Five Vintage Horror Movies for Halloween

By Orrin Grey

Look, yes, the fact is that I watch horror movies all year round, so saying that Halloween is horror movie season is sort of disingenuous. But there is a difference between October and the rest of the year. Chalk it up to whatever you want; the changing of the weather, the liminal nature of the season, the fact that autumn, as Ian Rogers once rightly pointed out, is the only season that you can’t find going on …

Orrin GreyFive Vintage Horror Movies for Halloween

Review: Once Upon a Time 2.05: The Doctor

Heather S. Vina

Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

Recap: Fairytale Land of the Present: Snow, Emma, Mulan and Aurora arrive at the haven, only to find everyone dead, their hearts ripped out of their chests. Snow is the one who realizes that it was Cora who did it, this being her magical way of killing people. It seems like they are the last ones left, until Emma finds a survivor amongst the bodies: Hook.

Storybrooke: Dr. Whale approaches …

Heather S. VinaReview: Once Upon a Time 2.05: The Doctor

Poem: You are never supposed to open the door

By David C. Kopaska-Merkel

The big heavy door
The one in the basement of your great grandfather’s house
Somewhere in New England, gabled and gloomy
You inherited it
The only living descendant.

Don’t open it!

You are never supposed to open the book.

Its leather binding
Curiously warm to the touch
Its palpable aura of evil
Its place of reverence
In the library full of books despicable and banned.

Don’t open it!

You’re never supposed to spend the night in …

IFPPoem: You are never supposed to open the door

Monster Byte: This Month in Innsmouth (October 2011)

By Amanda J. Spedding

October Screens Horror

Paine Street Cinemas will be holding their annual Horror Month throughout October. Cinema Manager Denise Fuller said: “It’s that time of year we all love so much and we’ll be having a deluge of horror movies, from the classics to recent releases.”

Ms. Fuller confirmed that there’s “no set theme” this month: “We’ve got everything, from sci-fi, fantasy and psychological, to the beloved B-grade ‘screamers’. But on Halloween, entry to the cinema will …

AmandaMonster Byte: This Month in Innsmouth (October 2011)

Paranormal Week: Death and Politics: the Day of the Dead Art of Posadas

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

You’ve probably seen the art of Jose Guadalupe Posadas, reflected and refracted, in video games like Grimm Fandango and movies like The Corpse Bride, which both take their inspiration from the Mexican Day of the Dead and Posadas’ calaveras and calacas (skulls).

To understand Posadas – and the intersection between art and politics – first, you have to understand both the Day of the Dead and the time period when Posadas produced his litographs. The Day …

IFPParanormal Week: Death and Politics: the Day of the Dead Art of Posadas

Recipe: Day of the Dead Bread

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

If you ever go to Mexico towards the end of October, you will notice the bakeries are crammed with a soft, sugar-covered bread decorated with bones and skulls called Day of the Dead Bread. The bread is placed on altars for the dead on November 1 and 2. It is a tasty, enjoyable treat. Here’s an easy recipe so you can make your own Day of the Dead bread and some pictures of what my bread and altar …

IFPRecipe: Day of the Dead Bread

Paranormal Week

Halloween and the Day of the Day are approaching: the time when ghosts and ghouls step out of their tombs to shake things up for the living. Here at Innsmouth Free Press we will be holding a Paranormal Week. Join us from October 26 to November 2 as we talk to ghost hunters, provide you with a list of fantastic ghost movies and guide you through numerous books about haunted sites in Canada and the United States…and elsewhere. There’s a …

IFPParanormal Week