Lots of Changes at Innsmouth Free Press

We’ve got lots of changes coming to Innsmouth. Don’t worry! These are good changes!

Columns and television coverage

We have covered a lot of television shows in the past few years. It’s been fun, but we are changing our direction. Starting in 2013, we will review fewer TV shows and they will be integrated into a column format, joining our other current columns. For example, Paula R. Stiles will continue to cover TV shows with an urban bent like Supernatural

IFPLots of Changes at Innsmouth Free Press

Editorial: Issue 9

Welcome to another issue of Innsmouth Magazine, which, I’m glad to remind you, can now be purchased via Amazon or Smashwords for your e-reader. It’s also our fundraiser month, so if you can spare a dollar, now’s the time to do so!

With that self-publicity out of the way, let’s focus on the stories. We’ve got six of them, this time. There’s a bit of classic Lovecraft with “The Grey Cairns”, which is set in a shadowy, 19th-century …

IFPEditorial: Issue 9

We Need Your Subs for our Multiethnic Issue

by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

After some discussion with Innsmouth Free Press editor Paula R. Stiles, we’ve decided to push the deadline for our multiethnic subs to December 15. We simply are not getting enough material that fits the bill (guidelines are here).

Oh, we have received stuff from writers in other parts of the world, but mostly with American protagonists. Sometimes, I’d read the cover letter of the writer or notice the writer’s address and think, “Gee, I wish this …

IFPWe Need Your Subs for our Multiethnic Issue

Summer 2009 Fiction Issue


Welcome to the inaugural fiction issue of Innsmouth Free Press. This summer, our theme is “water”. Nick Mamatas brings us a hopeful re-imagining of “The Shadow over Innsmouth” in “And Then, And Then, And Then …”. Pamela K. Kinney takes us briefly back to land and describes a tentacled apocalypse at the grocery store in “Azathoth is Here”. Robert Borski shows us how to gentle a Mythos monster in “The Cthulhu Whisperer”. Caroline Totten tells …

IFPSummer 2009 Fiction Issue