Interview: Susan Shwartz

Today, we sit down with Susan Shwartz, fantasy and historical fiction author of Shards of Empire and Grail of Hearts:

IFP: How did you first get into writing? What has been your favourite project?

SS: I got into writing because I’ve always been good with words and, as an English medievalist, I have a propensity for fantasy and historical fiction.

IFP: How did you become interested in the Templars?

SS: I was researching the First Crusade. In addition, any …

IFPInterview: Susan Shwartz

Micro-interview: Lori M. Myers

Lori M. Myers’ flash fiction story “Partum” appears in the Fall 2009 fiction issue of Innsmouth Free Press.

Lori M. Myers is a Pennsylvania-based award-winning writer in fiction, creative nonfiction, and is also an essayist and playwright. Her fiction has appeared in PHASE and Holy Cuspidor. Lori has a masters degree in creative writing from Wilkes University, and teaches writing workshops, where she inspires writers to take risks. Her West Highland Terrier, Willy, is her biggest fan. For …

IFPMicro-interview: Lori M. Myers

Interview: Supernatural: Cam Banks

Today, we talk to Cam Banks, a designer and editor from Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd, and one of the creators of the Supernatural Role Playing Game:

IFP: How did Margaret Weis get started?

CB: Margaret started out as a book editor for TSR, Inc., the company that published Dungeons and Dragons back in the 70s and 80s. They hadn’t been known for publishing fiction, but when Tracy Hickman and a number of other game designers and artists started working …

IFPInterview: Supernatural: Cam Banks

Interview: Templar Week: Sharan Newman

Today in Templar Week, we talk to Sharan Newman, author of historical Templar mystery To Wear the White Cloak and The Real History Behind The Da Vinci Code:

IFP: How did you first get into writing?

SN: I’ve always written. The first book grew from research on my first academic paper, on the origin of the Irish tonsure. I wrote a fantasy and sent it out over the transom until St. Martin’s bought it.

IFP: What has been …

IFPInterview: Templar Week: Sharan Newman

Interview: Zach Wong

Today we are talking to Zach Wong, an illustrator and the creator of the Revelations Tarot deck.

IFP: What are some sources of inspiration for your work?
ZW: My work is inspired by the need to express myself through abstraction or metaphor. At times, I hear music, which triggers an emotion, and I see an other-world image which floats like a shadow in my mind, but it is often clouded and unclear. When I begin to draw, the image …

IFPInterview: Zach Wong

Micro-interview: Matthew Bey

Matthew Bey’s  short story “Beneath the Red City” appears in the Fall  2009 fiction issue of Innsmouth Free Press.

Matthew is one of the geniuses behind Space Squid, a free humor and fiction ‘zine. He’s also an editor, blogger and podcaster at Links to his many publishing credits can be found at his website:

IFP: How did you become interested in writing Mythos/Lovecraftian stories?
MB: I had read very little Lovecraft until just a …

IFPMicro-interview: Matthew Bey

Micro-interview: Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

Nathalie Boisard-Beudin’s  short story “What’s in a Shell?” appears in the Fall 2009 fiction issue of Innsmouth Free Press.

Nathalie is French yet currently living in Rome, Italy, working by day as in-house lawyer for the European Space Agency and by night scribbling furiously, with results being published in the multinational anthology, Wonderful World of Worders (Guildhall-Press), in 2007, in Sand Magazine (Spring 2009 edition) and, on-line, in Six Sentences, Crime and Suspense, Micro Horror, Pen

IFPMicro-interview: Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

Interview: Supernatural: Jim Beaver

[This interview contains some spoilers for season five]

Today, we’re sitting down with Jim Beaver. Writer, actor and director, Beaver is best known for playing prospector Whitney Ellsworth on HBO series Deadwood and gruff ghosthunter Bobby Singer on the CW’s Supernatural:

IFP: You’ve been very busy, lately, what with appearing in Supernatural and Harper’s Island, putting out a book and directing a film. Tell us about the projects you have done in the past year. What has been your …

IFPInterview: Supernatural: Jim Beaver

Interview: Vee and Red []

Today, we talk to Vee and Red, the admins of fan site

[Book spoilers can be found in this interview]

IFP: Tell us a little about What was the reason for founding it?

V&R: The reason for founding the site was simple: we love these books, and we wanted to be sure they had a presence on the internet that would not be eclipsed by the TV series. We knew there would be a million …

IFPInterview: Vee and Red []

Interview: Supernatural: Alex Irvine

IFP: Can you tell us how you started out as a writer?

AI: I used to write poetry in high school, in a (mostly but not entirely) vain attempt to impress girls. I started tinkering with writing fiction in college, but never took writing seriously until I was in my

IFPInterview: Supernatural: Alex Irvine

Interview: Supernatural: Jeff Mariotte

Today, we talk with Jeff Mariotte, author of Supernatural tie-in novel Witch’s Canyon and numerous other books:

IFP: Can you tell us how you started out as a writer?

JM: I’ve always written, since I was very young, and getting a bit more serious about it in my teens. In college, I won a literary award for a short story and published an article in a music magazine. After that stuff happened, I eventually got work at a bookstore

IFPInterview: Supernatural: Jeff Mariotte

Interview: Supernatural: Keith R.A. DeCandido

Today, we sit down with Keith R.A. DeCandido, author of Supernatural tie-in novels, Nevermore, Bone Key and the upcoming Heart of the Dragon (one of two Supernatural novels next year; the other is Dark History):

IFP: Can you tell us how you started out as a writer?

KD: I can’t ever remember a time when I wasn’t writing. My parents gave me a typewriter when I was very young, and I created my first book at the

IFPInterview: Supernatural: Keith R.A. DeCandido