Interview: Bryan Thao Worra on “Demonstra”

Bryan Thao Worra is an award-winning Lao-American writer. An NEA Fellow in literature, he is a member of the Horror Writer Association and the Science Fiction Poetry Association. His work appears internationally, including in Innsmouth Free Press, Tales of the Unanticipated, Illumen, Astropoetica, Outsiders Within, Dark Wisdom, and Mad Poets of Terra. He is the author of several books of speculative poetry including the recently released Demonstra from Innsmouth Free Press. Visit him online …

IFPInterview: Bryan Thao Worra on “Demonstra”

Micro-interview: Jess Kaan

Nathaniel Katz, editorial assistant extraordinaire, has gone out into the virtual world and interviewed the writers in issue 13 of Innsmouth Magazine (purchase it!). Learn more about the people behind the pen! Today: Jess Kaan.

IFP: What kind of research went into your depiction of the time period and the way that the Pious Adélaïde operated?

JK: I worked with several books in French, especially one about Haiti, which depicts the conditions of slavery (how some African kings worked with …

IFPMicro-interview: Jess Kaan

Micro-interview: Erin Stocks

Innsmouth’s Editorial Assistant Nathaniel Katz interviewed Erin Stocks, author of  “Grotto of the Helpless,” part of Innsmouth Magazine issue 12. Remember, you can buy an issue for $2 at, Weightless Books or Smashwords. Or subscribe to Innsmouth Magazine and never miss an issue.

IFP: Reading “Grotto of the Helpless,” I was struck by the narrator’s palpable need for the genuinely unusual, the impossible to predict, even the transcendent. Is that a drive you feel in …

IFPMicro-interview: Erin Stocks

The Lovecraft Expert: An Interview with S.T. Joshi


S.T. Joshi has spent his life thoroughly analyzing the life and legacy of H.P. Lovecraft, weird fiction’s most important and intriguing figure. Joshi is a Seattle writer who has produced over fifty volumes relating to Lovecraft. Joshi read his first Lovecraft story when he was 13 and based his decision to attend Brown University partially on their Lovecraft collection. He’s also written and edited several books on other writers, including Ambrose Bierce, Lord Dunsany and Ramsey Campbell, as well …

Tea KrulosThe Lovecraft Expert: An Interview with S.T. Joshi

Micro-interview: KL Pereira

Innsmouth’s Editorial Assistant Nathaniel Katz interviewed KL Pereira, author of “Unkillable Girl ,” part of Innsmouth Magazine issue 12. Remember, you can buy an issue for $2 at, Weightless Books or Smashwords. Or subscribe to Innsmouth Magazine and never miss an issue.

IFP: What about Weird fiction attracts your interest?

KLP: Weird fiction to me is all about possibility; Weird is and can be anywhere and in anything. For a genre-hopping writer, Weird catches my …

IFPMicro-interview: KL Pereira

Column: Innsmouth Intank: A Poetic Interview with Ann K. Schwader

Welcome to the Innsmouth Inktank! In this new column, we’ll be looking at all manner of squamous and meandering musings for the literati of Innsmouth and beyond. This month, we interview horror poet Ann K. Schwader!

Ann K. Schwader’s most recent collection of dark verse, Twisted in Dream, was published by Hippocampus Press in 2011. Her fiction and poetry have recently appeared in The Book of Cthulhu, The Book of Cthulhu 2, A Season in Carcosa, …

Bryan Thao WorraColumn: Innsmouth Intank: A Poetic Interview with Ann K. Schwader

Interview: Trëz Orb

Bio: I’m Trëz Orb, a French artist from Paris. I use various tools of creation: photography, painting, sculpture, video. I studied Art in a French superior school for three years, 2003-2006. Since 2009, I have had the chance to participating in many great exhibitions (in France, the United States, Belgium, Spain) with a lot of amazing artists like HR Giger, Bruce D. Mitchell, Seth Siro Anton, Yoann Penard, Nico [Fracture//Lab], Delphyne V., Paul Toupet, and many more. I’m the …

IFPInterview: Trëz Orb

Interview: Jason Voss

IFP: How did you start painting?

JV: I started painting with watercolours when I was 13. Eventually, I went to art school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for painting.

IFP: What draws you to horror?

JV: I have always loved old classic horror films: classic Universal studios monsters and Hammer Horror films.

IFP: What inspires you?

JV: I still get inspiration watching classic Hammer Horror movies, and collecting Eerie and Creepy magazines, filled with great art from the 70s, and reading H.P. …

IFPInterview: Jason Voss

Interview: Markus Vogt

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Today, we are talking to Markus Vogt, whose artwork appears on the cover of our Future Lovecraft anthology. You can find him online at

IFP: Can you introduce …

IFPInterview: Markus Vogt

Micro-interview: Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas

Candle in the Attic Window, an anthology of Gothic horror, is the latest release from Innsmouth Free Press. We are interviewing some of the book’s contributors. Today Mexican writer Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas talks about her story “Hitomi”.

What makes your story Gothic?

I wrote “Hitomi” thinking of a very classical idea used in Gothic fiction: the setting as a mirror for the characters’ feelings and thoughts. The story is pulled from the typical castle and transported to the city …

IFPMicro-interview: Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas