Sometimes Love Sucks

By Amanda Spedding

Innsmouth, MA – Rumours from the set of hot new TV show, Heir of Dracula, are ripe with speculation of a love triangle between the two leads, Sebastian Predeaux and Kristy Ryder, and cameraman Darrell Lehane.

Tension between Predeaux and Ryder has been evident on set, with crewmembers witnessing arguments between the two, who share a fiery sex scene in the Pilot.

A source from the set has told how Predeaux is said to be furious at Lehane’s late-night trysts with Ryder. “It’s not all that subtle, you know,” confirmed the source, who declined to be named. “They’re launching curses at each other like missiles. Funny thing is, they’re trying to keep it from the Director [Colin Cranshaw]. Everything in front of the camera is all happy-families, then bang, fireworks. Trouble is, Cranshaw’s not an idiot.”

This reporter has learned from another reputable source that both Predeaux and Ryder were summoned to Cranshaw’s office to explain the tension on set. “There was a lot of yelling from all sides,” our source confirmed. “Sebastian was complaining about his camera shots being out of focus, that Kristy was the focus when she shouldn’t have been. He said the only reason this was happening was because Kristy was “doing” the cameraman. It was pitiful, a grown man throwing a tanty (sic) like that.”

Serial-dater Predeaux is famous for seducing the leading ladies of his movies and television series. He is also famous for publicly dumping them a couple of weeks after the premieres. His most infamous bust-up – ‘The Shana Crosen Incident’ – resulted in the 23-year-old actress overdosing on barbiturates. Crosen has been in a persistent vegetative state for the past twelve months.

Predeaux was unavailable for comment, but his agent, Rory Flanders, stated, “Mr. Predeaux and Ms. Ryder are work colleagues, nothing more. Any suggestion there’s more at play here is mere gossip.”

Ryder has not returned any of our calls and has since hired bodyguards to ensure she is “not bothered by the press”. The darling of British Theatre, Ryder has previously said that Cranshaw “wooed” her to American shores with his “noiresque-inspired vision” [for the series]. The 26-year-old actress has refused all requests for interviews, stating she would “make [herself] available once filming is completed.”

Lehane has also been unavailable for comment. A crewmember who works closely with Lehane confided, “Darrell just wants to be left alone to do his job. I can’t say for certain he and Kristy are…together…but, so what if they are? Darrell’s a good guy; Kristy could do worse, if you know what I mean.”

When asked if there was any truth in Predeaux’s claims of Lehane bypassing shots to focus on Ryder, our source bristled. “That’s a goddamn lie! Darrell is a consummate professional. If Predeaux thinks he’s losing screen time, he’s an idiot! If that were true, Cranshaw would be so far up Darrell’s [expletive deleted], he wouldn’t be walking straight!”

To add fuel to the fire, Predeaux’s trailer was vandalised over the weekend. Due to the graphic nature of the slurs spray painted on the outside of the trailer, we are unable to print them here. The set has now gone into ‘lockdown’, with security increased and all tours of the set canceled until the end of production.

Innsmouth Police Officer Sandra Lewiston stated, “At this stage, we have no viable suspects for the vandalism.” When asked about CCTV footage from the lot she replied, “Unfortunately, the cameras were disabled at the time. No footage is available. If anyone has any information regarding the offence, please contact the Innsmouth Police Department.”

Officer Lewiston confirmed that Darrell Lehane is not a suspect for the vandalism, nor is Kristy Ryder. “Ms. Ryder and Mr. Lehane have alibied each other, we have no reason to not take them at their word.”

So, with Officer Lewiston confirming Ryder’s and Lehane’s ‘alibi’, where does Sebastian Predeaux fit into all this? According to supporting actor, Daniel Wickham, “I don’t know what all the fuss is about. There’s no way Kristy and…Darrell, was it? are sleeping together.” When asked about the ‘fireworks’ on set, Mr Wickham winked. “Who says the fireworks are confined to the screen?”

Production Assistant, Yuko Yamamoto says there’s “no truth to the rumour” regarding a love triangle. “As far as I’m aware, all cast and crew get on fabulously. I’ve never witnessed any animosity between Sebastian and Kristy, and Darrell is a dream to work with. He knows the ins and outs of Innsmouth, and his input during shoots within the Innsmouth Central Cemetery has been invaluable.”

Darrell Lehane was lead cameraman on the recently filmed Tentacles in the Sea in 3D (which wrapped a somewhat troubled shoot in Innsmouth in August) and struck up a close friendship with the film’s lead, Peter McCallister. When contacted for comment, McCallister said, “Look, I’m not sure what’s happening on the set of Heir of Dracula, but I know Darrell and there’s no way he’d let anything interfere with his work. He’s just not that kind of guy.” When pressed about information regarding Lehane’s involvement with Ryder, McCallister laughed. “I don’t know. And really, is it anyone’s business but theirs if they are involved?”

The board of managers for Innsmouth Central Cemetery are keeping a close watch on the crew and shoots conducted in the cemetery. With headstones dating back centuries, strict rules have been given to the director and crew regarding where they can and cannot shoot. Board Manager Christine Volgers said, “We are well aware of the delicate nature surrounding filming within cemetery grounds. Any shoots which take place in the cemetery are conducted under the watchful eye of one of the board members.” When asked if she was aware of any tension between the two leads and Darrell Lehane, Volgers replied, “It’s a vampire television series. Isn’t tension part of the plot?”

While this doesn’t give us the answer we’re looking for, amidst conflicting accounts from cast members and crew, one thing we can be sure of – on the set of Heir of Dracula, sometimes love sucks.

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