Interview: Abigail Larson

Born in the dark, withered forests of Virginia, Abigail was inspired to create from the time she could first hold a pen. Despite her mother’s honest attempts to curb her daughter’s bizarre affinity for imaginary monsters with classical girls’ literature, Abigail grew to love Shelley, Poe, Gorey, and classic horror movies. These days, Abigail creates art for books, magazines, albums, events, and a variety of other venues. She works in pencil, watercolour and digital media.

IFP: How did you become …

IFPInterview: Abigail Larson

Interview: Trëz Orb

Bio: I’m Trëz Orb, a French artist from Paris. I use various tools of creation: photography, painting, sculpture, video. I studied Art in a French superior school for three years, 2003-2006. Since 2009, I have had the chance to participating in many great exhibitions (in France, the United States, Belgium, Spain) with a lot of amazing artists like HR Giger, Bruce D. Mitchell, Seth Siro Anton, Yoann Penard, Nico [Fracture//Lab], Delphyne V., Paul Toupet, and many more. I’m the …

IFPInterview: Trëz Orb

Interview: Zach McCain

Zach McCain is an internationally published artist who is primarily known for his illustration and cover artwork in the horror and science fiction genres. His work ranges from book and magazine illustration to graphic design, album art and RPG games. He resides in Texas near the Gulf Coast.

IFP: What drew you towards illustration?

ZM: Desperation. I had been laid off from a video production company I was working for and couldn’t find a job for nearly a year. I …

IFPInterview: Zach McCain

Interview: Markus Vogt

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Today, we are talking to Markus Vogt, whose artwork appears on the cover of our Future Lovecraft anthology. You can find him online at

IFP: Can you introduce …

IFPInterview: Markus Vogt

Interview: Kirsty Greenwood

IFP: Hi, welcome to Innsmouth. Can you introduce yourself to our readers in 50 words or less?

KG: My name is Kirsty Greenwood; I am an artist and, from the time my Dad taught the very small me to draw cats, I have been inspired to be so by the place I grew up, (beautiful, windy hill miles from anywhere) by Faerie tales, ailuroanthropy, Alice-syndrome, horror, and Quixotism.

IFP: What attracts you to the fantastic?

KG: Having grown up in …

IFPInterview: Kirsty Greenwood

Interview: Oliver Wetter

Oliver Wetter, know as “Fantasio”, is a German illustrator and digital artist who produces fantastic and surrealist artwork. He studied Air Brush design at the arts center IBKK in Bochum, and has exhibited his work throughout Europe and the United States. He has produced several Lovecraftian images.

IFP: How did you get the nickname “Fantasio”?

OW: I remember that I came upon this name when I registered my first email account. I couldn’t come up with something original that …

IFPInterview: Oliver Wetter

Interview: Amy Guidry

Amy Guidry creates bizarre, beautiful images with a photo-realistic bent. Guidry’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the country, and featured in numerous publications, such as American Artist magazine. Today, we chat about her paintings and she reveals what artist she would like to have dinner with, and what would be on the menu.

IFP: Your work would be labeled as “surrealist”. But what would you call it?

AG: I would say surrealist is an accurate description. …

IFPInterview: Amy Guidry