Micro-interview: W.H. Pugmire

Cover of a recent Pugmire book.

Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire’s “Cool Mist” appears in Innsmouth Free Press issue 7.

Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire has been writing Lovecraftian horror fiction since the early 1970s. His work has appeared in such magazines as Weird Tales, Deathrealm, Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Fantasy Macabre. These past two years have seen him writing like a lunatic, and his four books to be published this year are The Tangled Muse, Some

IFPMicro-interview: W.H. Pugmire

Interview: Steve Lines

IFP: Can you tell our residents a bit about yourself?

SL: I am a musician, artist and publisher, and together with John B. Ford and Clive Jones, have been running Rainfall Records & Books since late 1992. We have produced over forty books and CDs and published over one hundred chapbooks, many of which are Lovecraftian in nature, including Lovecraft’s Disciples, E’ch Pi El and Cthulhu’s Creatures. Through the years, I have done artwork for hundreds of fanzines and …

IFPInterview: Steve Lines

Interview: C.J. Henderson

Today, we talk with noted horror and hardboiled fiction writer C.J. Henderson, author of Central Park Knight:

IFP: Hi, welcome to Innsmouth. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us what your latest novel is about?

CJH: Since I don’t want to take up a great deal of time with the rummy stuff, I’ll just say that I’ve been writing fiction of all types – horror, scifi, fantasy, comedy, mystery – and having it published for …

IFPInterview: C.J. Henderson

Interview: Henry Saine

Today, we are interviewing the director of the indie horror-comedy The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu, recently released on DVD. Hailing from San Antonio, he describes himself as someone who designs “all the fake stuff that usually no one sees in the background for television and movies.” He has directed music videos and is currently wrapping post-production on Bounty Killer, which stars Christian Pitre, Branton Box and Barak Hardley, who played Paul in Last Lovecraft. Michael Tavera …

IFPInterview: Henry Saine

Micro-interview: Daniel José Older

This is the second time Daniel José Older’s short fiction appears on our website. He returns to Innsmouth with “Tenderfoot”, available in issue six.

Daniel José Older’s spiritually-driven, urban storytelling takes root at the crossroads of myth and history. With sardonic, uplifting and often hilarious prose, Older draws from his work as an overnight 911 paramedic, a teaching artist and an antiracist/antisexist organizer to weave fast-moving, emotionally-engaging plots that speak whispers and shouts about power and privilege in …

IFPMicro-interview: Daniel José Older

Editor Interview at The Authors Show

Today, our intrepid editor, Paula R. Stiles, is on the radio, being interviewed at The Authors Show. You can find this interview here all day today. I talk about my latest book, Fraterfamilias, the history behind it, how it was written, why it’s set before 9/11, and why my coauthor Judith Doloughan has first billing. Please come check it out. You could win a prize!

Listen to the interview and answer the following question: “What do the Templars have …

IFPEditor Interview at The Authors Show

Interview: Thomas E. Sniegoski

Today, we talk angels, comics and Lovecraft with Thomas E. Sniegoski, author of two angelic noir, Urban Fantasy series, The Fallen and Remy Chandler. His latest Remy Chandler book, A Hundred Words for Hate, which we reviewed during Shivers and Sighs Week, comes out in bookstores today.

[Warning: spoilers – past, present and future – ahead for both The Fallen series and the Remy Chandler books]

IFP: How did you get started in writing?

TS: Oh, jeez…well, what’s …

IFPInterview: Thomas E. Sniegoski

Interview: Simon Marshall-Jones

Simon Marshall-Jones recently founded Spectral Press, a small independent imprint publisher, issuing very-limited edition, signed-and-numbered, single-story chapbooks in a high-quality presentation, on a thrice-yearly or quarterly basis, and concentrating on the ghostly/supernatural end of the literary spectrum. He’s come to Innsmouth to discuss Spectral Press and talk horror.

IFP: Hi Simon. Welcome to Innsmouth. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

SMJ: Hi there. I’m a 48-year-old publisher/editor/writer/reviewer/artist, hailing from the Midlands of the UK, distinguished perhaps by the …

IFPInterview: Simon Marshall-Jones

Interview: Oliver Wetter

Oliver Wetter, know as “Fantasio”, is a German illustrator and digital artist who produces fantastic and surrealist artwork. He studied Air Brush design at the arts center IBKK in Bochum, and has exhibited his work throughout Europe and the United States. He has produced several Lovecraftian images.

IFP: How did you get the nickname “Fantasio”?

OW: I remember that I came upon this name when I registered my first email account. I couldn’t come up with something original that …

IFPInterview: Oliver Wetter

Shivers and Sighs Week: Interview: Carrie Cuinn

Carrie Cuinn is the owner of small indie press Dagan Books. Cthulhurotica, an anthology of erotic horror inspired by the writing of H. P. Lovecraft, is their first title. It contains fiction and articles by Cody Goodfellow, Kenneth Hite, Jennifer Brozek, and many others. It seemed appropriate to discuss this anthology, in light of its subject matter.

IFP: In your introduction to this book, you say, “Readers expecting a collection of monster sex stories might, after all, be …

IFPShivers and Sighs Week: Interview: Carrie Cuinn

Shivers and Sighs Week: Interview: Seressia Glass

Today, we sit down with African-American paranormal romance author Seressia Glass. We reviewed the first novel in her Shadowchasers series, Shadow Blade, last year. Its sequel, Shadow Chase, came out in the summer and the third book, Shadow Fall, is due out this July from Simon&Schuster.

IFP: How did you get started as a writer? Why paranormal romance?

SG: I’ve been writing since I was a child – a bit of Dick and Jane fan fiction, …

IFPShivers and Sighs Week: Interview: Seressia Glass

Shivers and Sighs Week: Interview: Lynsay Sands

Lynsay Sands is a Canadian bestselling author of many romance novels. The 16th book in her Argenau paranormal romance series, which focuses on a family of vampires, is scheduled to be published this spring.

IFP: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

LS: When I was old enough to pick up a pen and string words together. That’s not really a joke. I’ve been writing full stories (like 60 page stories and longer) since I was …

IFPShivers and Sighs Week: Interview: Lynsay Sands