Recap and Review: Supernatural 8.04: Bitten

By Paula R. Stiles

[spoilers ahoy for several seasons]

Tagline: While investigating a murder, the brothers discover some found footage about three kids who go mucking about in wolfing out.

Recap: No recap. We start with a room, blood all over the walls, shoes with the feet still in them on the floor, sappy music on the stereo (Apparently, it’s “What’s the Matter” by Milo Greene). Gotta say that the music in this one is very CW-y and I don’t …

Paula R. StilesRecap and Review: Supernatural 8.04: Bitten

Review: Bitten

by Paula. R. Stiles

Bitten (2008): Once Bitten Films, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Made-For-the-SyFy-Channel films generally suck out loud, but every so often, the network puts out something decent (hint: stick to the basic themes and stay far, far away from anything involving CGI/rubber blown-up monsters and/or set in Iraq). This low-budget, Canadian-indie vampire offering is something decent.

Ironically, Bitten (AKA Mordidos or Lady Is a Vamp) isn’t actually made for television. It’s a real, bona fide censored R-rated …

Paula R. StilesReview: Bitten