Column: The Vault of Secrets: The Food of the Gods (1976)

By Orrin Grey

The Food of the Gods (1976). Director: Bert I. Gordon. Starring: Marjoe Gortner, Pamela Franklin, Ralph Meeker.

Welcome back to the Vault of Secrets, where we’ll be unearthing another classic (or not-so-classic) vintage horror film for your delectation. When I was a kid, we got a channel that showed old monster movies on Saturday mornings. So, when other kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons, I watched Squirm and Willard and about a jillion Godzilla movies. One of …

Orrin GreyColumn: The Vault of Secrets: The Food of the Gods (1976)

Column: Summer Screams: War of the Worlds

By Paula R. Stiles

Return with us to the thrilling, chilling days of yesteryear for a summer full of radio terror. For 14 weeks, we’ll review audio dramatisations of horror stories, both old and new. Some of the material will come from the Gentleman from Providence. Other reviews will look at other authors, both inside and outside Mythos.

First up – the granddaddy of reality TV, the pinnacle to which all other radio horror aspires, the original 1938 radio broadcast …

Paula R. StilesColumn: Summer Screams: War of the Worlds