

DaleColumn: Global Ghoul: Battle Angel Alita, Vol. 1

Column: Global Ghoul: Dororo: Omnibus Edition

By Dale Carothers

Tezuka, Osamu. Dororo: Omnibus Edition. VerticalInc., 2008, 2012. USD $24.95. ISBN: 978-1-935654-32-2.

When I opened Dororo, I was overcome with feelings of childlike glee. If I’d been at a movie, I would’ve turned to the person next to me and said, “This is going to be awesome!” I wasn’t disappointed.

Lord Daigo’s quest for power leads him to a shrine on a dark and stormy night. Inside, he finds 48 demons and offers them 48 …

DaleColumn: Global Ghoul: Dororo: Omnibus Edition

Recap and Review: Supernatural 7.18: Party On, Garth

By Paula R. Stiles

[spoilers ahoy]

Tagline: Garth calls the brothers in to help with a Japanese MOTW you can only see when you’re drunk. This ought to be a cakewalk for Dean.

Recap: Forty-second recap of Garth’s Greatest Hits so far. Which aren’t many.

Cut to some campers at night around a fire at a place called “Widow’s Peak”, telling ghost stories about an unfortunate named ‘Jennie Greentree’, who was driven out of her home and froze to death …

Paula R. StilesRecap and Review: Supernatural 7.18: Party On, Garth

Supernatural Fridays: Japan: a Guide to Horrors

By Harry Markov

With Supernatural: The Animation series to air in 2011, it would be a shame not to honor the mother of all things anime and freakish, the land of the Rising Sun, of geisha and those cherry blossom trees. While considerably alien, outlandish and even psychotic compared to what the Western world sees as horrifying, Japanese lore is one of the richest, oldest and documented to the fullest in the world. According to the Shinto religion, there are …

IFPSupernatural Fridays: Japan: a Guide to Horrors

Review: Loups-Garous

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Natsuhiko Kyogoku. Loups-Garous. VIZ Media LLC; Original edition (May 18, 2010). US $16.99. ISBN-13: 978-1421532332.

My knowledge of Japanese culture comes from repeated readings of Ranma 1/2, a manga about a magically sex-changing martial artist, and extensive memories of Robotech. In an effort to expand my cultural horizons, I decided to plunge into speculative Japan via Haikasoru, an editorial arm of Viz specialized in translating Japanese titles into English.

Loups-Garous was the title of …

IFPReview: Loups-Garous