The Cthulhu Whisperer

by Robert Borski

Because it’s important he not stutter, the young man in the rowboat does not swallow his medication until he is far from shore. As a result, though the waves of the Atlantic are soon crashing about him, inside his mind he is calm and almost at home as much as he is in any of his favorite places: the comic book store, the cafeteria at Miskatonic U., engaging in flame wars on-line. And after one last check …

IFPThe Cthulhu Whisperer

A Bedtime Story

by Kírk Barrett

She fingers the voodoo doll and looks past me out the window. Ocean waves rise and fall in the listless light of evening. Autumn breezes taste of salt and anticipation. I don’t often have guests, but it’s not unheard-of for devoted fans to find my beach-front alcove far from any other house along the shore. They come to meet the reclusive author who writes weird and disturbing stories of other worlds so closely resembling our own.

“They’re …

IFPA Bedtime Story

Swimming Lessons off the North Shore

By Paula R. Stiles

The little boy had opalescent eyes and imbricated skin. He was human. He walked on two feet with ten toes, had two hands with ten fingers. Yet those feet and hands were webbed. And he almost smelled like seaweed. Like his mother.

His father worried about him. He didn’t like to take his son down to the beach. The few times they went, to go clamming or just to walk and pick up seashells, the boy …

IFPSwimming Lessons off the North Shore

The Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 5

By H.P. Lovecraft

Part 5

It was a gentle daylight rain that awaked me from my stupor in the brush-grown railway cut, and when I staggered out to the roadway ahead I saw no trace of any prints in the fresh mud. The fishy odour, too, was gone, Innsmouth’s ruined roofs and toppling steeples loomed up greyly toward the southeast, but not a living creature did I spy in all the desolate salt marshes around. My watch was still going, …

IFPThe Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 5

The Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 4

By H.P. Lovecraft

Part 4

I can hardly describe the mood in which I was left by this harrowing episode – an episode at once mad and pitiful, grotesque and terrifying. The grocery boy had prepared me for it, yet the reality left me none the less bewildered and disturbed. Puerile though the story was, old Zadok’s insane earnestness and horror had communicated to me a mounting unrest which joined with my earlier sense of loathing for the town and …

IFPThe Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 4

The Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 3

By H.P. Lovecraft

Part 3

It must have been some imp of the perverse – or some sardonic pull from dark, hidden sources – which made me change my plans as I did. I had long before resolved to limit my observations to architecture alone, and I was even then hurrying toward the Square in an effort to get quick transportation out of this festering city of death and decay; but the sight of old Zadok Allen set up new …

IFPThe Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 3

The Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 2

By H.P. Lovecraft

Part 2

Shortly before ten the next morning I stood with one small valise in front of Hammond’s Drug Store in old Market Square waiting for the Innsmouth bus. As the hour for its arrival drew near I noticed a general drift of the loungers to other places up the street, or to the Ideal Lunch across the square. Evidently the ticket-agent had not exaggerated the dislike which local People bore toward Innsmouth and its denizens. In …

IFPThe Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 2

The Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 1

By H.P. Lovecraft

Written in 1931 and published in 1936, The Shadow Over Innsmouth was the only hardcover book by H.P. Lovecraft that appeared during his lifetime.

It has been adapted into a Spanish film called “Dagon” and used as inspiration for the video game, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

Part 1

During the winter of 1927-28 officials of the Federal government made a strange and secret investigation of certain conditions in the ancient …

IFPThe Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 1