Supernatural Fridays in September

It’s going to be quite a spooky fall at Innsmouth Free Press. We won’t wait until Halloween to unleash it on you, either. This season, in addition to our usual reviews of returning CW show Supernatural (Friday nights at 9pm, season seven starting September 23), we’ll be reviewing two new dark fantasy shows.

J. Keith Haney and Acacia Rhiannon Nokomis, fresh off their reviews of The Event‘s one and only season, check out Supernatural‘s new competition, fantasy noir show Grimm, coming Fridays at 9pm on NBC, starting October 21. Grimm is about a homicide detective who finds out he comes from a long line of monster hunters known as “Grimms”. Oh, and all those fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm? They weren’t fiction.

Meanwhile, Heather S. Vina, who has also been reviewing Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day for us this summer, will take on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, which begins on Sunday nights at 9pm on October 23. In Once Upon a Time, all of the characters from fairy tales have been exiled to a town in this world.

Come celebrate every Friday all September with folklore articles, reviews and Monster Bytes. And don’t forget to check out our show reviews and banners!

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