Suspected Suicide at Innsmouth General Hospital

Amanda J. Spedding

Innsmouth, MA – Dale Liam McCarthy, 47, was found dead from a suspected suicide at Innsmouth General Hospital in the early hours of April 1, 2009. Mr. McCarthy, who sustained a broken leg, ribs and wrist while on patrol at Gilman House last week, was due to be released from hospital tomorrow.

A hospital source confirmed Mr McCarthy was found by nursing staff at approximately 2:15 a.m. in the bathroom off his room, haemorrhaging from wounds to his wrists.

According to Innsmouth General Hospital spokesman Adrian Lumley, “The doctor on duty, and nursing staff worked tirelessly in their attempts to revive Mr. McCarthy. Sadly, and with our deepest sympathies, we were unable to do so.”

Asked to confirm the suicide, Mr. Lumley advised an autopsy would be required to ascertain the cause of death: “Until then, no further comment will be made.”

When questioned about the time frame between the suspected suicide and the discovery of Mr. McCarthy’s body, Mr. Lumley issued a curt, “no further comment at this time.”

Following family tradition, Mr. McCarthy recently retired from the military after two tours of Afghanistan. His great-great-grandfather, Liam Wilcox McCarthy, served in the Continental Army under Major George Armistead.

Dale Liam McCarthy is survived by his wife Jennifer and their two children, Dale Jr. and Eloise.

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