Interview: Caroline Totten

Caroline Totten’s story “By the Sea, By the Sea” appears in the Summer 2009 fiction issue of Innsmouth Free Press.

She lives in Canton, Ohio USA. She has worked as a reporter and a teacher, and currently is a freelance writer. Her fiction, humor, and poetry have been published in print and on the Internet. She is a member of Writers With Humor and the Canton Writers’ Guild. A few of her recent publications are listed in the Directory

IFPInterview: Caroline Totten

By the Sea, By the Sea

Caroline Totten

My mother and father loved the sea, but its dark water terrified me. At night, I would huddle on the Innsmouth beach next to my mother while she held the lantern as a signal for my father. He would wade out into the cove, carrying the lobster cage, and then the strobe light attached to his head would sink into the water. He said lobsters came out at night to feed and that was the time to harvest. …

IFPBy the Sea, By the Sea